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Part 2 Chapter 31

I wake up drowsily to the sound of soft crying and whimpering. I almost forget where I am, until I recognize the hard chair I was still strapped down to. When I open my eyes I spot the dim unfamiliar ceiling and my eyes travel downwards to see Rafael staring out to the whimpering girl next to me.

I slowly turn my head and my breath halts in my throat as I witness the girl laid out on a table, barely recognizable. There is blood running down from her eye sockets, while there is also blood leaking from her chest. Her hair is pulled back into a tight bun, the hair looks matted that way as if it’s been unwashed and untouched for days.

Jaime was hurt and conscious, in terrible pain. I almost believe we are all alone now because it is so quiet, until I see Eliza walk up next to Jaime quietly, a rag in her hand as she wipes off some of the blood. When I look at Eliza’s expression I try to read what she is thinking but she seems expressionless. Unemotional. I didn’t trust that look, I didn’t know if she was a true psychopath with no empathy or if she was just hiding her emotions too well.

Eliza seems to feel my intense gaze because her eyes slowly flick up and see me staring at her, now awake.

“We aren’t draining your blood anymore, we took enough,” she says, not welcoming me back to the land of the living.

I don’t answer, I just glance at my arms and witness that she is telling the truth. I didn’t have needles in my arms anymore.

I honestly don’t know what to say, all I know is that my twin was seriously injured and no one seemed to care.

Eliza walks out of sight and I hear her start to wheel something over. For some reason all I can imagine is it must be a tray of torture instruments and my heart starts racing, until she comes into sight and I can see a tray full of bags of blood, cartons of milk and some food.

Eliza catches me staring once again, and I glance at Jaime who has quietened down whimpering and is now just breathing fast and rapidly.

“Subject X always recovers quickly on her own from operations,” Eliza explains, “How are you feeling?”

“Like I want to throw up,” I whisper, my voice coming out huskily. I felt extremely dehydrated.

“Really? You’ll get over that quickly enough,” she seems to dismiss me as she turns and starts handing small portions of blood, milk and food around to the supernatural creatures in the cages.

“The one with the gold eyes seems more malnourished then the rest of them,” I point out, hoping she’ll heed my words and maybe, just maybe, give Rafael more blood.

“That’s because he is very resistant,” Eliza continues handing out blood and food while occasionally glancing up at me as she comes back to the tray for more, “No one else is here,” she talks quietly, “I stay here to look after everyone after they all go home.”

“You are so young,” I point out, “Why do you work here?” I ask.

Eliza goes silent and refuses to answer. I take the opportunity to glance at Jaime, who is now looking at me. Her eyes open.

“She is one of them now,” Jaime hisses quietly, “She use to be my friend.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I ask, “...and what did they do to you?”

Jaime goes quiet, swallowing before trying to calm her breaths.

“They cut out a piece of my eye, and a piece of my lung, and they couldn’t be bothered stitching me back up... because they know... how fast I heal. How did they catch you, Jennifer?” Jaime is struggling to get the words out and I can’t even answer her question as I try and process what she just explained.

They had literally cut her open.

Why the hell would anyone do that?

“I was wrongly captured,” Eliza eventually comes back at Jaime, avoiding Jaime’s gaze while looking at me instead, “They thought I was a witch – but I’m just human. They made a mistake.”

“What is it, exactly, that ‘they’ do here? What is Dr. Ann Drysdale trying to achieve with all this?” I ask while looking all around at the cages, Rafael and Jaime.

“This is a research lab,” Eliza explains, like she has explained it like this a thousand times over, “They conduct experiments, they find out new things. Things that can give more knowledge and power to mortals. Otherwise we are inevitably going to be under the threat of extinction. Subject X is the answer – and they are going to find out why your blood acts in the same way as hers.”

“Science can’t explain magic,” I protest, like that should be obvious enough already.

Eliza doesn’t reply, she simply hands out the rest of what’s left on the tray before retreating to the other side of the room.

“What about us?” I ask, we didn’t get any food or water.

“We don’t need any nourishment to stay alive, they already found that out,” Jaime says, “I’m use to a constant state of starvation... you won’t be so used to it. I’m sorry Jennifer.”

Just then the lights are switched on and we all squint at how bright the light is that floods the room.

“No more talking,” Eliza orders from somewhere behind us, further away, “Everyone is about to come in for work and Dr. Ann Drysdale doesn’t like you to communicate with each other. So stay silent, please. Spare yourselves the pain.” I look to see Jaime nod her head at me before closing her eyes in silent acceptance. I notice she hasn’t once looked at Rafael, but his eyes have never left her face. The intense worry and love pouring out of his gaze must be hard to take in when one is so helpless.

We all sit back and stay silent as Eliza had advised. It feels like forever, but probably only ten minutes pass before I hear doors slide open and footsteps start to echo around the room.

“Why isn’t that bench cleared?” I hear the distinct hiss of the female doctor and I know she is talking to Eliza even though I can’t see over my shoulder if I try to look back, “My sister and her husband are making a short-notice visit and I need this to look spotless, fix it.”

“Yes, doctor,” Eliza apologizes before I hear the high heeled click and clack of the doctor getting closer and closer.

As expected she comes around to inspect Jaime and I.

“Awake? Good,” Ann looks us both up and down briefly before looking up, her eyes widening in surprise as she spots something unexpected, “Rose! You’re early... I didn’t expect you both to get here so quickly,” Ann looks down at her watch, “You’re an hour early! I honestly just walked into the lab –”

“I apologize for not notifying you sooner,” the female reply is distant and on the other side of the room but just as I hear it... cold shivers seem to run down my spine.

And something is nagging at the back of my mind, but I can’t pinpoint it.

“I doubt we’ll be too bothersome,” This time I hear a male speak.

“It’s good to see you again as well Clyde,” Dr. Ann Drysdale walks off to greet them and it finally all falls into place in my mind. I felt like Drysdale was a familiar last name and now I remembered why.

Clyde and Rose Drysdale were Caitlin’s parents.

Which meant Caitlin’s aunt must be Dr. Ann Drysdale!

And Eddrick... resided at the Drysdale’s mansion.

My heart starts beating a bit faster as I realize the inevitable consequences of their presence here today.

Once Clyde and Rose confirmed my presence in this lab, Eddrick would know where I was. I was completely defenceless, weak and bound.

If I didn’t get out of here soon, my life would soon be over.

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