Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 5


Claudia helps get me some of Jennifer’s blood Leah and Owen had stored in the weapons room. It was a very small amount but it would be enough, hopefully, to pull out an affect on a werewolf when mixed with Eddrick’s blood.

The hard part would be getting the undead witches’ blood.

“You think Eddrick is residing in the Evergreen Forest?” I ask Claudia as she helps strap a belt of weapons onto me and a sword to my back.

“Absolutely,” she replies, “He is hiding somewhere around that area, I’m not sure of a specific location but we should be able to find him.”

“You’re not coming,” I say, finally. I’m not surprised when I see her clench her fists and her face flush.

“Yes I am!” She snaps, “You can’t stop me.”

“You’re weak now. You could get hurt or worse,” I growl, “You’ll give me directions. You can even be my get away car - but you are not entering that forest.”

“Fine,” she mumbles an accepted defeat. I just narrow my eyes - Claudia never gave in that easily, “Before you go you should say goodbye to Jennifer.”

I smirk at this, and Claudia just gives me a raised eyebrow.

“I’m not going to bother her with this plan,” I say, smug, “Besides, she needs her rest, after what I did to her.”

“Oh god,” Claudia rolls her eyes, “Typical,” she mutters.

“Let’s go,” I start to head out of the weapons room and up the stairs to follow a secret entrance to an undercover carpark which housed a lot of the palace’s vehicles. Claudia follows, quiet for once. She was a lot more mellow now that Johnathan was not himself anymore.

God knows where he went.

He was another problem to deal with but Jennifer’s safety came first. I had to prove to my father she was worth protecting and keeping alive.

Hence, it was time to do some research.

Claudia drives confidently to the location she remembered running from. It was very close to Royalty drive, which housed the wealthiest people in the city. It was bordering the Evergreen Forest.

“Follow the scent of human blood, there will be lots of it from the human’s that had been attacked by Johnathan,” she tells me, pushing her seat back in the car, she puts on the radio. She was parked in a free spot next to the edge of the forest, “I’ll stay right here waiting for you to return.”

“I’m going now,” I say slowly, “Don’t leave the car. We need your help by staying right here, understand?”

“Get going,” Claudia snaps, fed up with me, “I’m not in the mood to deal with your bossy persona. Find Eddrick and get his blood.”

I nod, and climb out of the car, weapons snugly fit to my belt, the sword at my back was also fit snug against me.

As I walk into the edge of the forest line, I officially cross into the werewolf territory. I instantly smell their vial urine around the area, marking the trees. I have to walk in at least a kilometer before I can smell human blood - going stale. Lots of it.


I follow the scent of the blood while keeping an eye out for werewolves. It’s as I near the site of stale human blood that I start to get a whiff of wet dog.

I creep in closer and find a tree suitable for climbing before I climb up half way and find a location to watch on without my scent wafting towards them. I hoped my height kept me out of smelling range of the werewolves who had found the site before I had.

I’m still far away from the location but I use my enhanced vision to zone in on the area of littered body parts. It is absolute carnage, blood and body parts everywhere.

I can’t spot Eddrick but I spot the alpha male, Christian, walk into the scene in his wolf form. He transforms into his human self and so do the rest of the wolves around him.

“What the hell happened here?” Christian growls.

“Someone went on a killing spree, stinks of vampire and magic,” A pretty werewolf with red hair says her part and a couple of other werewolves voice their opinions. However the girl with red hair is the smartest with the most accurate guess.

Suddenly all the werewolves tense as a fellow wolf starts snarling at a bush and lurches forward, teeth biting into an ankle, it starts to drag out a body from the bush. I try to focus in clearer and I see the face of the body being dragged out.


“Is he alive?” Christian snarls, all the wolves now growling as they look on at the second highest ranking vampire from the palace.

The girl moves forward and puts her hand on his neck, feeling for a pulse.

“Yes, he is,” she says.

There is a moment of silence.

“Tear him to shreds, boys and girls,” Christian says with a sly smile.

The werewolves start to howl together in excitement and agreement.

Without thinking I jump off the tree and sprint towards the clearing, my brother, and Christian.

This was not what was meant to happen.

But I knew from my long life on this earth... plans change.

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