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'Did I stutter?' A smile played on my lips as she inhaled sharply, flinching away from my touch as though it was on fire. 'I said, strip.' Bruce Patterman has been burned once. Since then women became merely playthings; a distraction if he was bored. But then he met her. Out of the entire world, he met her. He assumed she would be enough to make him forget who burned him. Assumptions can be deadly.

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'You prefer the brunette?' Damon asked, sipping his beer as he frowned at me. I glanced back over to the two girls, and decided I definitely preferred the brunette. She wore tight jeans and an off shoulder white top which showed off her caramel coloured skin.

'But I thought you liked blondes? Or is it just your best friends girls you prefer?' Joked Damon as I shot him a warning glare. It still hurt to think about Harper.

'Shut the fuck up.' I growled with annoyance as Damon leaned forward.

'See the blonde is checking you out. The brunette has her eyes on yours truly. So what do you say?' He said bravely.

I finished my drink, and looked him in the eye.

'Then may the best man win.' I smirked as he began to laugh in disbelief as we walked over to the girls who were pretending they hadn't noticed us.

The blonde was too much, all fake tan and ...

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