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"You dont deserve to speak to them. You dont deserve to help them. I no longer need anything from you. Sunghoon, stay away from me and my family." Kennia Walkins or Park Ji-Eun? As if she has the right to feel comfortable in either of them, Ji-Eun was too sweet, too nice, and too different. Kennia Walkins though she wasn't as different she still wasnt who she was supposed to be. She only felt herself with one person. Yet, he truly like everyone else only saw a black girl.

Romance / Humor
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“She’s so different.”

“Who let her outside like that?”

“Has she tried any flat iron so much friz.”

“That colors too dark.”

“I heard people like her are wild in bed.”

“I bet you she has nothing but grease every where.”

“Such expensive jewelry! Did she rob someone.”

“Wait? She did cheerleading? I thought she did basket ball!”

“She must love watermelon this time of year.”

“Hey.... why do they keep talking about the new girl?”

“You didn’t hear? She’s black.”

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