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Romance, time travel, school life Yoi aoi is a usuall girl with an unusall mind, her sadness made her different from others, she's always alone in her school, one day somehow she walks up to find her fate in front of her eyes, a key to open the door, and a fate waitting .

Romance / Fantasy
Neko osh
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Chapter 1

It is the summer now...

07:15_tuesday Am

Shcool is about to start, it still 2 weeks

My name is yoi, 18, i lost my mom and dad in a car accidant 5 years ago

i live only with my Sister now

The fact that i am poor won't gone...

İ have a small Grey diary book, i promised my mum to write my days in it, i always asks myself when i will die to end that pain.

...so here i am and that's me a depressed girl

İ know i am a mistake so i mustn't talk to anyone, that is a important role i have to memorize carefully

06:50 Pm

İ stayes in my room sometimes and looke outside from the window to see the wind and the Kids playing football.

My Sister knocked the door,her name is nice, hiromi she is 42 years

"yoi..you still awak, i thought you're sleeping" she Said

"i didn't feel dizzy" i replied

"are these some coockies?" i said curiosely

"haha, yup i wanted to give you some, i know you love c-Hocloute" she smiled

"...Thank you"

İ always liked chocloute..

Her voice remindes me of my mum, her voice is silky.

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