Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 37

Kill the light, kill the darkness.

That was the missing part of the prophecy. The game changer. I chew down on my bacon and eggs while I think about it, Darrius opposite me. I sit on the couch and stuff my face, my legs crossed under me, a white simple dress covering my knees.

Rory had gone to call Meredith over to the palace to ‘have a chat’. I knew now from what he revealed to me that he wanted more than that. He was one power hungry fairy, who didn’t give two shits about his parents apparently. I knew there would be more to the story than that but I honestly didn’t want to think about it. The whole situation was just a tad messed up, if you asked me.

“What a gorgeous eater you are,” Darrius teases me, his hands clasps together, his elbows on his knees as he watches me intently.

“Let me eat in ’eace,” I say with a full mouth, I don’t care about etiquette – I’m starving, “You’re also my husband so get use to it,” my soul lights up when Darrius can’t help but smile. It had been too long since I got to share some banter with him.

“Sometimes I forget you are my wife,” Darrius admits, “Did you know your ring fell off when you were kidnapped?”

I stop eating, about to open my mouth and protest that wasn’t the case, but Darrius interrupts me by reaching into his leather pants pocket and taking out my ring, holding it out for me.

“Where did you get that?” I asked.

“I told you it was in one of the hallways, Rory recovered it and passed it on to me to give back to you,” Darrius gives me a funny smirk when he sees my shocked expression, “What’s that look on your face, sweetheart?”

“Absolutely nothing,” I shake my head and continue to eat, while Darrius makes me feel awkward as he intensely stares at me eating, “W-wat are yo goin’ to do bout ’ddrick?” I ask in-between chomps and Darrius just rolls his eyes.

“No idea yet, Jennifer. But Maximus managed to slice off Eddrick’s whole arm, we also managed to kill all those humans keeping you prisoner. Don’t worry, we snapped their necks before cutting their wrists to let the blood flow when we placed them in the ceiling, Maximus took many pictures afterwards and uploaded it onto VampMedia to expose their undercover operation... and to show the world that they’ve been dealt with,” Darrius says this so lightly it’s like he is talking about the weather.

Instead I find it hard to swallow as I remember Eliza.

“Did you kill absolutely everyone? All the humans? Once I blacked out?” I ask, terrified of the answer.

“All humans were disposed of,” Darrius shrugs, “Why should you care?”

“Because they don’t all deserve to have their lives taken from them, some of them – one of them, was kind to me,” I say this feeling numb and shove the plate onto the coffee table. Tears already springing to my eyes.

“Why are you –? Ah, I know who you’re worried about,” Darrius grabs his chin as he thinks back, and he asks, “The girl your age, besides Jaime?”

“Yes!” I blurt out, hoping he says she at least was left unharmed.

“I knew she was helping you,” Darrius nods, “But... before I could even speak to her she stunned me with that taser from that dead security guard – that looked uncannily like me by the way – it was creepy. Anyway, she ran off before I could thank her for helping in the first place,” Darrius notices how relaxed I become afterwards and he laughs out loud.

“Why are you laughing at me?” I snap at him, snatching my ring back from him I take it and shove it on my finger angrily, crossing my arms over my chest, “You and Maximus murdered people!”

“They were torturing innocent people, doing experiments on them, doing experiments on you and Jaime. They deserved to die,” Darrius leans back into his leather couch, spreading his arms along the back he cocks an eyebrow at me and lowers his eye lids, “I’m not impressed, Jennifer. After that huge effort, I expected you to say, ‘Thank you, your highness, for going to all that effort to save me, why don’t I repay you by getting on my knees and pleasing you?’ Well?”

“I think after being drained of all my blood multiple times and having a knife lodged into my back... I think you can please me, Darrius!” I growl at him, refusing to move.

“Hmm, that still doesn’t change the fact that you’re a slave – my slave, sweetheart,” Darrius also refuses to move and I just shrug in response.

“Well I guess that means we both go without being pleased,” I was almost finding it hard to resist, considering how long it had been since he had simply held me. Darrius’ eyes flash and I know he can see it in my strained expression, not relaxed enough for him to believe my bluff.

“I know you’ve been through quite a bit, but I’m not afraid to get out the rope and force you onto your knees if I have to,” Darrius suddenly leans forward and I flinch, totally certain he was going to literally pounce on top of me. Instead his hand snatches my plate.

“W-what?” I ask, confused.

“Shortage of other slaves,” Darrius wiggles his eyebrows at me, “I’m going to return this to the kitchen and be back in a moment.”

“Darrius? back soon,” just as I give into the pressure, the longing, there is a knock at the door.

Darrius growls under his breath in frustration while I sigh, trying not to slap my palm to my forehead. Could I never get a damn break to be alone with my prince?

When Darrius goes to open it, Rory comes in holding a sword, edged with green. My eyes widen at the abrupt and sudden appearance, Rory looked... Intense to say the least.

“Hold this,” Rory shoves it at Darrius, “You’ll need it.” Darrius grabs the sword with his free hand, eyeing it with intrigue.

“Where did you get this and why do I need it?” Darrius asks curiously.

“Who is the darkest prominent figure in everyone’s lives?” Rory asks and Darrius answers the obvious response.


“Meredith will be here soon to advise Jennifer of the prophecy on her back, you’re going to kill the light to kill the darkness, okay?” Despite Rory’s vague order, Darrius nods, literally throwing the plate of leftover breakfast across the room carelessly. The shattered plate makes me gasp, glaring at him and the mess.

“What the hell, Darrius!” at the sound of my voice, Darrius turns to face me, a green glint in his eye.

“Jennifer?” Darrius asks me, confused, just as I see Rory seem to disappear in a flash of green light. That light floods into Darrius’ body, it seems to merge with him.

Darrius’ skin starts to glow a faint green.

I go silent. A deep dread fills me – something... something wasn’t right.

“Darrius?” I whisper, terrified of his response when I could see the look in his eyes.

“I’m sorry Jennifer,” Rory and Darrius’ voices merge together to form a hybrid voice, deep and crackly as they try and sound their voices together.

“Why?” I ask, terrified, my limbs felt frozen and heavy. I couldn’t move as Darrius eyes the sword, his green inhumane eyes flickering back and forth from the sword to myself.

“Meredith isn’t ultimate light, she harbours darkness like my father,” Now I know it is definitely not Darrius speaking, but only Rory.

“You’re going to kill me,” I state, the finality of it all setting in.

I’m only shocked that I didn’t see this coming in the first place.

“Mmhmm... I am.”

“Why didn’t you just let Eddrick do the deed? Why were you trying to save me in the first place?”

“Because my father got it wrong, Eddrick got it wrong” he snarls, “Cutting off you head is pointless... to steal your power I need to cut out your heart. And Meredith is going to help me burn it.”

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