Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 6

Darrius’ POV

Just as all the werewolves pounce on Xavier, I draw my sword and go straight for the alpha - Christian. I use my vampire speed to have an element of surprise and I push the sword up against Christian’s throat so it is just cutting the outer layer of skin and I back him up into a tree.

“Stop!” the pretty werewolf with ruby red hair screams the order and every wolf backs off from Xavier’s body and turns to see their alpha being challenged by a vampire. She must be highly ranked - when I glance at her and see her up close I remember she is the same werewolf Jennifer had nearly killed with her toxic blood. Christian had abandoned the whole fight to save her. She looked different because her hair was cut shorter, above her shoulders.

“Where the hell did you come from?” Christian smirks, growling the question at me, “I got to admit, I didn’t see you coming.”

“I came for my brother,” I lie, but considering the plan to find Eddrick had been seriously compromised I needed to save Xavier and get out of here as quick as possible. If I planted one foot wrong, both Xavier and I were dead.

“Stupid time to come for your brother, leech,” Christian mocks me, “My pack and I just woke up - it’s early morning. The sun is about to rise.”

I don’t look at the sky but I believe him. I needed to get out of here soon - I was so worried about finding a solution to help Jennifer I dismissed what time it was completely. I should have been more prepared.

“I just want my brother,” I growl back at Christian.

“Do you really think I’ll let you leave alive after you’ve trespassed into my territory without invitation?” Christian is far too confident, and I’m not so stupid that I’d realise fighting my way out of here wasn’t an option.

“I actually have something important to tell you,” I say through gritted teeth. This was my only chance of getting out of here with Xavier, bargaining - not threatening to kill the werewolves’ alpha. That just pissed everyone off.

Cautiously I take the sword down from his throat and take a step back, sheathing the sword away. I was extremely vulnerable now and the wolves notice it - zoning in on me.

“I thought you came here for your brother,” Christian says, narrowing his eyes at me now that I have backed off.

“Well - I didn’t exactly expect to find him here,” I admit.

“You know what happened here?” Christian asks, and I nod.

“Ever heard of an undead witch called Eddrick?” I ask and I’m surprised to find Christian’s eyes light up and he clenches his fists.

"Where is he?" Christian roars this.

“I’m trying to find him, how do you know him?” I go to grab my sword once more, my hand on the hilt - considering Christian looks like he wants to rip someone’s throat out.

“I’ve been searching for him for years,” Christian growls, “He killed my mother.”

“He was here,” I say, “He kidnapped two of my own and brought them here. Did experiments,” I make sure I don’t give away too much. I was just grateful that Xavier at the moment was alive - all focus taken off of him.

“What type of experiments?” Christian growls, “Two of my scouts went missing last night, never returned to the den, and we were trying to find them. Is it safe to say, Eddrick has taken them, Darrius?”

“Yes, I want to propose a truce,” I say, hesitantly letting go of the sword’s hilt, “We don’t know enough about Eddrick to catch him, let alone kill him.”

“I don’t like the sound of this,” the girl with the red hair speaks and Christian holds up his hand, glaring at her.

“I could kill two vampire princes,” Christian growls at me and everyone in his pack, “But I think you’ve just given me the chance to avenge my mother’s murder. I don’t like the circumstances in this. Not one bit,” he says this part to the girl, then glances back at me, “I will hear you out - you will tell me everything you know. I can tell you are holding something back from me, I’m not stupid. For now I want you out of my territory. We will talk - on neutral ground. Oak Meadow. Tonight!”

“Deal,” I growl back at him, “I will tell you everything if you let me leave with my brother.”

Christian just glares at me, but he doesn’t disagree. He jerks his head to the side, directing his pack. They all disperse into the trees and Christian continues to glare at me.

“You have 5 minutes to get out of here, otherwise the deal is off and my pack rips you and your brother to shreds,” Christian turns and disappears into the trees.

I don’t thank him, but I turn to my brother, Xavier. I hoist him up over my shoulder.

It was time to get out of here as quickly as possible.

Jennifer’s POV

Maximus takes a shower, a long shower, with the door open so he can hear if I try to escape. I don’t plan on it though because I have faith in Darrius and to be honest there was nothing I could do anyway.

Instead I eat the food that Jaime and Raphael bring me, I happily chow down on the sandwich and orange juice.

“Mmmmm,” I smile in ecstasy, “How can this sandwich taste so good?”

“Food tastes amazing when you haven’t eaten in a while because your vampire forgets to feed you,” Jaime grins and Raphael rolls his eyes.

“I always remember to feed you, Jaime,” he growls and she just shakes her head at me.

“He’s a liar,” she says and I nod.

“Yep, I believe you,” I say, grinning while trying to chew at the same time.

“I hope Meredith’s magic works,” Jaime says out of the blue, “The spell that will hold Eddrick off - it better bloody work.”

“It’s worked so far, hasn’t it?” I ask, finishing off the sandwich and putting the plate on the bedside table. Jaime and I both jump a little when there is a knock at the door.

I have an odd feeling about the knock, and Jaime’s look also tells me she feels the same way. Heh, must be a twin thing.

“Who is it?” Raphael stands up and looks at the door suspiciously.

“Caitlin!” the girl calls out. Jaime looks confused but I let out a sigh of relief and Raphael looks to me.

“A friend?” he asks.

“Yes,” I nod, “You can let her in.”

Raphael goes to open the door and I grin when Caitlin comes into the room. Except she looks a little nervous, I’m not sure why. Jaime - for some unbeknownst reason, glares at the girl with suspicion.

“Xavier caught you did he?” I say with a grin, “I’m glad you’re safe, Caitlin.”

She looks to the floor and then looks up quickly.

“Jennifer - I... I need to speak with you alone,” she glances at Jaime and Raphael, “Could you give us a minute?” Caitlin asks this with nervous eyes, clasping her hands together to stop them shaking and giving me a sad smile.

“What’s the matter?” I ask, worried for her.

“It’s personal - it’s something I need to tell you, alone,” she says.

“Raphael and I can stay,” Jaime says, firmly, “We’re close to Jennifer.”

“No,” I say, shaking my head, “You should probably leave, something is wrong and she wants to tell me alone, so let her,” I give Jaime an odd look, why didn’t she trust Caitlin?

“Okay,” Jaime says this worriedly, and it is at that moment that Maximus turns off the shower and appears moments later in nothing but a towel. I try not to stare at his steaming hot body, golden skin and messed up hair. He poses in the door way on purpose and gives me a wicked smile, then spots Caitlin - a single, alone female, and gives her a sexy grin too.

“Well, hello there,” he growls playfully and Caitlin blushes. I just roll my eyes.

“Maximus, get out,” I point towards the door, “I need to talk to her alone.”

Maximus pouts and looks sad.

“If you are ever upset,” he flirts with Caitlin and winks at me, “Just come to me, girls, I’ll make you smile whenever you need it.”

I smack my palm to my forehead and just close my eyes, breathing out slowly.

“What a charmer,” Jaime mutters as Maximus walks into the bathroom to put on his leather pants. Caitlin just stands in the middle of the room, while Jaime and Raphael walk out, Raphael holding Jaime’s hand protectively - ever since Maximus decided to flirt with every female in the room.

“Sorry,” I whisper to Caitlin, “Just ignore him. I think he is having problems with Isobel at the moment so don’t take any notice of him,” Caitlin manages to laugh and then we both watch as Maximus strolls out, completely clean, in his leather pants and a beautiful smile on his lips.

“If you need me, I’ll just be outside,” Maximus winks at us and walks out, closing the door behind him.

“So what did you want?” I ask Caitlin; finally alone with her.

“Do you mind if I lock the door from the inside?” Caitlin asks, biting her lower lip - nervous once more.

“No one will come in, don’t worry about it,” I say - but she turns to lock it anyway.

“What happened, Caitlin?” I ask, suddenly not feeling too happy about the situation.

Something was seriously wrong.

What the hell did Caitlin want?

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