Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 30

“My name is Eliza,” the girl from before tells me calmly as they literally strap me down to the chair while other scientists and doctors start grabbing the equipment to drain some of my blood.

“Why the hell is strapping me down necessary?” I ask, too scared to fight back to all the people surrounding me. All I had were words. I couldn’t physically force myself out of this situation without making it worse.

“It is necessary,” Eliza scolds me, despite not looking much older than myself, “Subject X almost killed someone when we didn’t watch her properly.”

“Subject... X? Don’t you mean a person with a soul and not to mention... rights?” I ask quietly to Eliza even though everyone else is listening in. Eliza glances up to over the seat I am now strapped down in as I hear a click and a clack of heeled shoes approaching from behind.

“Don’t bother complaining or talking about ethics in here, Jennifer,” I recognize the voice as belonging to the woman who spoke to Jay and she soon walks around the chair to stand in front of me with her hands on her hips as she looks down her nose at me.

I wince but don’t look as someone sticks a needle into my arm at my elbow... and another doctor jabs my other arm almost at the same time. Almost instantly I feel my blood being leaked out through the thin plastic tubes.

“Who are you?” I ask, my heart still beating too fast – it was consequentially pushing the blood out faster.

“I am Dr. Ann Drysdale,” she says bluntly, “I overheard my colleagues say it once but I’m going to repeat it – you’ve been bought for twenty million, Jennifer. We get to do with you as we please and we have many things we’d love to find out from you. Your body holds many secrets... and all the answers to the future of this world. Consider yourself special,” she gives me a once-over with her eyes and a cold smile before quickly stomping off.

I’m almost overwhelmed at how quickly everyone dissipates off to their own work-station and I’m suddenly left alone, in the quiet besides hushed whispers. I feel myself start to get dizzy as my blood is drained non-stop. Was no one going to monitor how much blood they took?

At least I was immortal.

And they didn’t know that.

I simply sit and stare at the supernatural prisoners in their cages, weak and huddled up. All their eyes are closed. Except for one pair.

A golden set of eyes pierce mine and I stare back, thinking how sad it was that such beautiful eyes were imprisoned.

Exotic eyes.

My heart sinks into my stomach when I recognize who it is. The tanned skin is less recognizable as it’s faded out. His eyes are sunken in and he looks defeated.

Maybe I was hallucinating...

...maybe I just didn’t want to believe who it was.

Prince Rafael.

Claudia had confided in me that she believed Rafael and Jaime had left, in secret to return to their home.

Apparently she had assumed wrong.

I stare back at him, wide-eyed and unblinking.

He shakes his head at me, tears welling up in his eyes before he closes them and seems to instantly drift into an unconscious state, his head lolling to the side and smacking against the cold bars.

And then suddenly I realise who Subject X must be.


I look around, but I don’t see her in any of the cages.

I don’t see her. I can’t find her.

All I can feel is my eyelids getting heavy, and my head slowly rests back, black seeping into the corners of my vision when I try and peer out at the bright white ceiling.

I was going to pass out and there was nothing I could do about it.

It looked like they were going to drain me until I was dry.

Jaime was here, somewhere.

My twin.

9, 7, 2...5...3...

I’d have to find a way out of here...

For all three of us.

That’s if Jaime was still alive.

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