Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 38 - The End

Darrius does not kill me straight away, his body still glowing, controlled by Rory. He was waiting for Meredith to arrive. Meredith... who apparently was in league with this whole plan all along.

“If I am inevitably going to die, could I have some answers?” I ask, trying to sound confident – when inside I was dying with fear. Darrius’ eerily bright green skin shines as he stalks his way up and down the room, an agitated jerk in his step like he is harbouring too much energy.

“What do you want to know, sweetheart?” Darrius asks me, halting his steps and looking at me with impatience in his hooded, dangerous eyes, “Do you wish to know why I lied to you? Why I made you believe Meredith and Eddrick were opposites, the ultimate of good and evil? Do you want to know why I saved your life, just so I could cut out your heart?”

“All that but... actually I wanted to know why you gave me back my ring, you passed it onto Darrius... it alerts me of danger by heating up, a defence against people who wish me harm –”

“Since I was young I was engrained with the need to be fair, to say the least,” Rory admits through Darrius’ lips.

“Does saving my life mean you feel I have indebted you with my own, you saved mine, so now you can take it?” I ask, furrowing my eye brows as I try to understand his intentions. Surprisingly he nods.

“Smart girl,” he says, “However my interest forever while in this realm, in this life-time, is my obsession of the prophecy – it is all about the future. It holds the answer to who rules, who has the ultimate power.”

"What is your ultimate desire?” I ask.

“To return to the fairy world, my darling,” Darrius’ body sits on the edge of the bed and I see him squint his eyes shut, like he is having an internal struggle.

“Darrius?” I call out, and his head snaps up, his eyes sparking from blue to green.

“R-...R-Run,” This time Darrius’ voice shines through, overtaking Rory’s. His eyes flash back to green once more, however and he stands back up, beginning to pace once more, swinging the sword before him, straightening his back, a determined resolve on his face.

“You’re having trouble controlling Darrius, aren’t you?” I point out, slowly standing up, wanting to move because my adrenaline was driving me crazy while I sat frozen on the couch in fear.

“Sit down!” Rory screams this at me, and his voice carries. I flinch from the sudden verbal abuse but I glance at the door... someone would have heard that.

I sit back down and Darrius’ hand twitches with the sword.

“Stand back up,” the change in order frightens me, I can feel a vibe change in the air.

“Why?” I ask in a whisper.

“Get on the bed, I’m not cutting out your heart while you sit on a couch. You’re going to lie down – you’ll want to, Jennifer, it’ll be quicker and less painful,” I feel the compulsion in his tone, but oddly it does not affect me the way I know he wants it to.

“Your compulsion doesn’t work on me,” I snap, suddenly getting impatient myself.

It is at that moment that the door swings open and Meredith walks in.

My heart beat skips a beat... this was it.

Her sliver long hair is unbound and her hands free at her sides, her bag swinging on her hips as she enters with a deadly and determined look on her face.

“Mother,” Rory’s voice spills forth from Darrius’ mouth, and Meredith nods in his direction but doesn’t smile.

“Everyone in this palace is half way through turning, it was easy to sneak in,” Meredith glances at me, her expression continually neutral.

As she looks at me, Darrius takes it as his que to suddenly make his way towards me. I lurch to my feet, my ring heating up at his approach. Oddly I run towards Meredith, I don’t know why I choose to, when she was a part of this... but I just do.

I end up standing behind her, putting her in between myself and Rory.

“I don’t want to die,” I tell Meredith, who gives me a cocked eyebrow before facing Darrius.

“It’s too late Jennifer,” Rory’s voice sends chills down my spine, and I watch Meredith reach into her bag, bringing out a knife. My ring, oddly, stays cool on my finger.

“Tie her to the bed,” Meredith speaks numbly, ordering her son what to do.

“No,” I turn to the door, my back to them, I try to escape but it’s locked. Impossibly strong hands grab my arms and I’m dragged backwards. I try to scream but no sound escapes my throat and I find it difficult to breathe.

“Quickly,” Meredith urges Rory on and I have to go through the torture of my loved one over me, forcing me onto the bed, pressing me down, tying me up, preparing me for my gruesome death. I start to cry, and I try to desperately see Darrius through the green eyes, but his midnight blue fails to overpower Rory.

Whatever had happened, Darrius’ soul was silent for the moment.

As I’m restrained on the bed, my wrists and ankles tied to the bed posts, I eventually look past my lost Prince, towards Meredith – and I hold my breath at what I see.

Before my very eyes I see Meredith drop the knife to the floor, while with her free hand she reaches into her bag and she takes out a vial that contained a red substance.

The vile looked familiar... it was one of my blood samples taken and stored at the laboratory.

Chanting under her breath, or praying, I wasn’t sure, she closes her eyes as she takes the shot of blood.

The effects are almost instant.

Her skin starts bubbling with red sores, oozing liquid as her body literally disintegrates before my very eyes. The last of her almost-melting process I do not see, because my vision goes black and it is filled with two glowing figures.

Rory’s fairy self fills my vision, no longer in Darrius’ body, I was staring at his soul... while Meredith’s grey ghost is hovering above us.

I concocted the prophecy for peaceful purposes, and peaceful it will remain. Alabaster... she directs this to Rory, tears in her eyes, that must be his real name, you continue to swing between good and evil intentions and your obsession with the prophecy has made you obsessed with power like your father.

What have you done? Rory snarls at Meredith, who just shakes her head at him. He loses patience and he then turns to me and reaches out to try to grab me but his hands float right through me.

She is not here; she is protected in the other world – her origin world where she belongs. She harbours the light of Earth inside her. She needs to remain on Earth to protect her fellow spirits. Meredith explains this more to me than she does for Alabaster. The look of disgust she throws his way says it all.

Her eyes contained only one emotion – disappointment.

Why are you protecting humans? Alabaster yells at her, and she simply ignores him and smiles at me.

Even I, when I made the prophecy, was not fully aware of how it would play out everyone’s destinies. When you called me, Alabaster, and you told me the last line was to kill the light to kill the darkness – I told you it was Jennifer to see how you would react, to find out the true desires of my son. However, I knew as soon as you told me that it was I that had to die to restore balance.

So what Rory – ah, Alabaster, had said from the beginning was right all along.

But you cannot die, it is impossible, Rory growls, overwhelmed with emotions. I see his eyes even begin to tear up, You told me that if we took her heart we would have complete power over Earth – we could rule it how we see fit.

They were lies to see your true intentions, to see what option you would take, Meredith shakes her head once more, I can not hold this link for too much longer, it will fade... Jennifer when you awaken... Make sure you tell the world your Earth realm is now obliterated of fairies.

But so many people don’t want to turn back to their human state, and I don’t want you to die, you’ve been good to me all along! I complain, hardly seeing how this was fair, how any of it was fair.

Why did Meredith have to die?

You want your friends to remain vampires? Meredith asks me, a new curiosity in her tone, The only way that can happen is for the fairy realm to stay connected to Earth realm. I see the pain in your eyes about this decision... Meredith sighs, and her ghostly form flickers as she thinks, before her gaze rests on me once more, would you like to make a deal?

When I wake up I feel weightless and unburdened by the feelings of hunger, drowsiness or confusion. When I sit up from my bed I see that my fingers are bedazzled with emerald green rings, and I have a heavy, yet thin silver chain on my neck with a blue jewel on the end.

When I look at my skin it sparkles, like glitter.

“I didn’t realise she’d go this far...” I mutter to myself, remembering the conversation – the deal the Queen Fairy and I made together.

Power for burden, want for weight, that’s how she described the deal. Because... in other word’s I’d literally have the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain in a bit.

I stand up, feeling weightless despite it all. I find myself dressed in a nice translucent, sexy, nightgown and when I run to the nearest mirror I find myself staring at slightly swollen lips.

I see myself looking... like a fairy human hybrid.

I grin.

This was mega cool.

The coolest thing that happened to me yet! Finally, my life seemed to be turning around for the better. My ears pick up on the sound of a closing shower door and feet shuffling in the bathroom. I turn to see Darrius peaking at me from around the door frame.

“Wow,” he says, “I was almost afraid to look, I thought I was hallucinating that you woke up...” I give him a funny look and laugh when I see his leather pants. Vampire? Yep. He was still definitely a vampire.

“How long was I out for? And why are my lips all swollen?” I give him a suspicious look and he actually smirks with a tad of guilt in his eyes.

“I’ve been trying to kiss you awake for the past two weeks, darling,” he steps out of the bathroom completely, his hands in his pockets, his hair wet and messy as he slowly approaches me, his eyes running all over my shiny new body and precious jewels.

“Do you have any idea why I’m like this?” I ask him, and he rolls his eyes.

“I have every idea, darling, I’ve read the words on your back – there is no more prophecy. Just a slight reminder of who is the ‘Holder of Destinies’ – which of course I assumed to be you... since you now look like a glittering doll, and of course the words on your back.”

I gape at him, trying not to feel offended that he finds my appearance laughable. I look over my shoulder anyway and see that he is right, there is now more writing on my back, like a big tattoo.

“You should be more grateful, slave Darrius,” I say, looking from over my shoulder back to my Prince, “I’m the reason you are a vampire right now. Until the moment I die, supernatural creatures will keep their abilities. Meredith linked me to the fairy world, so that you can all stay as you are,” I cross my arms over my chest, slowly grinning as I wipe the smile off his face, “What, can’t handle all the power I now have?”

“No, no, no, I don’t think I appreciate the degradation, you think I’m your slave now?” Darrius asks me, pointing from his chest to my glittery one.

“Damn right I do,” I twirl around, “How could you not worship something as gorgeous as me?”

Well, I don’t know where the hell my boost of confidence came from – maybe because I looked like a freaking goddess?

“I know two things,” Darrius crosses his arms over his chest, gazing at me through under his hooded lashes, “I’m indebted to you for saving the world from Eddrick’s power crazy plans of domination, I’m also sure about Maximus’ reaction when I show you to him. So are you ready for me to drag you around the palace, to get everyone’s reaction?”

“I sure am,” I flutter my eyelids... and notice even my eye lashes sparkle.

Damn, this was a good outcome.

Darrius comes over and holds out his arm for me to take hold of.

“So why don’t you tell me the catch?” Darrius asks.

“What catch?” I pretend to not know what he is talking about...

“Don’t lie to me, Jennifer, I can already see in your eyes that you know what the other half of the deal entailed. What did you have to sacrifice to make this deal work?” The way Darrius asks it, it’s like he knows the answer already.

“I don’t want to tell you,” I mutter and he starts walking to the bedroom door.

“You’re going to tell me or I’ll drag you around the palace in that translucent robe you’ve got on,” Darrius threatens all too eagerly. When I try to pull away from him, I can’t and I start to panic as we get closer to the bedroom door.

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you,” I sigh, digging the heel of my foot into his and trying to shove him away from me, but in response he grabs me around the waist, pulling me in close so I can’t get away.

“Tell me,” he orders quietly, and I reluctantly look up into his eyes. Our noses touch.

“Well... supernatural creatures will now all have instincts to surrender to me. To follow me and worship me – because my life is their protection. Except there is one supernatural creature – immune to all my, uh, influences. That person is my weakness. Meredith told me, whoever I chose to be my weakness, would have the ability to resist my authority – stop smiling and let me finish,” I growl at him, “Can I finish without you laughing at me, please?”

“Mmmhmm,” Darrius purses his lips, trying very hard not to laugh mockingly down at me, far too pleased with what I have to say, “Go on, darling. Why don’t you tell me why she added that detail to the deal you two made?”

“For balance, no one can have indefinite power,” I shrug, “And the deal ultimately ends at my death.”

“So it’s official,” Darrius grabs my waist and lifts me up until I have to put my hands on his shoulders and glare down at his over the top enthusiasm.

“What’s official? You don’t have to seem so pleased that you can resist my new powers when no one else can,” I growl at him, trying to stay mad at him – which was a little hard when he was so happy.

“I’ll be as damned pleased as I like, sweetheart,” Darrius puts me down, leaning into kiss me lightly on the lips, “You and I are king and queen of the world, darling. We’re going to rule the world together. You at my side – or at my feet... whatever I choose.”

I roll my eyes.

“You’re a prick, as usual,” I state it with a grin.

For once, Darrius being a prick and simply being in front of me, was a welcome change to death threats and constant kidnappings.

I sigh, happy to be in his arms once more despite his constant arrogance.


All I had to worry about was how to deal with Darrius’ attitude.

I mean... if I had survived this long dealing with him since the moment he first kidnapped me, I could deal with him for the rest of eternity, right?

When I look up into his deep midnight blue eyes to search for the answer I see the love shining in them, and I feel my heart respond with a slight flutter.

“I love you, Darrius,” I blurt out, “And despite how irritating you are I’m excited to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Right back at you, sweetheart,” Darrius picks me up around the waist again, pulling me in for a long, deep kiss and I automatically wrap my legs around his middle.

Everything in my life finally felt at ease, at peace.

And in Darrius’ protective, loving embrace, I doubted we’d be taking a tour of the palace anytime soon.

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