For You ( The Grey series book 2)

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”You left.” He breathed. ”I still want more," I whisper. "I know," he says. "I'll try." I blink up at him, and he reliquishes my hand and pulls at my chin, releasing my trapped lip. ”For you.”

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Previously on Mr. Grey.

"Goodbye," I said to Lucas while holding to the address and phone number of my cousin Micheal, as well as a three hundred dollar bill.

”Goodbye, Emilia.” he said and I waved before hopping onto the plane. Micheal was my only ticket out of here and I was sure going to grab it. As soon as I settled on the plane, I leaned back against the seat and stared out of the window.

It took a few hours, but we finally made it into Sydney, I haven't seen Micheal in a while, I prayed and hoped he showed up to pick me or I would have been lost in Australia.

I walked out of the airport and sighed in relief as I spotted him standing in front of the station, he smiled as his eyes locked with mine and suddenly, he was standing a few steps away from me. I ran towards him and hugged him tightly

"Mikey." I squealed, wrapping my hands tightly around him and he laughed.

"Still with the nickname?" He said and I chuckled. He pulled away from me and held me at arm's length to look me over,

"You’re pregnant?" He pointed surprised. I nodded, not sure where to start from. But surprisingly he understood,

"Well, welcome to Australia little Cousin." he said and I smiled faintly ready for my new unplanned beginning.


4 years later

It's been 4years since I literally broke my own heart, it still feels like yesterday. I sometimes stare at my reflection in the mirror and wonder if I had made a the right choice depriving Ian the chance of knowing his father.

The day Ian was born was the happiest and saddest day of my life, before the night I escaped, I had memorized every feature in Damien's face in case I never get see him again. But, I never would have imagined I would have a constant reminder of him, Ian looked so much like him, he was a smitten image of his father, I smiled to myself.

"Are you excited?" I asked Ian as I parked in front of his school, today happened to be his first day in preschool.

"I guess," he sighed, looking over the school building. He's clearly nervous.

"I'm sure you will make a lot of friends." I pulled him into a hug, glad he wasn't one of those kids that pull away from a hug in front of the school, "I love you and uncle Micheal would be here to pick you up after school." I whispered into his ear pulling away.

He nodded, "I love you too, mommy. "He said, getting down from the car. I leaned back and watched him step into the school building before starting the ignition and pulling onto the road and drove straight to work. I work at a coffee and bakery shop, it was the only low profile job, I was able to grab.

This way no one would be able to find me. I rushed in five minutes late to see my boss waiting for me,"you're late, again." she said.

"I'm Sorry, Glenda." I apologize with a smile.

She looked at me and scoffed, before walking away. I walked through the staff door and changed into my apron.

I love working at this bakery shop. But to be honest, the place opened too early and the customers were way too picky with their orders, which by the end of the day I'm left exhausted.

The bell rung indicating our first customer, I looked up to greet only to see a group of high school mean girls, you could tell they were mean girls with the way they were hissing and snorting disgustedly at the place.

I walked over and tended to them ignoring their snarky and disgusting comments which made me want to rip off every strand of hair off their heads.

Holding back my violent thoughts, I sucked in a deep remembering I might probably end up in jail or worse lose Ian. I rolled my eyes with a sigh and proceeded to get their orders.

Once I was done handling their order. I spent the rest of the day making drinks and baking foods trying to keep myself busy and distracted for day.

A few hours later the day was almost over, only about 30 minutes before closing time and most people had already cleared, Glenda had to attend to an emergency at home leaving me alone to clean up and lock up after.

After cleaning and making sure everything was fine, I activated the alarm system and switched off the lights, before walking out and locking up the shop.

Throughout the ride home all I could think about was Damien. It's been so long and I still can't get over everything, I had always wanted to call and check on him or at least hear his voice. But I just couldn't risk getting exposed and endangering Ian in the process.

But, Ian needs to know his father. I told him his father and I had to stay away for a while, that it had nothing to do with him. But Ian is very a clever four-year-old, it won't take long before he figures I have been lying to him.


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