it was you all along

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I looked at him and that's when I knew he was the one all along..... Callie and Jung su have recently broken up when Callie receives terrible news that will change her life forever. Jung su is a smart, romantic, Korean boy in his second year of college, and Callie is a complicated, sweet girl on her second year of college. When she receives the terrible news that she's sick, all her dreams, and wishes are long gone. The only thing left for her to do is to fight for her life. Throughout her sickness people she thought would fight with her, leave her life instead minus someone she never expected would stay with her till the end of her days.

Romance / Drama
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breaking up with him

“i’m sorry”

is the only thing I can manage to say. he smiles at me, but I know deep down he’s hurting. who blames him, his girlfriend is breaking up with him.

“it’s okay”

He says. He seems so unaffected by this, which I admire so very much. I open my mouth but nothing comes out. should I just be like bye?

“er- we should get going, they might be missing us”

He says.

Okay let me rewind for a second. Me and jung su have been together for a year. It kinda happened very fast and unexpected, I didn’t really have feelings for him at first, but he asked me out and well why not say yes, so I did. Then now I kinda don’t like him anymore. I’m a very picky and complicated person in a relationship. Okay on with the story.


we walk in silence, awkward silence. We are supposed to be in a basketball game right now, but instead we’re here. 5 minutes later, we finally arrive to the basketball court.

“there you guys are!”

Says Kate, over where shes sitting in the bleachers, next to Michael and Sam. They stand up and start walking towards us.

“Were you guys making out or something?”

Says Sam. This is gonna be awkward. Jung su shakes his head and laughs. Kate eyes me suspiciously.

“Are you guys hungry?”

Asks Sam.


I say quickly.

“I need to go to the bathroom real quick, callie can you come with me?”


I say and we walk towards the bathroom. When we enter the bathroom, a crowd of girls are in front of the mirror taking pictures.


Says Kate and rolls her eyes. She folds her arms and gives me a spill the tea look.

“I broke up with Jung su”

“You what?!”

The room goes silent and the crowd of girls looks at us with disgust.

“Yes, now stop making a big deal about”

“Okay, details?”

“What is there to say?”

“I don’t know, why?”

“I stopped having feelings for him?”

I shrug and give her a weak smile.

“Wh- how?”

“I don’t Kate, you know how I am”

She sighs and stays silent. Did I make a bad choice? No you didn’t, you stopped having feelings for him, period.

“Well what can we do about it”


“C’mon let’s go”

She grabs my hand and leads me out of the bathroom. This is gonna be a mess.

It’s already passed 5:30 when I arrive home. I throw my backpack on the floor and walk towards the kitchen.

“Hey honey”

Says mom. Shes sitting on the dining table eating.

“Hey mom”

Me and my mom live alone, with no father and well no other siblings cause I’m the only child.

“How was your day?”


I say briefly, I’m not in the mood to explain to her that I broke up with Jung su, she’ll kill me.

“Hows Jung su?”


“He- uh, hes good”

She turns around and gives me a dirty look.

“What happened?”

She says quickly.


“Oh please, I gave birth to you, I know you”

“Fine! I brok-”

“You what?!”

She stands up quickly and puts her hands on her hips. What’s the big deal.

“Yes mom I did, period. Now leave me alone”


I shrug and head upstairs.


What’s so special of Jung su anyways. He’s Korean, handsome, and smart. Big deal. I close the door to my room and sit on my bed. Did I do a bad choice? Why are people freaking out, it’s not like he is the one. Is he?, stop thinking, you made a decision that you can’t regret. Am I regretting it?

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