Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 21

As we walk towards the kitchens for some food, I notice how tense the whole palace is. It’s quiet, and the few people walking around look nervous.

“All the infected vampires were thrown in the dungeons,” Darrius explains and I give him an odd look.

“How did you manage to lock up vampires who are stronger than the average vampire? Plus they would have turned completely insane with the need to kill humans!” I ask, curious.

“Believe it or not, garlic helps,” Darrius chuckles, “You don’t need to know the details. There were more non-infected vampires than there were infected. We overpowered them, they don’t fight back that hard anyway – because they don’t feel a need to kill their own kind... just mortals.”

“I guess that makes some sense,” I say, “Hopefully the worst of it is over and all this drama can come to an end if Eddrick is actually dead. It was my idea to inject him with my blood,” I say proudly as we enter the kitchens and nearly run into Xavier who is giving out orders to the mortal staff.

“What do you mean you didn’t shut all the taps off?” Xavier snaps, “I’m in charge now, the King is out for the count. You follow my rules directly without hesitation or you face the consequences – and you won’t like the consequences, so stop gawking at me and move your ass!”

“Woah, woah,” Darrius pretends to look shocked, holding up both hands towards Xavier as we approach him near the open buffet, “My eldest brother, yelling out orders? Snapping at slaves? This isn’t you!” I just roll my eyes at the sarcasm as I watch Xavier grin and laugh, the chuckle growly and deep. Darrius joins in and my stomach growls loudly in response, as if to join in on the conversation.

“Young Jennifer,” Xavier’s eyes light up as he welcomes me back, “You returned, what about Caitlin?”

“She doesn’t want you,” I say with a smirk, “She wants freedom, I’d say she is one hell of a smart girl. Being under your control would be one hell of a pain in the ass. I’d easily say you’d rival Darrius and Maximus for most domineering prick in the palace!”

Xavier’s grin drops off his face and is instantly replaced with infuriation.

“Watch your tongue, Jennifer,” he growls low, “Where is Caitlin?”

“I honestly don’t know, in the city somewhere,” I shrug, “Move aside I’m starving.”

“You need to send out vampires to drain Eddrick of blood,” I overhear Darrius talk to Xavier as I fill up my plate with hot fresh buffet food. He explains to Xavier what’s happened at Caitlin’s mansion and when I come back over with my food I’m disappointed to see Xavier’s glare my way has turned into a dangerous glower.

“What?” I ask, glaring back at him, “What’s your problem?”

“You encouraged Caitlin to attack Eddrick,” Xavier says quietly, “Then you dropped her off god knows where in the city. She is mine and you helped her escape from me!”

“Escape? So you admit you keep her against her will?” I ask in a challenge.

“Let’s sit you down so you can eat,” Darrius says, trying not to laugh at the fiery exchange between me and Xavier.

“What are you going to do?” I ask Xavier, as he comes over to a table that me and Darrius sit down at.

“I would punish you if you weren’t my brother’s slave,” Xavier growls.

“What? Spank me into submission?” I ask, “Darrius already tried that, it doesn’t work!”

“Do you want to test that theory, sweetheart?” Darrius asks opposite me, suddenly starting to look annoyed, “I’m pretty sure it did work last time.”

“A short-term fix to a personality trait that won’t disappear. I like to be rebellious,” I say proudly, before I can’t resist anymore and I shove a fork full of salad into my mouth.

“I will organise the return of Maximus and Isobel, don’t worry about it,” Xavier says calmly to Darrius, now ignoring me, “And I will get some volunteers to run over to Caitlin’s mansion to retrieve Eddrick’s blood. You only have one thing to fix – her attitude.”

I just smugly eat as Darrius grabs his chin with his hand and looks at me, considering.

“Fix her in what way?” Darrius asks Xavier, while looking at me.

“Find a way to fill that smart mouth with something other than foolish words,” Xavier turns on his heel and heads off, sounding far too serious for my liking.

“My mouth is full with food,” I mutter, before picking up a fork full of pasta.

“I think he meant something else, darling,” Darrius says with a little evil, lusty smirk. I suddenly get what he means and a blush starts to creep up my neck.

“You’re just... just, you’re a prick,” It’s all I can say, my wits leaving me as other thoughts fill my head.

Primarily an image of me, on my knees, before Darrius.

Just that one thought alone has all my other thoughts disintegrating into dust.

I jerk when Darrius lightly bangs his knee against my own.

“What are you thinking about, darling?” He asks, that smirk forever present on his handsome face.

“Nothing, I’m trying to eat,” I say.

“I’ll get the answer out of you when we’re back in my room, how about that?” Darrius asks, far too amused by my discomfort as I try to swallow my food. Suddenly a simple act becomes so hard.

This wasn’t good.

The whole palace was in disarray, barely keeping its structure together with all the drama Eddrick had been causing. Most of my friends weren’t even here at the palace. Some needed saving.

And all Darrius was doing was trying to ‘fix’ me.

“We still need to discuss me turning you,” Darrius says, giving me a life-line to change the subject.

“Yes, we do,” I agree.

I almost forgot as my thoughts went in other directions...

I wanted to be stronger, which meant I had to take the next step and trade my human life for the physical benefits of becoming a vampire.

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