Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 29

Jennifer’s POV

We walk down relatively normal looking corridors, and I vaguely wonder if I’m being paranoid about the danger that I believe is presented to me by this place. After all, I didn’t even know what they really wanted, whoever ‘they’ were, and why they were paying twenty million for my capture.

“What are you going to do with twenty million?” I ask Jay, curious and nervous at the same time.

“Five million is my share,” he corrects with a smile, and pauses when he glances at me and inspects my eyes thoroughly. I don’t know what he is debating but he eventually says, “I’m going to get a ticket out of this town and get a job somewhere far away, maybe I’ll head to some tropical islands and get a small job.”

“Oh? Five million to become a waiter on a tropical Island, huh? Sounds like your aspirations about life are lacking,” I say humorously.

“What are your aspirations?” he asks me, “Not that you have much say in what happens to you,” he says this part seriously, “Sucks for you that you are the main component of a prophecy. You were born terribly unlucky in my own opinion.”

“Yeah... I don’t know how many times I’ve been kidnapped recently, god knows who’ll catch me next,” I say, “At least these people are the government, they shouldn’t hurt me... I hope.”

“I’m sure they’ll use you for their own ends, and then hopefully let you go, for your sake,” he says.

“Or you could let me go,” I add in, narrowing my eyes at him and he just chuckles.

“Five million is too good to pass up, babe,” he lets out a fluttery sigh as he seems to retreat into himself, thinking about the future. I catch my breath at the endearment, I don’t even think he realized what he called me until his eyes come back into focus and he quickly looks at me to catch my reaction as he continues to lead me down the long halls.

“I don’t think you should call me babe, Jay,” I accuse, a bit playfully, trying to get onto his good side. Maybe if I sucked up to him, he would feel too guilty about what he was taking part in, “I’m taken by another version of you,” I joke and he grins.

“I’ve always hated the fact I was born to look just like that dickhead prince,” he replies and I can’t help but blush at the sudden insult to Darrius. I bite my tongue and try not to laugh, “He has good taste in women though, that’s for sure,” he trails off a bit and this time I blush because of the compliment, “Overseas I guess I’ll have to find a pretty girl like you, hmmm... here we are.”

I had been so caught up in the conversation I didn’t even realise that we had come to a slow stop outside a huge set of thick metal doors with a complicated lock and entry keypad on the side.

I watch him as he reaches over to put in the pin, he doesn’t hide his hand as he punches in the numbers, 9, 7, 2, 5, 3.

I quickly dart my eyes away, replaying the lock number over and over again in my head so I don’t forget. 9, 7, 2, 5, 3... 9, 7, 2, 5,3.

Hopefully he didn’t catch me looking at the password.

“Mmmm, maybe that’ll help you if you need it,” he mutters quietly to himself. I look at him in shock for a second... did he just help me? On purpose?

I am correct, because he gives me a wink.

“Follow me, Jennifer,” he continues, walking through the huge metal doors that slide open quickly. I follow hesitantly. I go silent, not sure what to say anymore, “I guess this is the last time I’ll see you,” he says as he leads me down a cold white tiled corridor. All the doors are closed with complicated locks and are labelled ‘lab room’ or ‘restricted access’. He walks me down to two huge sliding doors that are already open and he leads me into an enormous modern science lab. I see about ten scientists running around writing notes and labelling bottles.

I hold my breath and keep down the urge to throw up at the antiseptic smell combined with what I see at the end of the lab.


Small ones.

And inside?

Starved, pale, thin bodies of supernatural creatures. I know this because each cage is labelled ‘vampire’ ‘werewolf’ or ‘witch’.

I don’t get too much time to focus on that disgusting sight of poor innocent people locked up in tiny cages. Because everyone in the room goes silent as they see me and Jay enter and halt in the entrance. I nervously grab my elbow with one hand and look to Jay to see his eyes also locked on the cages, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“We didn’t tell you to come in here,” One woman steps forward, looking pissed off with narrowed squinty eyes piercing Jay with a glare through thin spectacles, “We said to bring the delivery to lab room A, not -”

“All the doors were closed, madam,” Jay snaps, smirking only to piss her off even more, “Here she is, where is the money? I’m collecting it for the team.”

“Your dead team?” She snaps, raising an eyebrow at him.

“What are you talking about?” he snaps back, his voice dropping an octave. As they converse I see a couple of scientists slowly making their way towards me, looking me up and down like I am an animal they are appraising before they decide to cut me up and inspect what I’m made of. I just glare back at them.

“We had you all monitored with the chips in your arms,” she replies, “The rest of your team is dead, approximately three minutes ago. You obviously want the money for yourself... at least you got the job done. Follow me and I’ll transfer the money now into your account. This way.”

I look to Jay who seems a little shell shocked at the news his team was dead. I just think in confusion as to what the hell had happened. Was Caitlin dead too? Had there been some terrible accident?

Or was she the one to kill them?

“Smaller than subject X,” One older man comments near me to his friend, “Less blood to sample from her then, what a shame.”

“Yes, it’s disappointing,” his younger male co-worker replies before giving me a small, emotionless smile and talking to me directly, “Welcome to our lab, Jennifer, we are a small team of scientists dedicated to save the human race from extinction.”

“Nice to meet you too,” I say sarcastically, taking a step backwards when he comes closer towards me, wanting to inspect me further, “Thanks for kidnapping me here, if you wanted me so badly to help with your plan to save the world, why didn’t you just ask for me to come?” My voice wobbles a bit because I was honestly terrified.

“In order for our operation to go unnoticed, we don’t do things the normal way,” the scientist replies, writing notes onto his note pad he is holding with him as more scientists come to gather around me.

“Oh?” I ask, not sure what to say.

“The more secret we are, the better. We apologize for the way you had to be transported here, Dave,” he turns to the older man, “Set up the chair so we can start sampling her blood.”

“Maybe I don’t want to co-operate?” I snap, trying to move away from all the scientists huddled around me, but I was trapped in the middle of all of them.

“We just bought you for twenty million, it’s not a fair world out there, you’ll soon realise that. Just take comfort in knowing that what we do here, will save millions of lives,” the young man explains before ordering someone to bring over a white robe for me to wear.

“Will you hurt me?” It’s the question I need the answer to.

Except he doesn’t answer, he ignores me and walks over to the chair that the older man is setting up.

“Here is the robe we need you to get into,” a younger girl ushers me away from everyone to a room labelled for toilets, “Get dressed into this in thirty seconds or we’ll have to intervene.”

She pretty much pushes me into the toilets and closes the door for me.

Shaking, I struggle to get the job done in such a short time span. I only manage to shuck on the white robe as the door is swung back open and people usher me out again.

“Thank you for co-operating, if you made it difficult for us, we’d have to drug you,” the girl explains, emotion free and cold to the point that I wonder if all these people had souls or not.

“Umm...” I don’t know what to say but I see the woman scientist with the spectacles, leading Jay out of the lab room. He locks eyes with me for a moment.

Then he is gone.

“Hurry up, we need her blood, this is what we have been waiting for,” The guy from before rushes me over while I try not to shake with every movement.

As I’m ushered over to a scary as-fuck chair, which is elongated and vinyl with shackles on the legs and arm rests... I see what it is facing.

The cages with the near-silent supernatural creatures huddled inside.

It was so quiet it was as if they were dead.

But I see one move an elbow and I realise they are definitely all alive.

9, 7, 2, 5, 3.

9, 7, 2, 5, 3.

I repeat it as my mantra.

It might be my only way out of here.

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