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What would you do if at the age of sixteen you discovered that you are the only one who can save the world? In this world, there are a secret set of people called 'blue blood', they are born with powers. Jasmine is a girl born with the destiny to destroy or save the world. Since she was young her family have been moving from one place to another. Her parents keep a very dark secret from her, trying to save her, but how long can they keep the secret? In her new school, she meets a mysterious boy, Antonio. He always stay close to her but she doesn't understand. On her sixteenth birthday, everything changed, her powers fully awakes but the darkness is catching up to her. Will she be able to save everyone before it's too late? Will she discover all the secrets hidden from her? This story is an original story written by me. Plagiarism is not allowed.

Romance / Fantasy
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Thunder ⚡

Heavy rain falling


Heavy breathing

"I can feel your fear_". The eerie voice called out after her.

"You can run all you want but you can't hide from me--".

A woman with black hair ran swiftly and hid behind a door in an empty hallway. She stood there shaking, already hitting a dead end. The footstep kept coming. She could hear them echoing in the empty hallway, accompanied with the laughter, torturing her. She stood there helpless. Her eyes as dark as the night searching everywhere for an escape. She could feel his presence very close to her. As hope fled, she felt a hand cover her mouth.

"Shh! Don't scream, I'll get you out of here".

She nodded. A white light encircles then engulfs them but before they disappeared, she heard an evil laugh sending chills down her spine.

"You can escape but I'll always find you___".


Twenty years later

Jasmine's mother implored them to get going. "James! Jasmine! Hurry up let's go! We are gonna miss our flight if you guys keep delaying!"

Jasmine sighed. She looked at her eighteen-year-old brother and frowned, believing the move was somehow his fault. The dickhead was always teasing her. But now she was almost sixteen and could better stand up for herself.
Her family was always moving, it seemed. And for no apparent reason, at least to her. Her dad says that change is constant. Sadly, she had grown used to it.
She had hoped this place would be different. They lasted three years and she longed for the possibility they may actually settle down. But it was not meant to be.
Sometimes it feels like something deep inside is pulling her, trying desperately to escape, and it's getting stronger as her sixteenth birthday is fast approaching. Jasmine never told her family. She knows her family is different from the rest and that is especially true for her.

"James go get your sister!" Her mother shouted.

Jasmine was determined to say her final goodbye to the house. "I'm gonna miss you". She whispered.

"Yo Jassy, let's go already" . Her brother said interrupting her thoughts. "it's not like you have anything to miss here". James laughed.

'Guess my peace is over now', she mumbled to herself.

"James! Jasmine! Your dad and I are heading out to the airport to get the luggage checked . Please hurry! We can't miss our flight!".

Jasmine gritted her teeth angrily, 'Great leave me alone with this dickhead', she mumbled to herself, still confused as to why they had to take both car to the airport.

"Guess it's just me and you Jassy. If you are through moping let's go". He headed towards the car, not forgetting to mess up my hair before leaving. I stood there glaring fiercely at him before turning my back to the house.

"Goodbye". I whispered.

"Get your ass in the car let's go already or mom is gonna kill me". He said as he got into the car, then blowing the horn fiercely and loudly. I sighed before walking away from our house headed towards the car.

"Jasmine wait!" a boy with brown hair ran and stopped in front of her. She recognised him as their next door neighbour, Brouno. She vaguely remembered that they had been lab partners the past year.

"Jasmine", he said trying to catch his breath. "I couldn't let you leave without saying goodbye".
Oh, oh, please don't make a scene, Jasmine thought to herself.

Brouno stared into her incredible violet eyes for a moment. Then reached into his pocket. "Here". He said, throwing a gift wrapped box into the open car window. "I want you to have it.

"I'm sorry Brouno, but I can't take your gift, I just don't like you in that way and don't want to mislead you. I hope you meet a girl who likes you back". She said and smiled sadly.

"I know but just take it". He gave her the gift.

Too late. Her fears were realized. Jasmine knew she had to do something quickly. "If you insist, then thanks". She smiled taking the box before walking away and getting into the car.
Brouno watched her as she bought her head and hand out of the car and waved. She could tell how upset he was from the tears and his dropping shoulder. He quickly faded into the distance as the car drove away.

"Goodbye my first love". He whispered smiling sadly.

"Well, well, well, look who got a secret boyfriend and never told me, I'm so hurt". Jason said as they pulled up to a stop sign. He put his hand over his heart pretending to be hurt.

"Shut up and drive, he is not my boyfriend". She said angrily glaring at him. But she knew she had not heard the last of his teasing.

"Okay, whatever you need to say to help you sleep at night". Jason smiled slyly and winked at me before driving off. I glared angrily at him and decided to just ignore him.


"Hurry up! What took you guys so long?" Her mother, Eleanor asked as they ran to them.

"Sorry mom, little Jassy was saying goodbye to her boyfriend". James said winking at Jasmine.

"I was not!!" Jasmine glared at him.

"Enough of your bickering, your dad is checking us in let's go". Eleanor walked off. James smiled smugly at Jasmine before following her.


Jasmine smiled as she fastened her seat belt. At least she did not have to sit next to James and hear his constant teasing. Instead, she was next to a girl about her age.

"Hi I'm Audrey". The girl said. She had fair skin dyed blue hair and blue eyes. "Guess you are my seat mate". She smiled sweetly.

"I'm Jasmine". Jasmine said returning her smile.

"Nice to meet you Jasmine". She sat down and buckled her seat belt, "Nice eye lens, it's a rare colour".-

"It's my real eye colour". Jasmine replied as she dug her favourite book out of her backpack and opened it up.

"Really! That's so cool". Audrey smiled looking at her, "Wow.. Look at that guy with blond hair, he is so handsome..right?"

"Not really". Jasmine replied, without looking up. She knew who Audrey was referring to.

"What do you mean? Check him out, he looks like a Greek god". Audrey held her hand excitedly.

"He is my brother". Jasmine replied unesthusiastically and continued reading her book.

"Really! Can you introduce me to him?"

"Not interested, You can do it yourself".

"Why? Can't you help me?" Audrey looked at her pouting.

"Please can you keep your voice down? Besides he already has a girlfriend".

"Oh! That's sad, guess it's my bad luck". Audrey smiled sadly. "What are you reading?"

"Paranoid by Lisa Jackson".

"Are you a fan too?" Audrey asked excitedly.

"Yes, I have most of her books".

"Do you happen to have another one here with you?"

"Yes". Jasmine replied without enthusiasm.

"Which one do you have?"

"Vintage death".

"Whoa I haven't read that one, may I borrow it?"

"No problem". 'anything to shut you up', Jasmine thought to herself. She opened her bag and handed her the book.

"Thanks, jasmine". Audrey happily took the book and started reading excitedly.

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