Kisses for a Devil

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"Ms. Sanders?" He said in his deep and sexy voice after scrutinising me from head to toe. "Sir." I gulped loudly, "I'd like to give you blow job." Short introduction of my boss:- He is sexy. He knows it. He is handsome. He knows it. He has fangirls dropping to their knees at the sight of him. He knows it. If he wasn't let's say, a businessman, he could have been a supermodel...and he knows it. It's written all over his face. That overconfident and cheeky smile of him is enough for women to clench their thighs. He is Leonardo Vincenzo-a self made billionaire and most infamous womanizer. Ps- He only dates blondes. Jane Sanders-personal assistant of a playboy billionaire Leonardo Vincenzo. He hardly noticed her as a person. For him, she is a Robot who follows his commands. But all of this boring office life changes when an unexpected event becomes the turning point.

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I don't do mistakes. I date them.

The day when my bra matched with my underwear, I'll really feel like I've my life together.

Although my life looks like a delicious chocolate bar, but when you go close enough you'll realise that it's a fucking poop.

First, I've to cope up with my job as a personal assistant of that devil of a ceo whose dick can't stay in his pants even for a day, and then I've to clean up the mess he creates with paparazzi.

And second, my boyfriend Ryder Winstone- ceo of winstone industry about whom I just found out that he's been ditching me all the time with his multiple faced whores.

"Where is he?" I asked to the receptionist of Winstone hotel who's also happened to be my high school friend. She was the one who's been spying on that bastard.

She glanced sideways carefully before replying, "Room no. 325." I nodded, turned over my heels and found my way to his Kennel.

I'd never believed he could do this to me. We had been dating for almost six months since we met in a business meeting. He was so caring and loving in starting, but then turned out to be a son of a bitch, a trickster who stole my first kiss.

I didn't knock and burst into the room.

"Holy shit!" Ryder, who was riding a horse faced girl jumped off the bed and covered his lower half with a white sheet.

"Ryder? What's wrong baby? Why did you stop?" The horse faced girl quizzed, "You asked me to be your pony and that's what I became." She smacked her own ass and moan, "Come on baby, ride me again."

She's much of a horny pony.

I was about to bark at him, but he stopped me as he grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the room.

"You've mistaken me. It's not what you think. I can explain." He said as soon as he slammed the door behind him.

"I don't make mistakes, I date them." I barked, "And you're a first and biggest mistake of my life."

"I love you, baby. Please don't say such things to me. It hurts."


"Bullshit!" I scoffed. If he says 'I love you'one more time, I'm gonna cut off his tongue and replace his dick with it.

He tried to touch my face with his hand but I instantly jerked it away. "I swear Ryder, If you tried to touch me I'll blow your dick with my lighter."

"You don't smoke." He said.

"Then I'll fucking start." I yelled at him and he flinched clutching the sheets around his torso.

Suddenly, His fake pleading expression turned into a crooked one, and I mentally vomit, feeling a shudder from his appearance. He literally turned into a disney's wicked mother.

"You know why I have been taking these whores into my bed these days?" A crooked smirk spread on his face. "Because you don't let me touch you." My hands turned into fist, and I thanked god for making me a patient woman. Because If weren't, I'd beat that bastard to death and that would be an animal abuse.

"A man in need is a man indeed." He continued, "I didn't force you in any physical relationship because I really like you, but I've to fulfill my need either this way or another. I just want whatever we have to be continued just like it was before."

I was losing my temper. One word from him and there will be a news in all over the world how a girlfriend killed her boyfriend with her heels.

"I've met some pricks in my life, but you my friend, are the fucking cactus." I barked at the last part. "Really Ryder, you want me to continue our relationship after knowing that you're a manhore?"

"I really love you, Jane. That's why I respect your decision for keeping your virginity until your marriage." I rolled my eyes at him. "I'll make you happy, but in exchange you've to let me fulfill my needs through other women until you're not ready."

I gasped. This cocky bastard really wants me to be with him and also wants me to let him shaking around like a manwhore he is, with other women.

"What if I were you?" I snapped, barely keeping my hands to myself. "Will you be with me being aware of the fact that I'm shaking up with another guys?" I can never do that. I just wanted to take a reaction from him.

He let out a humourless chuckle and shook his head, "Oh my sweet little Jane. You can't even kiss me without breaking my nose. How will you shake up with a stranger? You'll probably bite his dick. That's what you can do atleast."

This sweat little chick. He really wants to test my patience.

"You're lucky that you'll never get a chance to be bitten by me since your dick can't even reach upto my heels." I snickered while his jaw clenched. I imaginary patted my shoulder for making this dick shut his mouth.

He let out a wicked laugh before he inhaled deeply, "I'm glad that I'm smart enough who will not let his manhood consumed by your big mouth which always speaks bullshit."

Son of a bitch! How dare he talking about my mouth like this? I know I speak too much. It's my mouth who speaks shits or whatever, and I like that.

"You can't do anything better than speaking bullshits." He mocked, "Can you?"

Crossing my arms against my chest, I sneered, "I was taught to think before I act. So if I punch you, Rest assured I've thought about it and I'm confident in my decision."

"What do I say? Everything that comes out of your mouth is a complete bull–." And then I punched him.

He stumbled back grabbing his red nose while I winced in pain realising that I'd hit him too hard so my knuckles were also hurting.

Despite the fact that his nose was bleeding, he laughed, "A friendly advice–if you wouldn't get control over your tongue, you might die alone."

"Bullshit, and also fuck you!" If every guy is like him then I'm ready to die alone.

The level of my annoyance gets upto the top of the hill when he starts laughing like a villain of 80s. "I was right. You're a church girl who thinks that even a kiss could get you pregnant."

"I don't think like that." I protested instantly. I know a kiss can't get anyone pregnant, but my morals are high and I don't want to give myself to anyone who isn't worthy of it.

"Then show me." He said seriously.

I snarled, "I'll rather chew my shoe than kissing you."

Even Imagining myself kissing him makes me vomit. I curse myself for dating this snake.

"I didn't ask you to kiss me nor I've any intentions." He smirked, "In fact kissing is the easiest part. Why don't you give someone a blow job?"

What the fuck! A blow job? He's challenging me for a blow job?

"S-Someone who?" I stuttered.

"The first person you bumped into."

I barely kissed him on his lips in these six months, even when he was my boyfriend. And now he's challenging me to give any stranger a blow job. I don't even know how that thing between thighs looks like.

I haven't even seen a naked man before.

But I'm not a shy or timid girl who will cry for that bastard. In fact, I'll show him who I really am.

"Are you scared, Princess?" He showed utterly fake concern. "I can understand you know, your morals are so strong that they won't let you accept my challenge. After all, I've been with you for almost six months."

I scoffed, "I'm as scared as the kid in monster inc."

It's just a blow job right? I'm not gonna get pregnant. Most of all, it will be a stranger, and I'll forget about this day next morning.

Neither will you remember the face nor the day.

"Wait and Watch!" With that I turned around. I was taking slow paces and waiting for a moment when someone would open the door and bumped into me.

And then next to two doors, a door opened and an old man stepped out.

Shit. How a day could be that worse?

Please don't come here. Please don't come here.

And then he took a step towards me.

I wish his backbone will break.

Shew! Shew! Go away, uncle.

For the First time in my life I looked behind me, just to see Ryder's smirking face.

And then adrenaline boost up inside me.

I can do it.

As soon as I tilted my head, I bumped into something hard that more felt like a wall except a wall doesn't smell that good.

I stumbled back but a pair of arm snaked around my waist preventing me from falling. I looked up and found a pair of familiar ocean blue eyes.

Please don't recognise me.

Please don't recognise me.

"Ms. Sanders?" He said in his deep and sexy voice after scrutinising me from head to toe.

"Sir." I gulped loudly before I said, "I'd like to give you a blow job."

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