Her Fulani Prince

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What will happen when Haneesa and Ahmaad fall deeply in love but with the disapproval of her strong headed manipulative mother in law? "Anee place your hand here" he said using his index finger to point to his chest and I slowly place my hand there feeling his heartbeat in fast motion.. A mixture of happiness and live with pure ever after. "What do you feel?" He asked "Your heart beating extremely fast" "That's my life with you inside" he smiles sending shivers down my spine. "Without me your heart will still be beating.." I challenge confuse. "But Ahmaad will be nothing but a walking dead. . ." *** *** This is not your predictable story. it's a long journey with Ahmaad and Haneesa as the lead, a journey of love and mushiness, it's spicy and hot and you won't know what will hit you. Keep the tissue close by.

Romance / Drama
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Hey with a prologue


It was the early days of May as the country was in for constant rains for the meantime before summer comes.

The mansion of Alhaji Gorge was deadly quiet as he was in for minutes of thinking about what his daughter had asked of him earlier.

“Princess, I don’t want you to make any decision in haste, you are very dear to daddy and you know I’ve never objected to anything you asked me but what your asking for is too much now” he said after a long decades of silence, she hiccupped breathing in and out before finally speaking up.

“I know daddy, I am sure, I want this marriage” she replied and her father sigh.

This isn’t what he has planned for his princess. Never in his life has he imagined seeing her getting married to a common man from Gombe.

He had only dreamt of her marrying one of the most eligible bachelors in Abuja who their father’s were in touch with him but now this?

“No coming home crying, No regrets, You are going to deal with everything that comes your way like the matured girl that you are. Haneesa I won’t take any childish behaviour from you, better know what you are getting yourself into” he father spoke with authority and finality making her body shake in fear.

Ahmaad’s family can’t be that bad. right?

“Yes daddy”

“Well then, may Allah bless your union.”

If only she knew how his family despises her even before they’ve met her she wouldn’t have agreed to marry the only man who manages to sweep her off her feet, make butterflies float in her stomach and make her cheeks turn into a shade of raspberry. The only one who brings a smile on her face despite her being sad. But what is meant to be will be, she just has to cope there especially when she promise not to run back home.

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