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Flora price—a girl who had everything she ever dreamed of until a mysterious man entered in her perfect life and claimed her as his wife. ~Glimpse~ "What do you think you were doing?" He fumed in anger, "How dare you to roaming around in nothing but a bathrobe." "Who are you told me what I should wear or what I not?" I fumed back. "If I want to walk in streets in bikini then I will." "Don't You fucking dare!" He shouted at me. I could see the anger building up under his skin. "I am your husband. If I want you to wear these dresses then you fucking will." "And about bikini," he said in a husky voice with a smirk on his face, "if you're that eager to wear it then you can. But in a room with only two persons-You And Me!" "You bastard!" I yelled pushing his hard chest forcefully but he didn't even flinch, "You have no control over me." Slowly, he lowered his head until his lips were few inches apart from mine. There was a hint of smug self-satisfaction in his voice as he said, "Are you forgetting that I was the one who made you come last night."

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Sacrifice for everything I love

"Will you say something or going to sit like this all day?" I nagged my brother as I smelled something suspicious about his behaviour because he had been sitting on the couch from past an hour, face covered with his hands.

"Bract?" I asked again and when he didn't reply I throw a pillow over him. "Bract! what's the matter?"

Rubbing his face in frustration, he finally responded, "It's Natalie. She isn't responding my calls and messages."

Again same drama.

Shaking my head in disbelief, I continued reading chasing red where I'd left it earlier because of my brother's unbearable behaviour. Well, I had been getting used to it, because it happens everyday. Same drama but different girls.

"What?" He narrowed his eyes when he realised I wasn't interested in the shits he had done. "You're not gonna ask what happened this time?"

"Nope!" I said, emphasising the 'p'

"Dude, you should atleast give me some sympathy." He pouted. Meanwhile, I was deeply reading a part where veronica and caleb goes to their first date and wears same shirts with a lock and a heart on it. How cute.

"Flora?" Suddenly, he snatched the tablet away from me.

"What the hell is your problem?" I snapped while trying to take my tablet back. I don't like when someone disturb me while I'm reading. Specially when your brother want to talk about his girlfriends shits.

He gave the tablet back to me and sighed, "I want to talk."

I rolled my eyes at him as I took my tablet back, "Bark!" I said. Making himself comfortable, he sank into the couch next to me.

He began, "Natalie isn't responding my calls."

Okay that's not new.

"Something bad happened." He croaked.


Distressed, He rubbed his face for a moment before continuing, "She...She saw me with Britney."

"What's wrong about this." I stated, "She's your friend and you guys hangout sometime." Britney was one of his friend since they were in same high school. Well, I didn't know about his friends that much, but little bit I know that this Britney was a complete bitch as one day at a party that Bract had threw at our home when mom and dad was out of town, she purposely spilled her drink on my favourite top.

"Dude-" he let out a humourless chuckle, "she saw me when I was fucking Britney at her backyard."

At first I had a doubt but now I was damn sure that my brother was an asshole. Seriously, who fuck his friend when he had a girlfriend.

"I thought she was your friend." I assumed in disgust with my little brother's shit.

"Yeah she still is but I like Natalie." He groaned in frustration running his hands through hair.

"Then stay away from Britney." I suggested. I couldn't believe I was giving advice to my brother when he had done wrong things. If Noah did something like this, I'd chop the head off from his body and throw it to the crows.

Noah is my boyfriend and we met in our first year of college. He was from MBA campus while I was from English literature, but we always found some ways to spend some time with each other.

He blinked for awhile before shaking his head and said, "I can't do this."

"Why? What's a problem in this if you like Natalie?" I questioned, putting a pillow onto my lap as I finally found something interesting.

"Dude-" He let out a chuckle and a corner of his mouth turned up, that was giving me a dirty look, "She gives the best blow job in the world."

"Eww Gross." I crinkled my nose. "You make it sounds like Herfy's Burgers."

"And you sound like you've never had a bj." He mocked, pinching my nose.

And then my face turned into fifty shades of red.

He is my brother and he's talking dirty with me. Asshole.

"If you want something from me-" I suggested as I got up, "then take an advice. You need a doctor!"

"Why would I need I doctor when I've a dick bigger than your boyfriend."

I gasped. Grabbing a pillow from the couch, I smacked it on Bract. He laughed. But that didn't make me cease hitting him.

"Okay! Okay! You won." He breathed, raising his hands in surrender. Running out of energy, I sank back into couch and bent my head on his shoulder. While he gave a soft smack on my head.

"My little asshole brother who loved by everyone."

"My bigger sweet sister who.....have never had a bj." I lightly smacked his chest that made him laugh.

We were making jokes on each other and laughing on our insanity when a sound of shattering glasses ecoed throughout the mansion. We blinked at each other for awhile in panic. And then Suddenly alarmed from the realisation that the sound had come from dad's study room, we ran toward his study and rushed in.

My eyes widened and body stood still as I saw the horrifying and ghastly sight in front of me. I felt Bract's body tensed up behind me.

Everything was scattered over the floor. Glasses were shattered and papers were all over the floor mirroring an image of menacing storm just passed from here.

And then my eyes caught a glimpse of a man behind table, his hands covering his face. He was distressed and crying.

"Dad!" Bract ran towards the man in panic and I realised the man was my father. What had he done to himself? He wasn't look like my dad anymore.

"Honey, what happened here. I heard som-" Mom froze watching the horrible sight that dad made.

"Phil!" She ran towards dad in panic. While I couldn't because my body had been frozen.

My Heart started beating faster against my chest as dad whispered in broken voice, "I'm sorry."

"What happened phil?" Mom sobbed.

"Dad, tell us who did this?" Bract quizzed in concerned tone.

"I'm sorry." He whispered again while rubbing his eyes in frustration.

"For What you're being sorry, Phil? Who did this to you?"

His eyes drifted to me and then I saw guilt in them. Tears threatened to escape from my eyes as he spoke, "I'm sorry, Flora."

"What? Why are being sorry for her, dad? What the fuck have you done? Damn it! tell us." Bract growled in frustration. While I glanced at mom for an answer and tears started shimmering in her eyes.

Dad began in croaked voice,"I'm so sorry. I...I tried my best to save our company from bankruptcy but all went in vain. And then... and then he..he offered me a contract to save the company."

"What did you do, dad?" Bract inquired while running his hands through hair. And a tear that had been threatening to escape just fell down over my cheek.

"I..I thought if I sign the contract, I'd save the company and employees."

"Did you sign? What was in that?" Mom asked as she whipped a tear from her eyes.

"Yes." Dad croaked, rubbing his face.

"What was in that, dad?" Bract asked through gritted teeth.

There was a pause for a moment before he blurted, "He'll buy the company and everything will be same as before, employees and other places. But in exchange-" his puffy and red eyes drifted to me as he said, "He has claimed you as his wife."

And then my world seemed to tear apart as his words ecoed throughout the room. Mom and Bract froze and I found a courage to open my mouth. Swallowing a lump in my throat, I blinked the tears away from my eyes.

"Who is he?" I questioned while whipping the tears away from my face. Crying wasn't going to help in this situation.

Dad gulped before responding, "Roman Hashking."

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A/N:- Actually I was trying to make fangs. Is it looking like the fangs? Well it's not that bad, right.

And yeah, If you like this chapter plz vote and comment so I'll update the next chapter soon.

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