Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 11

We look through all the rooms we think that Claudia might be in but she is nowhere to be found so we decide that she has definitely left to go find Johnathan.

Darrius and I head back to his room while I get more and more worried about Claudia now that I can’t find her myself.

“Johnathan can’t go out in the day,” I say, “So that should give Claudia some level of protection, right? She can just step in the sun and she’ll be safe from him.”

“Who’s to say that the sun affects my brother?” Darrius says, with raised eyebrows, “Maybe he can walk in the sun now after the blood concoction.”

“We can’t just wait all day to find out, that means Claudia is potentially in even more danger,” I snap, getting beyond frustrated at the situation at hand, “I need to go out into the city and find her, someone does –” I pause and grab my hand, screaming as a sudden bolt of red hot pain goes through my finger. In one move I pull the ring off my finger and throw it away from me.

Darrius grabs my shoulder, instantly tense.

I jerk away from him and look up and down the corridor. I see nothing that represents a danger to my life – a threat to me. Except Darrius.

I step back away from him and he goes from worried to mildly annoyed.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he growls, “What’s wrong, why did your ring heat up...” Darrius trails off and we both go silent as we hear silent thumps from above us. In the ceiling.

It pauses above us, then quickly hurries down further along the ceiling. It sounded like a disjointed walk.

“What was that?” I whisper, my heart pounding fast. Something was above us in the ceiling’s vents.

Darrius sniffs the air and his face contorts, he screws up his nose and shakes his head.

“Disgusting,” he focuses for a moment on the ceiling, then his eyes widen, “Oh no... Jennifer, come here,” Darrius is about to reach for me and grab me when the lights suddenly all flicker off at once and I can’t see anything.

Darrius grabs me around the waist and throws me over his shoulder.

And he starts to run.

Caitlin’s POV [this is the second half of Chapter 12, Prince Xavier, Book 3. It’s in line with what is happening right now!]

As I stand up from the bed, slightly shaky from the amount of energy that was required to ring my family and deal with their manipulation - I decide it is time for a bath.

I needed to relax.

However as I take a couple of steps towards the bathroom from Xavier’s bed - the lights abruptly turn off.

The whole room is enveloped in darkness. Being underground - if the lights went off then the darkness was so black you couldn’t see shit unless you had a vampire’s enhanced vision. In the pitch black I get a horrible feeling in my stomach when the lights don’t turn back on straight away.

They had a backup generator - surely any moment the lights would flicker back on.

But they don’t and the silence coupled with the darkness is far too eerie for my liking.

I back up to the bed and sit down on it so I can feel where I am.

A moment later, arising out of the darkness, is the most terrifying, demented roar I have ever heard in my life.

What the hell was that?

The sound reverberates throughout the halls - it sounds close by.

Instantly my whole system seems to go into a state of shock and fear and I get down on my knees onto the floor as silently as possible without making a sound. Then I drop down onto my stomach and I crawl under the bed.

Just as I shuffle all the way under, I hear another demented snarl but this time it is coupled with a high pitched scream from a male even closer to my location.

All too thankfully...

I’m suddenly glad Xavier locked me in.

I didn’t know what the hell was out there but it didn’t sound like a vampire.

All I knew was that my instincts were screaming at me that it was dangerous.

And that I needed to hide.

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