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Excerpt from Prem-Vaani

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Prem, a jovial boy meets his imperfect match 'Vaani' but this imperfect match becomes his love. This love story was destined to end with misery...

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Chapter 1


I remember the day. It was August 30, 2007. I remember this just because I had maintained a personal diary since the beginning.

It was raining outside and the last bell was about to ring. My ears were eager to hear the bell ring. I just wanted to fly away home as I couldn’t bear the pain of History anymore.

Suddenly that sound came to my ears and I rejoiced the moment. The teacher left and now we had to wait for our class teacher to release us. Soon our class teacher arrived and released us. I had my umbrella. I took it out and went downstairs.

Soon the rain stopped and I furled the umbrella and was carrying the wet thing in my hand.

Suddenly my eyes fell upon a girl, talking to her spectacled friend. Her beauty had cast a spell over me. I was not able to roll my eyeballs away from her face. She belonged to another section. I wanted to go to her and talk. I was finding a way out to go to her.

Soon one of my classmates named Nidhi joined her. I got a nice opportunity. I went to Nidhi, in order to have some chat with that girl.

“Hey, Nidhi, did we get some homework in History?” I asked my classmate.

“No,” She replied.

“Don’t you pay attention in the class?” The spectacled girl asked me, that too in a rude tone. She looked quite arrogant.

I was not able to reply.

She continued, “What do you do in the class? Do you just sit to kill time?”

I was just looking at the face of that beautiful girl for whom I ended up being insulted. I couldn’t say anything to that arrogant girl.

“Come on, Vaani, sometimes people forget about the instructions.” That beautiful girl said.

“Alright see you later,” I said to Nidhi and I left from there.

“How can people be so forgetful.” That spectacled girl commented as I was leaving.

I turned and gave her an angry look but she didn’t look at me. I ran out from there.

The next day when I asked Nidhi about that arrogant girl, I got to learn that, that girl named Vaani was the class topper in her section. Then I came to know why she was so arrogant.

I wanted to put her arrogance down then. For a few days, I forgot the incident as I was busy with my friends and mischiefs.

Then one fine day, when I was waiting back with few of my friends for a musical event, I saw her. She was again with that beautiful girl. My eyes were looking at that spectacled girl with anger.

I and my friends were sitting on the stairs of the stage that we had just in front of our first block. And those two girls were standing near the entrance of the first block. It was a distance of nearly a hundred meters.

I gave her an angry look. My friends asked me why was I looking so angry. And I told them what had happened. They told me to chill and not to give a damn to such arrogant girls.

I don’t know what happened but suddenly those two girls came to us. Maybe they were attracted by our guitars.

“Hello,” The beautiful girl said to me.

“Hi,” I said.

“Do you play guitar?” That arrogant girl asked.

I had this chance so I did full justice. I said in a funny tone, “What do you think, Will I study Physics by holding a guitar?”

My friends giggled at this. That spectacled girl scowled, so my revenge was quite a bit completed but it didn’t wipe out her arrogance.

I wanted to do something more in order to kill that arrogance in her.

“Are you participating in Swara ?” That beautiful girl asked.

“Yes,” I said. Swara was nothing but the name of the musical event that was being organized in the city.

“I forgot one thing…” I said. “What is your name?” I directly came to the point.

Before the beautiful girl could say something, her arrogant friend jumped in.

“What will you do by knowing her name?” The spectacled girl asked.

“Are you her personal assistant?” I asked, and at this, she knitted her eyebrows. I continued, “If not then why do you have to poke your nose in it?”

“Dhvani,” that beautiful girl said in a sweet tone. “My name is Dhvani.”

“I am Prem,” I said. Saying this I introduced my friends to her.

“She is Vaani,” Dhvani introduced her friend.

“Nice meeting you,” I said, Vaani gave a false smile. “I wish I could have said this.” I made fun of her.

She was too angry now, she understood that I avenged for that day.

“Alright, I have to leave now,” Vaani said to Dhvani and she left.

As soon as she left, Dhvani continued.

“So can you sing the song now?” She urged.

“Yeah,” I retorted.

My companions started strumming the strings giving out the melodious background touch and I started singing.

Seeing her face I could know that she was enjoying it.

As I stopped she complimented, “Melodious! It was amazing!”

“Thanks.” We all said.

“So bye, I too have to leave now.” Saying this she left.

I liked her, as she was going away from I wished I could again sing a song in front of her.

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