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Part 2 Chapter 24

It isn’t long before I feel like I literally collapse into a deep sleep, with Darrius holding me tightly to him. I was just exhausted from the hours I spent with Darrius making slow and sweet love to me, over and over again. My legs were jelly, my mind just simply switched off – my body could only handle so much pleasure. Darrius never required sleep as a vampire, but chose to sleep with me anyway because he said how he didn’t want to leave me alone – knowing me, he said I would probably sleep walk my way into danger.

I wasn’t going to be let out of his sight anytime soon. Which was perfectly fine with me.

This sleep was well needed and well deserved considering how much we all had to deal with these last couple of days. Eddrick changing Johnathan, hurting Caitlin’s sister, Abbey, the werewolves abducting Maximus and Isobel – both of whom were human. Not to mention Jaime, my twin, was apparently the Queen of Darkness which meant Eddrick wanted me dead as soon as possible.

So sleep? Was more than welcome.

The dreamless sleep I am dwelling in, however, is interrupted when curled up next to Darrius. The door slams open and the ceiling lights are suddenly flickered on.

And I hear a voice I do not expect to hear.

“Before you both ask – no, I don’t care that I’m interrupting, and yes, I escaped the werewolves,” Maximus is cut off by Darrius growling loudly, and I open my eyes, squinting in the light to look from Darrius to Maximus.

Maybe I was dreaming. Maybe –

“Maybe I care about you barging in,” Darrius snaps, sitting up and pulling the covers in around me tighter, hiding my nakedness. I just squint and rub my eyes with my hands, trying to see more clearly.

“Are you okay?” I ask in a sleepy whisper to Maximus, watching him walk right over and sit on the edge of the bed, closer to Darrius where he can look down at me and face his best friend.

“I’m dandy,” Maximus says slyly, giving me a little smirk which I can’t help but smile back to, “However, I could be dandier if I wasn’t human anymore –”

“Maybe you can stay human, since you’re an annoying shit and deserve it,” Darrius snaps, glaring at Maximus with all the hostility of a jealous, maddened vampire prince.

“I’m a vampire hunter right now,” Maximus loses his smirk – looking more serious, “I literally want to punch you in the face. I don’t want to feel like that.”

“Get out, I’ll turn you later, Jennifer and I don’t need you coming in here like you own the place. This is my bedroom and I’m a Hunter, I feel like punching you right now,” Darrius gets out of bed, fully naked and unashamed as he grabs Maximus’ arm and hauls him to his feet also.

Maximus looks over to me, still wrapped up in the covers and contentedly watching the exchange between best friends who were clearly irking each other.

“Jennifer, I’m sorry you have to see what is about to unfold,” Maximus says in a genuine, but slightly mocking tone.

“Hmm? – Oh!” I gasp as I see Maximus turn to Darrius, who is about to escort him out of the room – and Maximus suddenly, out of nowhere, punches Darrius in the face as hard as he can. The force behind the hit even makes Darrius’ nose start to bleed almost instantly, while he looks shocked from the sudden attack and he stumbles back a step or two.

With wide eyes, my heart beat already speeding up, I watch as Darrius goes to punch him back, but Maximus side steps and conveniently kicks him in the naked ass – while laughing.

I watch Darrius pause, facing away from Maximus, his face twitches in anger before he slowly turns around. He brings his wrist up to his mouth, fangs ripping out a gash in his arm so it starts to bleed heavily. Then I watch as he suddenly pounces at Maximus, throwing him to the floor and jumping on top of him, shoving his wrist into Maximus’ mouth.

“Drink,” Darrius growls, which Maximus does anyway, wriggling out an arm trapped under Darrius’ thighs, so he can reach up and push Darrius arm away when he has had enough blood. Then he slaps Darrius, grinning and chuckling.

“I know you too well, Darrius,” He says, “And urgh, your blood is revolting!”

“Shut up!” Darrius grabs Maximus’ head, snapping his neck in one easy move. I clench the blankets, a little shocked at the show of violence.

“D-Don’t you need to drain his blood...?” I ask in a whisper.

“Fuck that,” I watch as Darrius grabs each of Maximus’ limp wrists, biting into each, before standing up, hauling Maximus over his shoulders and running out of the bedroom – all in a couple of seconds.

I sit up against the headboard, bringing the blankets with me. I hold them tightly to me, keeping warm, as Darrius runs back in and slams the door shut – locking it.

“Where did you put him?” I ask.

“In his bathtub where he’ll bleed out,” Darrius growls, watching me with darkness in his eyes, he turns off the lights as he is right next to the switch, “Go back to sleep, unless you want more of my cock in your mouth.”

I give Darrius a funny look, as if that was a threat!

“What are you upset about now, Mr. Moodypants?” I ask, wiggling my eyesbrows at him in a challenge, “I know well enough that I can take you on... tell me what’s the matter.”

“You seemed happy he was back,” Darrius says slowly, in a low quiet tone as he stalks his way towards the bed once more.

“Yeah, he is my friend,” I say, glaring at him, “Are you still upset about Isobel claiming that he slept with me? How many times do you think I have to say that nothing happened?”

“Up until the point that I don’t care when you smile at him,” Darrius admits, climbing onto the bed and grabbing my chin, pulling me forward as he leans into kiss me, “You only smile at me, understand?”

“Oh, shut up,” I say against his lips, bringing up a hand and grabbing his ear, pulling him away from me, “You know how to ruin a good time, don’t you?” I ask, still glaring.

“I think I’m going to have to tie you up, darling,” he says with a little evil smirk.

“You have a fetish with ropes, don’t you?” I ask, sighing. Not surprised anymore.

“Having you laid out, completely at my mercy is –”

“And completely at Maximus’ mercy!” I interrupt. Darrius pauses, narrowing his eyes, “Well it’s true, last time I was tied up and you had a shower, that’s when he found me – ”

“He is dead until he turns,” Darrius snaps, “That won’t be happening again – as for you, I suggest you start to learn that you have no say in what I want to do to you. Again, may I remind you, you are mine to do with as I please.”

“I think I need a shower,” I say, feeling incredibly annoyed by his evidently passionate stance on my position as a slave.

“No, you need sleep,” he snaps, still angry. Before I can even take a step out of the bed, he has jumped under the covers and is pulling me back under them with one strong arm, “Don’t complain, darling, you need your strength.” I turn to face him and look up at him. Trapped as I was right now, I was completely powerless and his dark stormy blue eyes knew it. They held absolute power and certainty in their depths. Arrogance, first and foremost.

“I deserve some respect as well,” I say, feeling completely powerless.

I see him consider my words, and a slight spark of humour lights up in his eyes. Only for a tad moment. He smirks and shakes his head.

“Go to sleep, Jennifer,” he orders, ”Now.”

Unfortunately I didn’t have much more energy to resist. I don’t bother continuing the banter. I just huff out a breath of frustration and close my eyes.

“Good girl,” he growls quietly, holding me closer. I hoped Maximus was okay... I wonder if Isobel was alright also?

I wanted to fight Darrius and stay awake but I was too exhausted once again, wrapped in his warmth.

I can’t fight the sleep taking over my muscles and my mind. So I simply surrender to the dark knowing that when I awaken I will have more strength back.

More strength to be a thorn in Darrius’ side.

That one thought sends me into a blissful, happy and contented sleep.

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