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Part 2 Chapter 9

When Darrius comes out of the shower and get’s dressed in fresh black leather pants, he doesn’t come near me and I just glare at him. Instead he goes to his bookcase and starts searching through the titles lazily.

“A-rgh..!” I yell through the gag trying to get his attention.

“Hmm?” Darrius asks, picking out a book and reading the blurb.

“et’ eo!” Any sound I make is incomprehensible and I see Darrius dramatically put the book back on the shelf and turn to face me. He can’t keep the smirk off his face.

“What did you say, darling?” He asks, slowly walking towards me.

“Mmm-rrgh!” I growl as best as I can tugging on the ropes... I only make it worse.

“Is that begging I hear?” He asks, and I quickly shake my head. No, it was deformed abuse.

“Oh, okay then - I guess I’ll leave you like that a little longer,” Darrius growls low, and I quickly shake my head again. No, I needed him to let me go.

Okay... I had to suck up my pride and give him what he wanted.

“et’ eo!” I say again.

“Let you go? So you are begging, sweetheart,” Darrius sounds far too smug as he comes up beside me and I look into his deep midnight blue eyes pleadingly.

“Mm - ” I nod, slowly and Darrius goes to untie the rope acting as a gag, throwing it to the floor.

“Thank fuck - ” I swear and he quickly leans down and kisses me hard. He kisses me for a short time on the lips before trailing kisses to my ear and saying, “Do you want me to untie the rest of the ropes, Jennifer?”

“Hell yes, please,” I sigh, kissing him on the cheek, “That would be wonderful.”

Darrius chuckles and leans back up to look down at me, our noses touching.

“Are you going to apologise?” he asks.

“Maybe,” I say, glaring at him, “If you explain to me what I am apologising for!”

“Being out of line with your smart mouth,” he says, grabbing my chin and letting his eyes roam to my lips where I let out a fluttery breath.

“I have a smart mouth, do I?” I ask with a small smile and he leans down to lightly bite my lower lip.

“Your mouth could be doing so much more for me then just hurling out abuse,” he growls, his eyes now glazed over with determination as he locks eyes with me again.

“I don’t know if I’m so sorry to have such a smart mouth,” I whisper, as seductively as possible. Darrius, without another word, goes to untie my wrists and ankles. I quickly stand up off the bed and he grabs my elbow lightly, spinning me to face him.

“Sweetheart, where are you off too?” Darrius growls and I just turn to give him a funny look.

“I’m going to take off my dress, do you have a problem with that?” I ask, deciding I can use my womanly wiles to find out what was really bothering him.

“Last time you undressed for me,” Darrius smiles and goes to undo the zip at the back of my dress, “This time I’ll undress you.”

When he takes down the zip I quickly step forward and turn around, letting the dress fall to the floor, I face him with nothing but my bra and panties.

“I think you need to learn to let me love you,” I say, “I already know you can love me, but you need to let me in and trust me to also be there for you.” Darrius seems slightly taken aback and I just smile sweetly, walking up to him I cup his face in my hands and reach up and peck him on the lips, “I can love you too, you know,” I whisper against his mouth and he growls happily back at me - like a purr.

“Feel free to love me anytime you want,” he says, smirking against my mouth, “But first I need some sustenance.” Standing flush against him I can already feel he is turned on as he nuzzles his way into my neck and I arch back to make my hair fall off my neck, exposing my neck further to him.

I run my hands through his hair and hold him close as he kisses my neck softly, taking his time before gently biting my neck and sinking his fangs in slowly. It was almost more erotic when he did it slow - I liked it a lot. It hurt less as well, it actually felt nice.

Darrius slowly drinks my blood and I close my eyes in acceptance of him taking his fill - he needed it to survive and I was happy to give it to him.

Darrius slowly takes his fangs out and licks the wound clean, just as he is done he kisses me again and I put my hands on his naked chest. He was so strong and warm, so irresistible. I didn’t even mind tasting my blood on his lips.

I push him towards the bed and he quickly grabs my waist and spins around, pushing me onto the bed so I’m lying on my back and he climbs on top of me, one hand on my waist and the other gripping my thigh possessively.

“Darrius,” I say against his lips as he slowly kisses me, “I can tell something is bothering you. You should tell me.”

“It’s nothing,” Darrius growls at me, leaning up to look down at me suspiciously. I narrow my eyes at him.

“Tell me,” I plead, “You need to tell me what is happening.”

Darrius closes his eyes for a moment and angrily exhales before opening his eyes again, “I didn’t find Eddrick,” he says, “Instead I found werewolves, a whole pack.”

“You what?” I ask, not meaning to interrupt but I can’t help it.

“It’s a long story but we are going to have to work with them to stop Eddrick,” he growls, “It’s the only way to stop Eddrick and keep you safe.”

“Is that all?” I ask, “There is something else on your mind, isn’t there?”

Darrius sighs before explaining reluctantly, “The King thinks you are a great threat and has asked me to keep you drained low of blood just incase Eddrick finds you again.”

“Are you going to?” I ask in a whisper, “What do you mean, low on blood? How low on blood?”

“Don’t worry about it, sweetheart,” Darrius kisses my forehead, “I’m still finding a solution to make my father happy about your presence here. I won’t know until tonight when I meet the werewolves what I can say to my father. I need to find out if your blood mixed with Eddrick’s does some damage to the werewolves. He kidnapped two of their own last night. If we can use your blood as a weapon, you’ll be safer here at the palace.”

“My blood instantly kills supernatural creatures. Just because it has the potential to cure vampirism doesn’t mean I’m a threat.”

“You could potentially cure the world of vampires, darling,” Darrius growls, “You’re a threat and a miracle to the human race. That in itself is another danger looming. If the human government find out what else your blood can do - I will have to fend off vampires wanting to kill you and humans who will try to kidnap you for their own purposes.”

“Sounds like I’m practically famous,” I sigh, annoyed.

“What is important right now is that you are safe,” Darrius growls low before kissing me again.

I can’t help it, I smile against his kiss and add, “Safely loved by both you and Maximus.”

Darrius instantly stops and I laugh.

“I’m joking,” I quickly say, “Darrius, you know I am.”

“I still think you deserve a spanking for just bringing that up again when I’m trying to make love to you,” Darrius says this menacingly and I yelp out when he so quickly lifts me up onto his shoulder, sits on the side of the bed and places me across his knees.

Not again.

I thought we were making progress.

“You are unbelievable!” I yell, but he holds me down tightly and I know I can’t get away.

So much for love.

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