Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 22

Darrius’ POV

Jennifer walks ahead of me with evident positive energy as she sways those gorgeous hips from side to side. I could hear her heart beat fluttering with nervous human anticipation for what I had planned. Not that she could read my thoughts, but she knew me well enough to know I was going to have some fun once we were alone.

Turning a partner into a vampire to remain by your side for the rest of eternity was common practice between vampire and their human slaves. When love started to trickle into the relationship the bond only became stronger.

But I knew her real reason for desiring to be turned was more of a selfish one. She wanted strength, to be on a more equal playing field with the rest of us. In her own way she was already special, her blood was extremely powerful and her body immortal even though the rest of her was just as human as every other mortal.

I enjoyed being her protection – but everyone needed to learn how to protect themselves and she would quite frankly, be safer as a vampire. However, would her blood change?

As if reading my mind, Jennifer addresses that exact issue as she walks into our room, turning to face me.

“We should ask Meredith if my blood will change if I am transformed into a vampire,” she says sweetly with a little nervous look in her eye as I approach her with a smirk, one fang glinting dangerously.

“You can call her,” I suggest and I watch with amusement as she turns quickly to run for the phone, eager to put space between us. She was afraid of her own arousal and needs – it was pretty cute. And a tad annoying.

If she wanted to pounce on me, I wasn’t going to complain. In fact, I’d strip her down so fast she would be naked in no time.

“What’s the number?” she asks, walking back towards me with the cordless landline. I take it from her and dial in the number before giving it back to her – not saying a word. My mind was too far gone thinking about her standing before me with that black dress flittering down to her ankles.

I didn’t want to ever rush her however, I wanted to savour her. I had all the time in the world. I leave her to talk to Meredith while I stalk my way into the bathroom, deciding a bath was one hell of a good idea.

She’d be joining me, of course.

I wouldn’t let her leave to ‘check’ on anyone or anything, assuming Jennifer would follow her old habits – she’d try to run away from me just because she enjoyed resisting me.

As I run the bath, I light a couple of candles for a romantic mood and turn off the main light.

The phone call ends after a brief period of time and I hear Jennifer put the phone away and then there is a little bit of shuffling as she stands around probably wondering what to do with herself.

Trying not to smile, I take off my only piece of clothing – my leather pants. Then I hop in the huge bath that was big enough for three and settle into the hot water.

I hear her slowly approach the bathroom, her feet sliding across the floor quietly. She hesitates just outside the door, out of sight.

“Are you going to stand there all day, sweetheart?” I ask, I honestly can’t keep the amusement out of my tone even though I do try, “No point delaying the inevitable – I’m getting you naked one way or another.”

I hear a little huff of embarrassment as she quickly storms in the room, hands on hips, her cute little red lips open in an ‘o’, as she is about to speak but is abruptly lost for words when she sees me reclining in the bathtub – completely naked.

“I – I just finished the call and...” she trails off as her eyes travel on their own accord from my eyes, down my neck, my chest, my abbs... and down further still.

“Come on in, the water is nice and hot,” I say, my own eyes traveling down her curves. She had them all in the right places and frustration starts to seep in when she just stands there and eventually meets my eyes once more – this time with determination.

“Meredith said I cannot be transformed into a vampire,” she says, “She said if you try to turn me, I will simply reawaken exactly the same because I am immortal already.”

“So you will live forever?” I ask, curious.

“Yes, she said I will,” Jennifer still looks annoyed despite this.

“What’s the problem then?” I ask, watching her from under hooded eyes. The steam from the hot water was really relaxing, she ought to get in.

“I will remain weak,” she complains, like that is obviously the most annoying thing that could come out of this.

“That isn’t an issue,” I growl, “Get in the bath.”

“You don’t care if I’m weak, you probably enjoy it,” she snaps back, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I do enjoy it,” I reply, just to spur her on.

“Well I don’t,” she stalks forward towards me. Mmmm, better, I needed her to get within striking range so I could pull her in without leaving the warmth of the water. She stops at the edge of the bath, near my feet and she glares down at me, “What the hell are you doing, having a bath at a time like this anyway? Maximus and Isobel –”

“Xavier has it all under control,” I cut her off, leaning forward I straighten my back, ready to pounce because I was sick of her complaining when all I wanted was her to join me, “Now if I may remind you how I brought you to this palace? My palace? I kidnapped you, abducted you. I told you that you would be my slave. You made multiple attempts to run away, you then decided to stay and accepted eventually your role here. You have two choices now, darling, try to escape once more – or simply join me in this hot bath so I can show you a whole new world of pleasure.”

Her cheeks go red – but she doesn’t look embarrassed. She looks angry.

“You don’t care at all that I want to be stronger,” she hisses, pointing her finger at me she comes around the side until she is finally in range. She goes to grab the soap off the vanity and comes towards me, throwing the bar in the water and rebelliously saying, “Since I’m your slave, there you go, there is your soap, what else would you like? Me? Well sorry, but I have to find a way to get stronger to face you and every other obstacle in my life!”

When she turns to run off I reach out a hand lighting fast and grab her dress at her hip, stopping her in her tracks.

“I know you’re aroused, sweetheart,” I growl low, ” I can smell it.”

“Maybe it is possible to be angry and turned on at the same time?” she suggests, trying to pull away from me.

“I can fix both of those problems for you –”

“You’ll find a way to make me stronger?” She asks, her eyes already lighting up.

“Yes,” I say, “First I’ll fix your other problem first,” I’m sick of her talking, so I pull her closer and grab her arms as she squeals. I lift her up easily over the edge of the tub and she lands right in my lap.

“My dress!” She complains.

“Is about to be history,” I growl, grabbing it in the middle and ripping it open.

“I liked that dress!” she struggles a little but not before I lean forward and trap her against the edge of the tub, my arm holding her in place as I lean into her neck and give her a little bite, “Ow...oo!” that small complaint turns into a little moan as I scrape my fangs against her skin and then kiss gently over the small scrapes.

The small taste and smell of her blood captures all my senses.

My hand is already unconsciously sliding under the bottom of her ripped dress, finding her panties. I pull them off and she starts helping me by lifting her hips towards me.

That’s better.

It had been too long since I had her all to myself. Luckily Xavier had everything else under control.

I wasn’t going to let her go anytime soon.

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