Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 13

Eddrick’s POV

Everything so far was going according to plan. The blood of the twin’s from the prophecy was more potent than I expected. Which was perfect – but also very dangerous. Jennifer had to be killed before her prince could figure out that turning her would all but cause jeopardy to everything I had been striving for since the day supernatural creatures were born into this realm.

No, before that happened I needed her to be killed off, permanently.

The werewolves had been a very nice addition to my plans for the future of supernatural kind. They turned more insanely powerful and deadly than when I used the same blood potion on the prince vampire. And they were wholly loyal to me – which is all I needed.

When Meredith and I had decided to merge the mortal’s realm with the fairies thousands of years ago – unexpected consequences had occurred. Vampires, vampire hunters, werewolves, witches, warlocks, mermaids; all were the product of merging the two realms.

The original plan was to take the mortal realm from the humans and give the fae kind another world to reside in.

Meredith changed her mind once she bonded with mortals and she saw that they were ‘worth’ keeping around. They had hearts, she said, morals, kindness, passion, beautiful souls. All these words did was disgust me. They were nothing but pathetic weak bodies with pitiful souls – there was nothing beautiful about them.

I had faith in supernatural creatures to overrule the humans and take over Earth. Which is what they steadily began to do – especially the vampires who turned humans into their own kind. Werewolves often hunted humans as prey, mermaids drowned men and women for their souls, witches used mortal lives in powerful spells, warlocks tended to enslave human kind – all was still going to plan.

Until I found out that Meredith had cast a spell to introduce a prophecy at the time the two worlds merged, she always believed in balance, and she created the prophecy to help mortals have a chance at surviving in the same world as their superiors.

Her goal was suddenly to live in peace with the humans.

I wanted the majority of mortals dead and only a few could be kept alive – for their enslavement, for the merriment and what small uses they could bring to the rest of us.

As soon as Jennifer was killed.

Everything would soon run its course.

I would infect most supernatural creatures with Jaime’s blood which intensified their urge to kill, fuelled their anger and gave them a raging passion to see human’s dead.

I just had to find a way to stop werewolves from also wanting to kill vampires.

A slight issue – hopefully easily fixed when they tasted the blood of humans and realised it was much tastier.

“How may I be of service, master?” Johnathan, the youngest Prince Vampire kneels on one knee before me, head bowed in respect. Which is what I deserved – considering I had dedicated my whole life to empowering the fae kind and their offspring.

“I want you to return to your vampire palace, willing,” I say, clasping my hands together in excitement. The one hand that had been cut off in that little scuffle in the forest has grown back, “Pretend you are how you use to be – you are in love with that girl, and you are a loving, good brother to Darrius and Xavier. You need to make them believe you are cured of my blood.”

“The aim of this?” Johnathan asks.

“Stand up and give me your hand,” I say, grinning with delight as he does as he is told without question. I was running out of blood and needed more soon from the only useful human on the planet – Jaime. But my last bit of blood was to go to someone very important. I hand the small vial of blood to Johnathan’s out stretched hand, “You are going to keep this safe.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Oh, no, that’s not all, dear Johnathan. You are going to find your father – the King – and you are going to make him drink this,” he nods and I pat him on the head, “Good boy – now before you go, I have one more thing you need to take with you.”

I look over my shoulder, to where my two servant vampires are holding the zombified sister of Caitlin, Abbey.

The house her parents let me stay in was quite a lovely mansion, it would be a shame to bloody the floorboards but Caitlin needed some motivation to get the job done and kill Jennifer off. I gave her a week but I was not a very patient man.

Since the werewolves I sent into the palace had failed to speed up the inevitable death of young Jennifer – I needed to convince Caitlin to hurry.

“Cut off her hair and two of her fingers,” I order, “And make sure you wrap it up in some nice wrapping paper,” I turn to Johnathan, “Because you’ll be giving that gift to young Caitlin, you know who that is, don’t you?”


“Perfect!” I smile and laugh as my servants rush to get a knife and scissors from the kitchen. It was lucky the parents were in their room fucking each other, because I didn’t have time to deal with their protests at what I had to do to their daughter.

All too soon, Jennifer would be dead.

Everything I’d ever wanted would all too easily fall into place.

The fae kind would finally rule the mortal realm.

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