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Part 2 Chapter 10

After spanking me until I apologized, my ass was feeling sore and red and Darrius was all too happy to see it that way. Then he places me back on the bed and starts to slowly kiss me senseless. However we don’t get much further. Darrius is about to unclasp my bra when the door dramatically opens without a knock first.

I look over Darrius’ shoulder to see who it is and I narrow my eyes when I see the intruder.

I thought Darrius locked the door, how did he get in?

“Oh, wow!” Maximus is joyfully amused on what he has barged in on, “Uh, sorry to interrupt?” It was the most insincere apology I have ever heard.


I roll my eyes and Darrius’ eyes darken quite a bit.

Without a word, Darrius rolls off me, stands up and turns to face Maximus.

“How did you get in?” I ask Maximus and he gives me a wicked smile and winks.

“I have a key to this room, darling -”

I guess I should have expected what was bound to happen... but I am still shocked when Darrius rushes Maximus and grabs him by the throat, squeezing down hard, making Maximus’ face go red.

I haven’t really seen them fight and my hand flys up to my mouth, worried Darrius will actually hurt him. Maximus grabs Darrius’ wrist and raises an eyebrow, cocking his head to the side.

“Don’t ever call her darling again,” Darrius snarls, “Don’t wink at her, don’t smile at her and don’t even look at her. Got it?” Darrius shoves Maximus backwards violently and Maximus groans as he cracks his neck to both sides, massaging his neck with his hand.

“Can I ask what that was for, buddy?” Maximus asks, trying to sound as innocent as possible - but truly looking confused.

Darrius looks like he is about to attack Maximus again so I decide to intervene.

“He thinks you slept with me,” I say, “Thanks to Isobel.”

“Hah!” Maximus laughs but only glances at me because Darrius just ordered him not to look at me - which was utterly ridiculous, “Darrius, I was in here protecting her. I didn’t sleep with her. I mean, it’s not that I don’t want to -” Maximus starts to smile and laugh but instantly halts as Darrius’ expression darkens even further, “Ahem,” Maximus pretends to cough, “Uh - argh, yeah okay that wasn’t funny.”

“What do you want, buddy?” Darrius asks sarcastically. Barely holding back from probably throwing a punch or two and most probably considering snapping Maximus’ neck.

“I just went back onto my duties,” Maximus says, all laughter gone from his tone now, “Claudia is missing, we believe she has gone out into the city to find Johnathan. She is human now so she can go out in the sun.”

“When was she last seen?” Darrius asks, worry now overlapping the anger in his tone.

“I took her to get breakfast and talk a few things out - then something came up and I had to have a little chit chat to Isobel. That’s the last time I saw her,” Maximus crosses his arms over his chest, “I can’t go out and look for her because it’s daylight. She could be anywhere but she should be smart enough to stay safe.”

“We need to get her back, she isn’t safe out there as a human especially if she is trying to find Johnathan. He might kill her,” Darrius sighs, frustrated, running a hand through his hair, “I’m not sure how we can find her -”

“I’ll go!” I say, raising my hand in the air from habit of doing that at school, Darrius looks over his shoulder to me with a raised eyebrow and Maximus also gives me two raised eyebrows. I look from Darrius to Maximus, smiling at my solution, “I’m a human, I can go out into the city during the day and save her.”

“And how exactly would you keep yourself safe?” Darrius asks, “Everyone out their knows who you are. The human government might abduct you, Eddrick may find you. I’m not going to let two people I care about go out there to potentially get killed.”

“If Eddrick kidnapped two werewolves he’ll be busy with his experimentations,” I say, standing up off the bed - uncaring that I am in nothing but my bra and panties. I stick my hands on my hips and my chin in the air, “I’m going. I’ll be careful. I don’t have to approach anyone or get involved with any action. I’ll just be the look out and I’ll report back if I find her or see her in my line of vision. Dress me up in a disguise. No one will notice it’s me!”

“It’s actually not that bad of a plan - ” Maximus agrees with me, but Darrius cuts him off.

“Shut up,” Darrius snaps at him before crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at me, “No way, sweetheart. Now get back in bed.”

I pause, he did not just tell me to do that in front of Maximus. With that tone.

I walk towards Darrius until I am just in front of him and I smile, evily.

“I’ll ask the King, I’m sure he won’t mind me leaving the palace for a bit,” I say, smirking.

“My father will not listen to you,” Darrius growls.

“Oh, well... maybe Xavier will,” I add.

“He won’t let you go either, you really think you are going to get your own way, don’t you?” Darrius asks, amused.

“I’m going to find a solution to this problem. I owe Claudia my life for what she has done for me and after I nearly got her killed by the werewolves. Now I have to make sure she is safe,” I turn around and walk towards my room. I needed to put on some damn clothes.

“She’s cute when she is so determined,” I hear Maximus growl this in appreciation of my defiance.

“Shut up and go find another way to get Claudia back,” Darrius snarls.

When I’m in my room I go to my wardrobe and pull out a black dress, wiggling into it because it is so tight. Then I brush my hair and walk out to find Darrius leaning on an armrest of one of the couches, his arms crossed over his chest and a dark look directed my way.

Maximus has left and it is just the two of us once again.

“If you really want to help Claudia,” Darrius growls, “We’ll do it together.”

“Can I go outside into the city?” I ask, hopeful.

“No,” Darrius snaps, but then he tries to keep his calm as he stands up to his full height, “We’ll figure out something else. Let’s go do some asking around to first figure out if anyone saw or talked to her before she went missing. For all we know maybe she was kidnapped again, is that okay, Jennifer?”

“Yes,” I nod, smiling. Darrius was giving in half way to me.

Which was a major improvement to how he use to shut me down on everything. It was always his way or no way. Now he was giving me something and I was going to take it.

“Follow me then, beautiful,” Darrius holds out his hand for me to take it and I happily grab his hand.

We were working together.


I’d have to appreciate it while the moment lasted.

Because we were about to find out exactly what Eddrick did to the two werewolves he kidnapped - and it wasn’t going to be fun.

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