Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 33

Jennifer’s POV

“Come this way, I have something to show you –” Dr. Ann Drysdale is cut off by her sister in an instant.

"Yes, show us, that is why we are here!” Rose snaps, and Jaime and I glance at each other, so she can see my wide eyes as quick and hurried footsteps approach. She didn’t understand how much danger I was in.

When Rose and Clyde appear first, rounding the chair to inspect me and Jaime, my stomach rolls and my heart sinks in my chest as if a weight is pressing down upon it. When I stare into Clyde’s eyes first, and then Rose’s... I see nothing but darkness.

“Perfect...” Clyde rolls the word off his tongue in an inhuman manner and I even see Ann give them both a suspicious look.

“I don’t suppose she’ll be needed alive once you harvest her blood?” Rose asks curiously, with a huge grin towards her sister. Dr. Ann Drysdale hesitates and fiddles with a pen in her hand, tapping it against her thigh.

“Dead? She is far more use alive,” Dr. Ann Drysdale says this slowly and clearly, asserting the dominance in her tone, “She was not cheap to attain, as you well know, half the money you funded me with went to hiring that team to catch her... and now all but one of them is dead.”

“Well, of course, yes, she is better alive...” Rose changes her tone and decision completely at Ann’s words. Clyde leans into inspect me further, his eyes staring into my soul. I lock eyes with his, transfixed.

The feeling of death seems to creep up my arms and legs, making my hair stand on end.

I see Eddrick in those eyes and I know he is looking at me... through another body.

“I still need to show you the rest of the lab,” the doctor interrupts our staring competition, irritation evident in her tone.

Clyde abruptly looks away to Ann and nods, right before glancing back at me with a cruel smile on his lips.

As they walk away my heart slows down, I felt safer with each and every step that the Drysdale’s took away from me.

“Well, that wasn’t creepy at all...” Jaime whispers, as she witnessed the whole exchange, looking surprised to be the ignored subject for once.

“The doctor might want to keep me alive, but I don’t have much time,” I mutter, to Jaime and to myself.

How the hell was I going to escape?

Just as I think that I hear a door slam on the other side of the room, and I hear a struggle.

The whole room goes silent and I pray that it is because Darrius has found me and made a dramatic appearance to rescue me.

I almost believe my wish has come true when I hear his voice, but it’s what he says that doesn’t make sense.

“You have an infiltrator,” I swear on my soul it is Darrius, except what the hell was he on about? I try desperately to turn in my seat, to be able to look over my shoulder and what I glance at the entrance after straining my weak neck makes my hands clench.

It wasn’t Darrius, it was Jay.

He was holding Claudia in front of him, her arms behind her back as she was restrained.

I look back to the cages to rest my neck and I meet Rafael’s eyes. I can see that he has noticed Claudia too. He shakes his head at me, solemnly.

No, no, no, this wasn’t happening.

I was meant to be getting rescued, not having more of my friends caught and threatened.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Ann responds, infuriated, storming over to Jay and Claudia. I try to glance over my shoulder again and briefly see Ann roughly grab Claudia’s chin, inspecting her face, “Don’t kill this one, put her in a cage, we can use her blood for the creatures locked up here. Good first day on the job Jay, I made a smart decision hiring you for our security.”

When I hear this I feel intense, uncontrollable anger.

How dare he? I thought when he left me here to collect his money, I saw a hint of sympathy in his eyes.

Instead he needed more money apparently... but what happened to his plan to escape to some tropical island? To paradise?

It isn’t long before he is brought into my vision, dragging Claudia along with him as he takes her to a cage, keys dangling from a belt he is wearing. When Claudia witnesses both Jaime and I, tied down, she gasps.

“Don’t speak a word,” Jay snaps, before Claudia can express her shock in words at finding me.

“I see your arrogance only increased after getting rich,” I snarl, my arms pulling against the restraints to no avail. Jay glances at me and gives me a classic Darrius smirk before shoving Claudia into a cage and locking the door.

When Jay turns around from Claudia he abruptly approaches me, coming so close he grabs my chin and leans in close, to whisper into my ear.

“I’m going to save you,” his breath rushes past my ear and neck as the words fall out of his mouth.

In a split second he has pulled back and walks past.

He is gone.

His hot breath running down my neck moments before sets my hair on end... in a good way... and I feel tears well up in my eyes. He was so much like Darrius it felt like he was actually Darrius right in that moment, but now he was walking away from me.

And it made me realise how much I missed him, how much I needed him. I was terrified I would never see Darrius again, but now I had some hope.

I had a chance at living.

Jay wanted to save me.

I was just curious about if he could pull it off...

...and what he would expect in return.

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