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Part 2 Chapter 19

Jennifer’s POV

I look into all the windows as Caitlin replies to Xavier’s text. I spot movement on the other side of the house, the only window that seems to show any sort of activity.

“What room is that one?” I ask Caitlin and she looks up to see where I am watching.

“One of the living areas,” she whispers, “Time is running out, I should go in now.”

“Wait, what about waiting for Abbey first?” I ask, worried.

However Caitlin has a desperate look in her eye now and she shakes her head and stands, holding the needle full of my blood.

“It’s now or never I can feel my power slowly starting to ebb away,” she explains, “Stay on the lookout.” I watch as Caitlin pushes her shoulders back, narrows her eyes at her house and takes a deep breath.

And then she runs to the door so fast that even with what little moonlight there is, I hardly see her move. She was like lightening, ridiculously fast. Whatever black magic Eddrick had used to enhance Caitlin’s body like that... there must be consequences, surely.

I hear a rustle from the bushes near Abbey’s window and I look to see Isobel disappear into the garden. Confused, I wait for her to reappear but she doesn’t. There is just silence.

I look towards the front door, where Caitlin has broken the lock and entered the house.

I text Isobel a question mark, but when she doesn’t reply straight away I decide to check out the situation myself. I creep over as quietly as possible, as of yet there is no commotion from inside so I hope Caitlin is okay.

When I reach Abbey’s window I see that it is open, and Maximus and Isobel are nowhere to be seen. I spot Abbey, sitting on the edge of her bed, legs curled up to her chest and her head buried in her knees. One of her hands is bandaged.

“Abbey –” I can’t finish calling out to her because a hand covers my mouth and a knife is pushed up against my throat.

“What are you doing here?” I know that feminine but rough voice. Ruby. She lets me reply by taking her hand away, however the knife remains at my throat.

“I’m here to save a friend,” I blurt out, “I’d get that knife away from my throat, you make me bleed and you might die, remember last time?”

Surprisingly she lets me go instantly and I turn around to face her, I didn’t bring weapons with me except for the needle which I gave to Caitlin and I had my mobile phone. That was it. I was in nothing but my black dress and Ruby was decked out in a black leather jacket and blue jeans, her hair cut short – above her shoulders.

“Where is Maximus and Isobel?” I ask, confused about how they disappeared.

“They are not my issue, you are,” she hisses, “Get your friend and leave, now. Where did the other blonde girl go?”

If she had been watching, maybe she missed Caitlin move so fast.

“The other blonde girl is called Caitlin,” I explain, “And she lives here, so you can’t tell her to leave. This might be on the edge of your territory but –”

“A truce was made to face Eddrick together,” Ruby sheaths her knife at her belt and looks down on me, she was so tall and lanky in a super-model kind of way and I can’t help but instantly feel threatened. Not to mention the fact she could change into a wolf.

I wish I had more of an ability rather than just enhanced blood. Being a human really was so much weaker in terms of physicality, compared to supernatural creatures.

“I know, Darrius explained,” I say, “But it’s complicated.”

“Get your friend and leave,” Ruby says, “Christian’s pissed off enough as it is. You won’t get your friends back until you pay us. I could take you too but I’ve been watching that girl,” she nods towards Abbey. I turn around and I see she has noticed us and is peaking at us over her knees, “She needs help. Take her and leave, you have two minutes.”

“Christian took Maximus and Isobel?” I ask, figuring it out, “Maximus has the keys to the car, how am I going to leave?”

Ruby sighs, annoyed.

“I’ll get them for you, by the time I get back, you better be waiting at that car with Abbey and that other girl, otherwise you’re coming with me and my pack. I can’t guarantee Christian won’t kill you, so I suggest you listen to me,” she says this as she walks backwards, turning to go get Maximus’ keys for me.

I huff out an annoyed breath. Bloody hell.

Things could never run smoothly, could they?

I turn around and see that Abbey has now made it to the window, she holds out her injured hand towards me, tears in her beautiful eyes – which contrasted with her grey skin and dirty looking hair.

“You should probably hand me the other hand, sweetheart,” I say and she slowly reaches for me with her uninjured hand.

“You know I’m here to save you right? Caitlin is too,” I say, gripping her hand – which is icy cold. She nods at me and I help her out the window.

“Stay quiet with me, we’ll walk to the car. You can’t run, can you?” Abbey shakes her head so I just hold her hand and help lead her to the car. As we walk I see Caitlin near the car already.

She is on her knees, arm held across her stomach. It looks like she collapsed.

Abbey tries to talk but it comes out in a sort of moan as she also spots her sister on the pavement.

“Caitlin, are you okay?” I ask as we get closer, I let go of Abbey’s hand and help Caitlin up, but she pushes me away. Her face looks deathly pale, “What is it?”

“We need to leave, now,” she says, she glances at Abbey but just looks away almost instantly. She is barely holding back tears.

“What happened?” I ask again, not able to do anything anyway until Ruby returned with the keys to the car.

“We need to go,” Caitlin snaps, she looks at me, angry, ”We need to leave!"

“Maximus and Isobel were taken by werewolves,” I say, “Is Eddrick down?”

Caitlin nods, but she doesn’t respond.

I look to see Abbey approach her sister and Caitlin looks into her eyes and quickly grabs her into a hug, whispering to her that she is so sorry. I feel sick to my stomach, I didn’t have a good feeling about any of this.

I nearly jump out of my skin when I see a wolf run up silently beside me, red fur shining as keys drop at my feet. Ruby turns and runs off without further ado.

I pick the keys up and unlock the door. I guess I was driving.

“Get in the car,” I say, “We’re leaving.”

Caitlin nods and helps Abbey get in.

“What about Max and Isobel?” Caitlin asks quietly, she talks like she is numb inside.

“If we don’t leave, we’ll be next to go with the werewolves, I was warned to leave as soon as possible.”

I get in the car and start the ignition, Caitlin sits in the back with Abbey, silent.

For a while the silence is almost intolerable in the car. I needed to know what happened.

“Are you sure Eddrick is dead?” I ask, gripping the steering wheel tightly.

“He should be and if he isn’t, I hope the werewolves find him and tear him to shreds. I injected him with the blood, he fell to the ground and I bolted. I couldn’t stay in there, not after what I saw,” Caitlin answers. She doesn’t explain what she saw, so I don’t ask for details.

“We’ll go straight back to the palace but we should ring first to see if they’ve got everything under control –”

“Drop me and Abbey off in the city, please,” Caitlin cuts me off, “I need to get Abbey help anyway, to find a witch that can bring her back to normal.”

“Will you come back to the palace eventually?” I ask, hopeful. I liked knowing friends there, I was just starting to get to know people around the place.

“I have nowhere else to go,” Caitlin explains, “But I will return if I can’t figure something out. Xavier...”

“Xavier?” I prompt her to finish the sentence.

“Nothing,” she says, and I can tell she doesn’t want to talk any more about this.

I drive the rest of the way back to the city, realizing I had left the palace with nearly all my friends... and I was returning with just myself.

This wasn’t going to look too good on me.

And Maximus and Isobel...

They were in danger, I just hoped they managed to escape the werewolves.

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