Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 26

*disclaimer: the rest of the story I unfortunately changed Rory’s name to Ross by accident :( oops, I have to go back and fix it!!!! I will as soon as I have time to go back and edit all these chapters!!!

Darrius’ POV

While Jennifer sleeps, my brothers and I cure all the infected vampires in the dungeons and when we are done...

Xavier and I convince Johnathan to go find Claudia while we go to deal with our father.

When we reach the cell we enclosed him in, we find the door unlocked.

I instantly believe he has escaped, that is until Xavier opens the door all the way to see inside.

I feel as if my undead vampire heart stops beating.

A familiar female I thought was long lost and dead is holding my father’s unconscious body.

I can’t believe she is back.

All this time we thought she was dead.

Before my very eyes was Queen Xeria.

Jennifer’s POV

Ross, Claudia and I relax while continuing to watch the news on the television. Claudia chats away to Ross while I pretend like everything is normal and okay as I process inside what the fuck just happened when I was alone with Ross just minutes before.

I pretend to admire the research papers lining his walls and the flashing news on the screen as I think.

I knew nothing about fairies. All I knew now was that Ross was one; same goes for Meredith and Eddrick.

My thinking is soon interrupted as Claudia’s phone rings and she digs the phone out of her jean’s pocket – her hand visibly shaking.

“Finally!” she mutters, seeing Johnathan’s name flash up on the screen.

“Answer it!” I urge her to stop hesitating and she grins at me and Ross before answering the call and putting the phone to her ear, standing up and running out the door to speak to him in privacy.

Leaving me alone with Ross temporarily once more.

“Are you for real?” I ask in a hushed whisper, leaning in closer to Ross, curious to see what more he could tell me about a world I knew nothing about.

“Of course I’m for real, princess,” he says with a smirk, turning to face me, leaning back into his arm rest casually, “I forgot to mention – don’t tell anyone what I showed you. As much as I like you and trust you, I’ll kill you if you tell anyone about my secret.”

I pause as I realise he is being very serious about this.

“I’m immortal,” I say slowly, smirking, “You couldn’t kill me if you tried.”

“There are always ways, Jennifer,” he says with a cocky rise of an eyebrow, “I simply told you this sensitive information because my desire is to see peace in this world where we all can live in harmony and I need you alive and winning if I want that to come true.”

“So I assume you are a good fairy,” I say with a grin.

“All fairies enjoy eating human souls, princess, you can’t say I’m a good fairy. This body I am in right now isn’t even mine. My true form you saw, no one has seen for centuries.”

“Oh...” I stand up, stretching, trying to smile and pretend that what he was telling me wasn’t at all shocking or hard to hear, “Well... that’s interesting to know I guess... thank you for sharing your secret. I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”

“Are you off to somewhere?” he asks, looking far too amused by my discomfort I was trying so hard to hide.

He ate human souls...

“Well, I’m thinking I should find Darrius,” I say quietly, “I should tell him that Clyde Rosedale is after me and that Eddrick is most likely behind the witch hunt to get me back so he can kill me.”

“Yes, good idea. Mortals have always amused me, you know. You always rely on eachvother for help. Fairies tend to rely on no one but themselves. Individual belief is the way to go, and trust in others is impossible in a world where everyone is fully focused on their own yearnings.”

“Unless you share the exact same yearning with someone else,” I mention.

“Yes, that is a type of fairy romance,” he says with a grin, “Good luck Jennifer. Don’t ask me how but I got a feeling something just happened to the prince vampires – maybe go find them quickly to find out what happened.”

“How did you – never mind,” I shake my head, laughing nervously. I decide not to question a fairy’s way too much.

I leave Ross’s room and shut the door to see Claudia across the hallway, a look of shock on her face as she hangs up from the call she has just finished with Johnathan.

“Did it really go that bad?” I ask, worried for her. She shakes her head, a look of awe on her face. She shakes herself out of it and quickly leans forward, grabbing my arm.

“Let’s go right now,” she says, “To the throne room – I need to see this for myself.”

“What the hell is going on?” I ask as she drags me with her.

“Johnathan just walked in on Darrius and Xavier with the king and the queen, walking into the throne room to announce her return,” Claudia says this so quickly that I can’t understand the words that have just spilled forth from her mouth.

“Wait, what did you just say?” I ask, understanding slowly settling in.

“The queen is back, Jennifer,” she says, looking at me with worried eyes, “She’s back and she’s meant to be dead.”

“The Queen... Darrius’ mother?”

No way!

“Yes,” Claudia nods, “John and Xavier’s mother too, don’t forget! This is impossible.”

“Clearly!” I say, “I’m so confused!”

“So am I, don’t worry. We’ll find out soon enough what the hell is happening!”

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