Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 23

Jennifer’s POV

One second I’m trying to show Darrius how upset I am that there is nothing I can do to become as physically strong as a vampire, the next I’ve gotten too close and he’s dragged me into the bath. My dress is ripped right down the middle and my panties are... well... they’re non-existent as he rips them off me as well.

All coherent thoughts swiftly leave my head until all I can think about is Darrius’ strong arm trapping me to the side of the bath and his other hand returning to my now completely naked bottom half.

He watches me with curious, confident eyes as his fingers slip between my lips and he dips one finger inside of me, making me gasp a little.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to explore your body once again, darling,” he growls low.

“Sometimes,” I whisper, feeling a little naughty, “I feel like you don’t deserve to...” he cocks an eyebrow at me and I can’t help but smile cheekily back and add, “You refer to me as your slave but maybe you should refer to me as your princess.”

“You’re a slave first, sweetheart ,and a princess second,” Darrius smirks back at me, his finger leaving my warmth to slide between my lips towards my most sensitive spot, the clit, “Would you like me to prove that to you?”

“H... how?” I ask, trying to control my breathing now that he is rubbing the one spot that can make any girl lose control.

“You’ll be reduced to begging soon enough,” he says confidently, “I can promise you that.”

Suddenly all I can imagine is Xavier’s words, ...fill that smart mouth with something other than foolish words...which I admit made me curious to find out...

“I want to taste you,” I whisper, before I can even consider what I am saying.

“You want to give me a blow job, do you?” he asks, in a happy growl, “That can certainly be arranged... but not in the bath, darling. Later,” he leans in to kiss my lips, completely devouring me within seconds. I try to concentrate on the kiss but all my thoughts are focused on his hand doing wonderful things, it isn’t long before he is sliding two fingers inside of me, in a slow torturous rhythm. In and out.

As good as it feels it just makes me think more and more about his own pleasure, and the hard dick pushing into my leg as I stay trapped on his lap.

I pull away from the kiss, too impatient.

“I want to learn now,” I say, “I want to try.”

“As much as your willingness turns me on, that’s not how I work,” Darrius growls, “We do things my way – you can suck my dick later. Now I want to savour you and bring you to your own pleasure. I’ve had years of women bending over backwards trying to please me, but you’re special, darling. Let me love you the way you deserve.”

“That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me, Darrius,” I can’t help but feel embarrassed by the compliment but also extremely flattered, “Thank you.” In reward to him being so sweet and sexy at the same time, I kiss him back and push him backwards so I can turn and straddle him properly, my legs spread either side of his thighs, my hands intertwined through his black messy wet hair. This way I was so close, all of me was touching him and I could finally take him inside me.

I stop him from talking further by initiating a long hard kiss from my own lips while his hands rested on my hips, guiding me down until the tip of his cock was prodding my entrance. I break away from the kiss only momentarily so I can open my eyes and stare into his candle lit dark blue depths, while I slowly slide down the thick length of him.

The feeling of him filling me was so intoxicating, I wanted to be like this forever and I wanted him to see it in my eyes.

In return I see his own eyes light up with pleasure, lust and all-consuming passion. I slowly pull myself up in a slow movement before sliding back down over his pulsing length. I start up a slow pace that almost instantly gets faster, especially when I lean forward to kiss him once more, my hands still in his hair, refusing to let go.

This position was so intimate, especially in the bath with the warmth of the water surrounding both of us, moving with us.

He holds my hips in a strong, vice like grip, helping my movements, encouraging me to go faster or slower. Somehow he manages to make me feel even more needy as he slows me down then speeds me up. I wasn’t interested in slow this time, I wanted to climax.I wanted so badly to just claim him as my own!

But suddenly I can’t do that.

He quickly pulls me up and off him completely and I just glare back at him instead. What was he doing? We were both so close!

“No,” he growls, looking in pain himself that he forced me off him when we were both so ready to come, “Get up, we’re not finishing here.”

“Then how?” I ask, as he stands up, dragging me with him. He steps out of the bath, pulling me over the edge too, onto the marble floor.

“You want a taste? You’ll get it, sweetheart,” he growls, and he doesn’t need to push me down because I’m already falling to my knees, eager to try this out.

Fine, I way okay with doing this too... it’s what I wanted to do in the first place anyway.

“Yes,” is all I manage to say before I put my hands on his hips and reach up closer to his throbbing cock. I open my mouth and take in the head, my tongue curling around the base as I suckle lightly. It’s the first time I ever try it, but I’m already so in the throes of passion I don’t care if I’m doing it wrong or right – I just want to taste him.

Darrius doesn’t complain as I slowly take in more of him, so curious and turned on at the same time that I get to do this. I try to fit in more of him, but he is so large that I can’t take in the whole length – but I just put that down to needing to practice more.

“That’s it, darling, you’re doing damn fine,” he growls out, grabbing my head in his hands and helping me out. I close my eyes as I run my nails down the sides of his thighs, wanting him to know how much I actually enjoyed doing this.

Maybe it was a lot to ask for my first time, but I wanted to swallow. I wanted him to come right in my mouth, so I speed up the pace, hoping he won’t pull out.

He doesn’t, and I’m rewarded as his hands clench my hair and head more tightly.

“Take it all, sweety,” he says, right before hot warm liquid spurts into my mouth. Yes! I swallow almost instantly, hearing him mutter curses under his breath as he comes. I suck as much as I can out of him, tasting the spicy male taste of him and loving every bit of it.

When I’m done I stand up on shaky legs and I give him a peck on the lips, smiling.

“Thank you for letting me taste you,” I whisper, and he just grins and pulls me closer towards him. I open my eyes to look into his own and I see a deep admiration in them.

“No, thank you,” he replies “Now it’s your turn.”

Smirking, he hauls me up over his shoulder and stalks his way into our bedroom, lying me down on the bed and grabbing my knees, spreading them wide. Before I even know it, he is leaning down straight to my swollen flesh, his tongue probing me and sliding over my clit as well. He starts up a rhythm that he has never done before, using his vampire speed to make it feel like intense vibrations are being pressed right down onto my most sensitive spot.

If his intent was to make me come quick and loudly, he succeeds. I cry out as my insides clench, sadly with nothing inside, until, of course, he reads my mind and he shoves two and then three fingers inside me, stretching me, and moving them in and out, helping my pleasure last just that little bit longer.

I close my eyes in lost control, my whole body shaking with my release. It’s not long before his fingers leave me and he climbs on top of me, his whole body pressing me down into the sheets as he nuzzles his way into my neck.

“I’m far from finished, sweetheart,” he mutters, right before his fangs sink into my neck and he starts drinking my blood greedily. I arch my neck, breathing coming in shallow gasps as he tastes literally all of me.

When he finally takes his fangs out and licks the wound shut, I can feel a hard familiar length against my leg and he looks down over me with a smile, blood still dripping from the corners of his mouth.

“Just a warning, darling,” he growls low, “You’re not going to be leaving this bed for quite a while.”

I can’t help but grin back at him.

“I wouldn’t hope so, I love being here with you.”

“I love you being here with me too, Jennifer, I want to cherish every moment, for the rest of our lives.”

“No complaints here,” I say, and I certainly meant it. There wasn’t one other place in the world I’d rather be right now.

Being in his arms, trapped in his embrace, was exactly where I belonged.

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