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“So we know whoever sent the inugami will turn up sometime tomorrow.” Paige paced back and forth, stopping from time to time only to check on Davin sitting stoically on the couch.

“You’re going to wear a hole down on my floors, Paige.” There was a hint of grumble in the back of Davin’s throat.

The waiting didn’t sit well with either of them and not for the first time since they left, Paige wished they pushed for more with Seth. But being so new to the supernatural world, she took her cues from Davin. The thought startled her. Was she learning to trust him again? Or was it simply she had no choice?

Paige paused again and turned fully to face Davin, noting the drawn lines on his forehead, the way he sat on the edge of the couch, arms braced against his knees, fingers steepled against his lips. Those lips. The tender kiss they shared in the car rose from her mind and she shook her head. Instead, she focused on the worried expression on his face. He didn’t look half as concerned about the inugami.

“What is it?”

“I don’t like this. Seth may have given us information about our original problem but we don’t know who he was talking to on the phone.” Something about the wariness in his voice told her he was holding back.

“Davin?” She moved closer and knelt down before him so they were at eye-level. He promised to not withhold information from her anymore even if he was reluctant to share. She needed him to keep that promise. When he spoke again, she almost sighed in relief. She could trust him. No more lies, no more hiding.

“Seth mentioned something about an awakening, I’m pretty sure in reference to you.”

What? Paige blinked once, then twice. None of that made sense whatsoever. “An awakening usually refers to when the powers in one of you starts showing, right?”


Their faces mirrored each other in their confusion. But like in the car, something shifted once more and caught once more in his gaze, her heart began to race until she could hear the pulsing in her ears. They had not spoken of the kiss since but it hovered in the back of her mind constantly. There was no denying the attraction between them, the desire she had for him that had nothing to do with him as an incubus and everything to do with his intimate knowledge of her and her body.

“Paige.” The hoarse whisper betrayed his own desires. “You shouldn’t be kneeling before me.”

She didn’t want to. The last thing she wanted was to submit to him. Sex to save his life was logical, sane - he was her ticket to survival, or so she told herself. This, this was something entirely different. Her tongue swept across her lower lip, trying to wet her dry lips.

“Paige, you have ten seconds to run back to your room.”

It was a stark reminder. He wasn’t a man who could control himself. He was an incubus, a demon with urges. The logical part of her screamed for her to flee, to return to her room, slam the door shut and if need be, work out her frustrations through her writing. But her body remained rooted to the spot. As his amber eyes glazed over, she bowed her head in submission.

That was all the permission he needed.

His fingers brushed across her face, the feathery touches that sent shivers down her spine. They traced the contours of her jaws, only to tilt her chin up. “Look at me, little bird.”

When her eyes finally lifted to meet his, he spoke again. “You understand what this means.” There was a new savageness in those golden orbs, gleaming now with power. This was the incubus talking. Some part of her knew that they were one and the same but the duality of his nature could not be more prominent than it was now.

Flee. Flee. This is insane. He could kill you.

Just once, she wanted to toss caution in the wind. To taste the forbidden fruit. Just once.


He surged forward, closing what little distance was between them. The hand that was so gentle with its touch before snaked up to brush against the back of her neck before grabbing a fist full of her hair. With a light tug, he pulled her head back and as her lips parted, he pressed against hers, his tongue plunging in to duel with hers. When she made a small whimper, stunned by his ferocity, he swallowed the sound whole.

His free hand drifted downwards, following the contours of her neck, knuckles brushing past her collarbone until he reached her breast. Cupping her flesh, he molded and kneaded drawing moans of sweet torture. When he pulled back, his teeth nipped and tugged at her lower lip.

Sex with him, even dream sex, had always been amazing, but never like this. He had gone feral. She was playing with fire.

“Stand up.”

Her body, detached from her mind, moved to obey. Was he controlling her in some way? No, Paige was certain she had her free will. If anything, it was something else in her responding, a more primal instinct.

He rose with her, the nearness of him an inferno of heat. Davin spun her around until her back was against him, hands running possessively up and down her body. His breath tickled the back of her neck, his teeth scraping against her skin, a warning and a threat.

She held still for him as one hand slipped under her shirt, the other undoing the button and zipper of her pants. He took his time, tracing infuriating random patterns across her stomach, inching closer up to other aching nipples, each second agonizing. But something else was happening. Every part of her heightened in sensitivity as the scent of him, sandalwood mixed with a hint of citrus, intensified. Was this what he meant by pheromones?

It was an aphrodisiac.

“Davin.” His name was a whimper of longing.

His hands ceased their movements, muscles taut with barely controlled restraint. Even now, despite all the instincts telling him otherwise, he was holding back, giving her a chance to withdraw consent. It was what made her decide.

“More, please.”

A dark chuckle in her ear sent a delicious shot of pure lust to her core. Moments later, his hand followed, tracing the heat to slip under her panties, fingers slipping between her folds. His other hand gripped her breast, just tight enough to be on the edge of pleasure and pain.

“You’re mine, Paige.”

He scraped a nail against her clit and pinched her nipple. The sudden over-stimulation drove her body to double over, every muscle clenching as he followed her body leaning over her, pressed against her back. He did not relent. There was no build-up. He slammed two fingers into her dripping pussy, the heel of his palm continued to grind against her clit. His length pressed against her ass, straining against his pants. He alternated between her two nipples, pinching and rolling them between his fingers. There was no tenderness and yet, she could not help the ceaseless moans that spilt from her lips as he finger-fucked her ruthlessly, bent over like animals in heat. Faintly, she registered that his own breathing remained controlled.

She was, by nature, sensitive, but this was beyond what even her body was used to. When he bit down hard on her neck, Paige exploded in a quivering mess, screaming out her orgasm. Locked under him like an animal in heat, she could only sag against him as eventually, he relented, easing the pressure on her overstimulated clit.

Limp as a noodle, she scarcely registered him stripping her then pushing her back to lay on the coffee table. Invisible bonds tied each of her limbs to a corresponding leg on the table, holding her spread eagle for him.

The cold air nipped at her achy body and yet she found herself still craving for him inside. She licked her lips once more while he stripped as well then slid over her body. The practical side of her hoped the table would hold but then there was no more room to think as his lips travelled once more across her body.

He began at her ear, the tip of his tongue tracing along the ridge in contrast to the earlier ferocity. He licked and suckled every inch of her downwards until he had her trembling with need once more. And then he withdrew, staring at her with glittering eyes.

“What a delicious feast before me. You want it, don’t you, little one?” A hand dropped between her legs and traced upwards. “Maybe I should leave you here wanting. It makes the feast even more delectable after.”

The thought horrified her and her eyes rounded into saucers. She strained against her bonds but while they didn’t hurt her, there was no give either.

He parted her labia, and she groaned in embarrassment when her juices dropped downwards.

“Ah, I’ll have to have a taste later.” He held his finger up and licked, his tongue sliding sensually around his digits. If she could escape, she would jump him, demon or no.

He must have read her mind as his lips curved into an almost cruel smirk. This was what it meant to tangle with the incubus, this wicked vicious pleasure. Would it always be like this? Did she care?

“What do you think little bird?” He leaned down, face so close she felt his words brush by her skin. One hand rose to pet her before his fingers tangled in her hair. “Should I leave you like this until the lust consumes you? Or do you want me to fuck you into oblivion?”

This was madness. And oh, how she wanted to embrace it.

“Please, fuck me.” She hardly recognized the desperation in the whisper.

His laughter of delight filled her in ways she didn’t expect. And then he surged into her in one powerful thrust, burying himself to the hilt. Her hips struggled to meet his but another invisible bond tied her midsection to the table, restricting her further. Held tight against the hard surface, she became a passive receptacle for his passion.

He started slow, brows now drawn in concentration as he withdrew until only the tip remained then slid back in. With legs spread wide as she was, he felt massive, stretching her beyond what she remembered. And then as he withdrew and slid back in, a groan of pleasure causing her inner walls to spasm around his cock. Again. And again. The pace increased until he set a harsh rhythm, pounding into her relentlessly.

She saw it them, amidst the haze of lust and ecstasy, her shimmering with blue, him absorbing it into himself. Her eyes closed, lightheaded and dizzy.

“Keep your eyes open,” Davin barked and her eyes snapped back open at the command. “My face is the only thing you should see when you come.”

The words drove her to higher heights and when his fingers found her clit, she crested and fell over the edge. Euphoria clouded her mind, her world narrowing to only him and his cock thrusting still inside her, now with a renewed urgency until with a roar, he too came inside her.

His pace slowed until he was rocking against her, every movement forcing another moan, another gasp to escape. And that was when she realized.

He was still hard.

A part of her began to panic. He was going to break her. She couldn’t handle another one like that, every nerve too overloaded from the new intensity of these orgasms. She was too weak to pull against her bonds but she gave another whimper.

“Ssshh, it’s okay my pet. It’s okay. I will take care of you.” He petted her, his fingers now disentangling from her hair even as he ceased his movement within her. As her panic receded, he kissed her, her forehead, her brows, her nose, then a light one on her lips.

“Do you trust me?” There was a quiver in his voice even as she felt all the bonds tying her to the table dissipate.

“I do.” It came out as a croak.

He smiled, for an instant, looking very much like the normal Davin. As he leaned back and withdrew from her, he scooped her up and carried her bridal style to his bedroom.

“Sleep?” Paige felt the lethargy settling in.

“Perhaps.” His smirk, however, said otherwise.

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