Billionaire's Best Friend

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Playboy billionaire Matthew Greyson never knew the true meaning of living life until he met Nina Lun. She is perfection. His best friend. Everything is amazing between them except for one thing...her fiance. Nina doesn't want to ruin the friendship she has with Matthew. But the more she gets to know him, the more she realizes he's much more than a sexy alpha billionaire. He's the best worst thing to happen to her.

Romance / Drama
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Author's Note

Dear potato,

I’m publishing BILLIONAIRE’S BEST FRIEND exclusively on Radish Fiction, where you can read the entire story! The first 10 chapters are available, but to continue reading you will have to download the Radish Fiction app where you can wait for new chapters to unlock and read for free, or purchase coins to read immediately.

Thank you for continuing to read my story!

If you’re displeased by this, please remember I have other free stories you can follow!

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