Anthony's Angel

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"We are the Cosa Nostra or as the Americans would call us the Italian Mafia. And I am their leader, and you, my wife, aren't going anywhere." Angelica, birth into the life of the wealthy, only to be strip of status by her so-called father unfaithfulness towards her mother. Through a bitter divorce; the modern day princess became a complete nobody. With suffrage and loss, Angelica learns that happiness does not settle in money; but family. Moreover, with a single blast from the past, Angelica soon discovers that she must do much more than bringing home a paycheck to protect her rather peculiar family. Then, there is that seductive man with electric blue eyes who will give her an offer she has no choice but to accept. "Your job is simple really, just stay by my side."

Romance / Action
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0. Book 1: Anthony's Angel and the Italian Husband

The night blessed with cries

A world cursed with lies

A contract-fulfilling a need

End when the soul bleed

To birth a life of the blind

An existence so resentful

Forcing the soul to pledge to darkness

Unwillingly resting within the lonely abyss

And with a single spark of warmth

Unravel the bondage that hex the sights

The passion only grew

When I can see you

A prayer for a bliss

A scream for the Lord

A pleasurably sinful wave

Present your body to me

Gift me your heart

Don’t tell me that you want me

Until you’ve seen the marks etched in my skin

Scars on the surface cannot measure to the wicked reality

A fall to the knees

A worship to the God

A prayer in the bedroom

Allow the Heaven’s Gates to take you

Your tears to the land

Struck by the incessantly pouring happiness

Twirled by the rapture pain

Dig your claws into my back

Whilst I unravel the protection between us

This parched body filled with desires

Saturate yourself into the stars with uncleansed fingertips

That wrench you open until you’re torn to shred

Embrace your temple many times with my mindless mind

An aimless reeling

Graceful memories blurring with trickling future

Peeling emotions will embark my shallow slumber

Give me a sight to your inside

Allow me a bite, day by night

Against your virgin skin

I will carve in my name

Is it acceptable if I claim you mine?

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