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“No, no, no, no, no. Don’t you fucking dare,” Paige slapped his face and when he stirred, barely conscious, she took his hand to hold her t-shirt to his neck. “Don’t let go. Keep pressure.” Her heart pounded, but a calm settled like a numbing blanket over her. First the weapon. She can’t leave it laying here.

Paige shuffled to retrieve the blade, shoved it back in the messenger bag and slung it over her shoulder

With what strength she could summon from her adrenaline, she wrapped his arm over her neck and used her entire body to haul him up. He staggered, leaning on her heavily and she half-dragged him to the elevator.

They were lucky that they didn’t run into anyone. Paige wasn’t sure how she could explain any of this. She dug around in his pocket for his keys and just barely got them inside the apartment and to the guest room bed before her strength gave out.

His blood on her hands, she stared at his still form, panting heavily from the excursion. She dropped the messenger bag off to one side and with slow care, leaned over and peeled back the blood-soaked t-shirt back. It wasn’t closing and the black lines were spidering out further. His eyes remained shut, the only sign of life now, the laboured breathing. Paige cringed.

What did Dante say? Davin had to feed to heal from iron. How? Was he already too far gone?

Damn it.

“Fine!” Paige stripped off remaining clothes until she was naked before him. It wasn’t like he was conscious enough to see, anyway. “Fine. This is just sex. I write sex all the time. This means nothing. I’m still mad at you!” She was half shouting at him now but he remained on the bed like a dead fish.

She sighed and sank to her knees beside him and brushed his hair back gently. “I haven’t forgiven you yet, but that doesn’t mean I want you to die. Please let this work.” And with that, she pressed her lips against his.

At first, it was almost as if she was kissing a corpse. “Please Davin. Shade. Come back.” She kissed him again and her shoulders dropped in relief when he began kissing back, hesitant at first, then more hungrily. One hand rose, fingers tangling themselves into her hair, pulling her closer to deepen the kiss until her lips felt bruised. Something began to flow out of her.

With a gasp, he yanked her back, eyes glowing despite the contacts. “Paige, no.”

Her hand shifted to stroke his cheek, thumb tracing the contours of his cheek. “It’s okay, Davin. Take what you need. You can’t protect me if you’re dead.”

His body trembled against her touch but with a groan that spoke of every restraint breaking, he tugged her back towards him. Their lips met once more, his uninjured hand cupping her neck then trailing down along her shoulders down to her sides before moving forward to cup one of her breasts. He broke their kiss, eyes darkening as his thumb carefully traced circles around the areola, drawing a small moan from her.

“Come up here, little bird.” His voice grew hoarse with need.

It was so easy to fall back to their old dynamics. Paige moved to obey, straddling carefully over his midsection. The fabric of his clothes rubbed against her thighs. His fingers trailed down her body, leaving her skin burning from his touch even as heat pooled at her core.

His hands pushed at her back, guiding her to bend down towards him. Their lips met once more, except this time, his hands moved to cup boh her breasts, thumbs rubbing over her nipples, teasing them to stiffness. He drank her moans as she squirmed above him, her growing wetness dampening his shirt. And in the process, something else left her body though lost in this moment in time, she could not describe what.

He fell back onto the bed and watched as she wiggled and grinded down against him, hands struggling to undo the buttons of his shirt. His hands alternated between kneading her breasts and taking hold of those nipples, hard as diamonds, rolling them between her fingers until they ached so wonderfully.

“More” Paige gasped when he pinched them, sending a shot of pure lust straight to her groin. It was as if there were nerves connected from them directly to her core but it wasn’t enough. The need to feel some part of him against her below, flesh to flesh grew more and more urgent until it was the only thought that encompasses her mind. She slid further down. Feeling his hardened member straining against his pants, she grounded her wet slit on him hard before lifting herself enough to undo the button and zipper.

An almost feral growl rumbled at the base of Davin’s throat and he took hold of her hands, holding them in a vice-like grip. “No, Sparrow.”

Her lips parted with a whimper of protest and on purpose, she lifted herself and rolled her hips to entice.

“Brat.” Something in his eyes grew darker and naked hunger sharpened his features. That was the only warning she got. In one swift, inhuman motion, he sat up, held her close to him, and rolled her on to her back.

“You are not in control.” His grip transferred to her wrists and before she could protest, he dove for her breasts, licking and nibbling on her most erogenous zones until she trembled with the nearness of her first climax.

One hand released her wrist, his hand snaking his way down her body until his fingers slid through her slickness to part her folds. Her entire body tightened with anticipation. Small whispers of “please” turned into gasps as with infinite slowness, the tip for his fingers dragged upwards.

And then he finally touched her clit.

That was all it took, that single touch. She screamed as she exploded, coming undone as he pushed her over the edge, his finger lazily flicking and tugging at the most sensitive bundle of nerves back and forth.

His eyes glowed as he drank in her orgasm and faintly, unsure if it was her imagination, she thought she saw turquoise light shimmering like a thread joining them.

Her hips fell back to the bed as she panted, struggling for breath. Davin was watching her intently and shook his head. “Not yet, my sparrow.”

Not yet?

He grasped her legs, fingers digging in hard and suddenly, she found her legs thrown over his shoulders, his head in between. His hands slid down until he gripped her hips before lowering his lips to her nether ones. There was no gentleness, no lead-up. Instead, he dove in and began devouring her like a starving man who hadn’t eaten in days. And she was his feast, in more ways than one.

Already sensitive from her first climax, Paige screamed out as his tongue lashed cruelly against her clit. Within seconds, she came again, every nerve coming alive as he drew out her climax until he reduced her to nothing but a quivering mess.

And still, he continued. Her hands reached down, tugging at his curls but she couldn’t tell if she was trying to pull him away or to hold him closer. Something tugged her hands away, and it was as if silken ropes bound her, keeping each of them held against the bed at her sides. She barely had the presence of mind to register the odd phenomenon as his hands remained at her hips. “Please...I can’t”

He eased off slightly to lick and tease more now, giving her a small reprieve as his talented tongue slide amongst her folds, the flat of it lapping against the abundance of juices flowing. He drank her in and just as she caught her breath, his lips closed on her clit, sucking it hard like he was trying to draw a pit out of a cherry. A finger pushed inside, crooking to find and press hard against the spongy spot that was her g-spot.

She arched her back, hips bucking as she opened her mouth in a wordless scream, senses overloading until her vision darkened until all she saw were stars. Another torrent of wetness flooded his mouth, but he drank it all down as he feasted on her orgasm. Her entire world narrowed to the almost painful pleasure as he pushed her body beyond its capabilities. In this singular moment in time, her awareness consisted only of his lips and hands on her and of the ecstasy that was rapidly spinning out of control until she became no more than a mindless creature. A distant part of her feared. This was why an incubus was so dangerous but the rest of her cared naught.

Finally, he relented, easing off as her body fell limply back on the bed, her breathing turning into ragged sobs. He clambered up, stroking her face, her hair, his soothing voice washing over her. “Oh Paige, Paige, my little sparrow. You are such a feast.”

He let her rest, pressing small kisses all over until she calmed enough that her breathing began to even out. Paige hadn’t realized she had closed her eyes but when she opened them again, the first thing she saw was Davin’s tender smile. “Let me get you some water.”

She whimpered and clung to him, needing his warmth against her body. He chuckled and laid back down beside her, running his fingers through her hair. When her vision came back to focus, she noticed the wounds had closed and his colouring had returned. But black still ringed the peeling blisters.

“You still have iron in you,* she croaked out, her voice barely recognizable in its raspiness.

“I’ll live Paige, thanks to you.” He pressed another kiss on her temple but she shook her head.

“I’m not risking it. I don’t want you weakened still.”

“Paige, I…”

“Take me. Take more.” She didn’t beg. This wasn’t about pleasure. Her eyes cleared and hardened.

He stares at her as second, then minutes ticked by before he kissed her lips gently. “I’ll go slow,” he whispered as he shifted to hover over her once more. With little effort, he tugged his pants down and kicked them off before he lined his cock against her cum-soaked opening. His eyes met hers as he slowly rubbed his length against her.

Their eyes met and never left each other as he entered her, inch by agonizing inch. The familiarity of him inside her as her body stretched to accommodate him almost made her cry but, this was also more. Everything was more. The heat of him inside, the thickness of him parting her, the warmth of him around her. This was heaven.

He kept pushing more and more of him. Her eye round as he hit her cervix and bottomed out. How could someone fill her so perfectly? She moaned and rolled her hips up in slow motion, experimenting with this new fullness. In return, she heard him groan.

“You’ll be the end of me, Paige.” His hand trailed down her side, lightly scratching the skin, producing the most delicious shivers. “Let me. I don’t want to lose control.”

She nodded and struggled to remain still as he withdrew until he held only the tip of himself inside her then sank back down. He set a slow, almost languid pace, driving her mad with a newfound lust. Her hips began to thrust with him, following the rhythm he set for them.

“Paige, Paige, Paige,” he whispered fervently against her skin as if her name was all he knew. Her hands rose to grip his arms, caressing the lovely muscles as he strained to keep himself up.

“More, Davin, please,” she pleaded with him and he granted her wish, increasing their pace, thrusting harder inside her. As his cock moved, rubbing at places no one had ever touched before, her stomach began to tighten, familiar tingles of what’s coming dancing over her body. “I can’t… hold…” she stammered.

“Come for me, my sparrow.” He lowered his lips to her breast, engulfing and suckling her nipple.

Her entire body convulsed in sheer bliss as she came on his cock, her pussy tightening to hold him inside. Faintly she heard a long low moan from Davin as with a final thrust, he spilt his seed inside her. Blue shimmered around both of them and a remote part of Paige wondered how much she was hallucinating in her orgasm but little mattered as her body jerked and spasmed beneath until she collapsed onto the bed once more.

“Dear gods above and below,” Davin muttered, collapsing on top of her though he carefully braced himself to refrain from crushing her. They lay there, both trying to catch their breaths before Davin withdrew. Paige felt a gush of wetness flow from her legs but she couldn’t bring herself to care. Instead, her eyes searched for remaining signs of the wound and a deep satisfaction filled her as she found him healed entirely.

“Shit, are you okay? Talk to me, Paige.” The edge of panic in Davin’s voice brought her wandering thoughts back. He placed two fingers on her neck, checking her pulse though his fingers trembled too much for any accurate assessment. Fear twisted his features as he tried to discern her consciousness and it was only then she realized that he was scared shitless.

She nodded. When the worry did not recede from his expression, she cleared her throat. It took several attempts to find her voice.

“I’m fine. Exhausted, but fine.”

Davin let out a slow exhale. “You sure? I didn’t drain too much from you?” He swallowed, face still pale. “You need food. Sugar.” He tried to rise.

“Later, please.” Paige grabbed his hand. “I only need you right now.”

He studied her before nodding. “Okay, but let’s go sleep on clean sheets.”

She was about to protest with the need to be on her feet when he rose from the bed and scooped her up, carrying her bridal style to the other room. He laid her down then crawled in, gathering him in her arms. “Sleep. I’ll stand guard. Here and in your dreams.”

That was all she needed. Paige closed her eyes and let the exhaustion take her away.

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