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“You broke the rules, you fucker.” I seethed as I pushed him away from me. He began to laugh as he winked at me, making my heart beat faster. Theodore De Luca. Even the name sends shivers down your spine. Hot as fuck, but he knows it. He has his sights set on the one woman who refuses to entertain his bullshit. Only one problem. She's his best friend, and she doesn't cross boundaries. Theodore smashes them. Advisable to read alone.. for obvious reasons. Cover created using Desygner & Canva by myself., images used from Sharon Christina Rørvik on Unsplash

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“Absolutely not.”

His dark green eyes pleaded with me as he threw a glance over my shoulder, his eyes darting back to mine anxiously as I sighed.

“Please, Han. She’s coming over,”

“This is ridiculous. You need to stop getting involved with bunny boilers—”

“Han, for fuck’s sake. Lecture me later,” he snapped as he positioned his hands on my hips, guiding me towards him as I heard the click of heels behind me.

His mouth crushed against mine as I wrapped my hands around his neck, his body pressed against me as his tongue dived into my mouth.

I stiffened.

This was against the rules, and he fucking knew it. I pulled away, watching as the girl in question stormed away, sending him a look of fury. He wasn’t paying attention, his hands still holding me in place as he smirked.

“You broke the rules, you fucker,” I seethed, shoving him away from me. He laughed as he winked at me, his finger tilting my chin up towards him.

“You loved it, Phillips,”

I scowled at him as I turned away, my eyes quickly scanning the room. I heard him sigh behind me as I leaned over the railing, my eyes taking in the large dance floor below us. His hands wrapped back around my waist as he buried his head in my neck, earning him a swift jab in the ribs.

“Ouch, what the fuck?”

“Theodore De Luca, if you ever touch me again without consent, I will cut your balls off.”

“Oh, yeah?” He challenged me as I turned to face him, the tiny distance between us nowhere near what was currently required.


“Then I just need to get you to say yes,” he smirked as I pointed to the bar.

“We need another drink. Saliva swapping with you was not on my agenda tonight,” I turned to look back to the dance floor, my eyes seeking the boy I had come here for, my all time crush.

“Are you seriously still looking for him when you’re standing with me? I’m so offended.”

I whirled around to meet Theo's eyes as they danced playfully, a smirk on his lips.

“You were friend zoned years ago,” I shrugged, noticing a girl gazing at him as she walked by, unable to tear her eyes away from him.

I mean, the man is physical perfection. His black hair comes from Spanish heritage, his deep green eyes almost neon against his tanned skin. His full lips hid perfect white teeth, whilst his body was full in height and packed plenty of toned muscle. He knew he was hotter than hot, which was the exact reason he was my best friend.

I couldn’t see him in the way everyone else did; not when I saw how long it took him to gel his hair into perfection before stepping out the house.

Or how he treated women.

“Vanilla, nine o’clock,” I said automatically as he turned to follow my gaze, smirking when he saw the blonde freeze in her tracks, like prey being hunted.

“Right. Behave,” he ordered, flashing her a panty dropping smile.

As he walked away, I gazed back down at the dance floor.

“You on your own here baby?“ I heard a voice drawl, so close to my ear I almost socked him one instinctively. I glanced over to see a guy leering at me, sipping beer as he admired my ass openly.

“No, I’m not. Piss off,” I said rudely, beyond the basics of niceties. Undeterred, he came at me again, this time his hand gripping my ass tightly.

“You look lonely to me,” he breathed into my ear as I brought my knee up to his groin, watching as he doubled over in pain.

I was more concerned with the fact he had let go of my ass.

“Keep your fucking hands to yourself. Prick,” I muttered as I walked away.

I was the youngest of four children, and the three above me were not the kind of guys you grew up alongside and didn’t learn how to fight.

“Phillips, what the fuck? I'm gone for two minutes and you’ve made sure that guy can’t be a father in his life.”

Theo was by my side instantly, and I rolled my eyes.

“You’re so dramatic,”

“What did he do, breathe near you?” He quipped as he ran his hand through his hair.

“No, he thought I was a damn pick and mix. Touch what you like, I don’t think so,”

Theo’s eyes narrowed as he nodded over my shoulder.

“There’s lover boy,” he said, leaning against the pillar, texting some girl no doubt.

I followed his gaze to see Connor Hamilton, all dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He was looking stupidly hot in his leather jacket and a thin white t-shirt, his eyes meeting mine briefly before clocking Theo and looking away.

“He thinks I’m with you,” I groaned as Theo chuckled softly.

“Well, you are,” he pointed out smugly, our eyes locking.

“I may not have your IQ, but I'm not that fucking stupid,” I snapped, turning to gaze at Connor.

“Considering you’re not that fucking stupid, why are you eye fucking a quarterback in the year below us when you’ve got everything you want right here?” He pointed at himself and smirked.

“Because, dickwad, I know you. I know every trick in your book, because I helped you write it,” I grinned, moving my gaze back to Connor.

He finally met my eyes, a blush spreading on his cheeks as I exhaled, biting my lip.

“Cute as fuck,” I murmured as Theo groaned beside me.

“I’m not standing here watching you cradle snatch. He wouldn’t even know what to do with you Hannah Montana.”

“Don’t call me that. Anyway, that’s part of the fun,” I said, tilting my head to the side as I watched Connor laugh with his friends.

He was so hot, yet I would put money on him having not fucked many people yet. The only problem was, I was always with Theodore, player of the entire school and desired by all. Everyone thought we were together, but the truth was we really were just friends. Not that we didn’t find each other attractive; we did. But I refused to cross the line.

I loved being his best friend. Even if I had to kick his ass back into line now and then.

“Bullshit. Ooh, hello baby,” He grinned as he caught the eye of a woman walking past him, biting her lip as she smirked at him. “Han—“

“I know. Don’t leave without me. I need to go home with you or Ryan will kick your ass,”

At the mention of my older brother, he nodded, casting his eyes back to me.

“I won’t,”

He walked after the woman who seemed to wait for him; talk about confidence.

I downed my drink, deciding to make a move. I threw my hair back and walked towards Connor, his eyebrows raising as he turned to me.

“I was wondering whether you were going to come over. I’ve noticed you at school,” He said, his voice rough and deep.

Up close I noticed he had a five o’clock shadow, but the youth showed through.

“I bet. So it’s Connor, right?” I said, leaning closer towards him as I noticed him swallow uneasily, his nerves getting the better of him.

“Uh, yeah. You’re Hannah Phillips,” he stated formally as my mouth twitched with the hint of a smile.

“That’s me,” I breathed as I leaned up on my tiptoes, capturing his lips in mine as he opened his mouth in shock.

Soon enough he was responding, his mouth eagerly moving against mine. His friend cat call and whoop, as my hands laced around his neck. It was ok as far as kisses go, but it didn’t set me on fire.

“Phillips,” grunted a voice from behind me as I growled with annoyance. I pulled away, my hands still around Connor’s neck as I saw Theo glaring at us with dark eyes. His frown was aimed at Connor, who glanced at me anxiously.

“Theo. What?“ I hissed as he folded his arms, making it clear he wasn’t leaving.

“It’s time to go,” he said in a bored tone, glaring at Connor. “I don’t want your brother kicking my ass,”

“I’ll message you,” Connor said hopefully, ignoring Theo’s glare.

Good boy, I thought with admiration.

“You do that. Hannah with two N’s, Phillips with two l’s,” I smiled as I kissed his lips once more, much to Theo’s annoyance.

“Did you get that snowflake? Not sure if they’ve taught you spellings yet,” snapped Theo as I pushed past him, rolling my eyes.

“Ignore him, Connor. He’s sexually frustrated.”

“I wouldn’t be if you could’ve made your own way home,” he argued as we walked down the stairs and out of the club.

“Best friend rules. You know the drill,” I drawled as I waited for a cab. He was commanding attention from a group of girls to our left as I sighed.

“Well, maybe we should create a new one. If you’re cockblocking—“

“I’m not cockblocking you! If anything, you just did that to me,”

Our eyes met as he smirked, rubbing his chin.

“So we’re both sexually frustrated now,”

“Theo. No sex references. Drop me off then go hook up,” I shrugged as my phone pinged.

You have a message request from Connor Hamilton.

“What and leave you wanting? Connor isn’t allowed to sleep in your room,” he murmured as he pulled me towards him, his lips on my throat as my breath hitched, a moan trying to escape my throat.

“I swear to God, Theo,”

“Fine. Fucking fine,” he seethed, moving away from me, my body going cold without his touch. I wouldn’t allow myself to succumb to his charms, I’d built up years of immunity without once slipping up. I watched him hail a cab, his muscular forearms making me tingle as I tore my eyes away.

Best friend, Hannah. Best friend.
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