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...To the Incubus

The cool sheets soothed her fevered skin as Paige laid on her side, curled up. Her body shivered at every minute movement of air, so hypersensitive from the aphrodisiac that was part of Davin’s nature. She made small mewling sounds, her eyes half-closed as she panted for breath.

“Here, drink this, pet.” Her lips parted to take hold of the straw, cold sweet liquid coursing down her throat. Gatorade.

“That’s enough.” Davin set the glass aside and brushed her hair back.

Paige trembled at his touch, her eyes glazing over. Her body ached and yet she still craved him. Oh god was she addicted already? She should be horrified but a pleasant numbness blanketed her mind.

He climbed into bed with her and shifted until he was spooning her from behind, an arm wrapped around her midsection, pinning her to him. “It’ll fade in a short while,” he murmured in her ear. Did he read her mind again? How?

Her limbs felt weak, but that did not stop her from rubbing her thighs together, their combined fluids dripping from her still, slickening her thighs. She felt his cock, hard and throbbing, resting between her butt cheeks and couldn’t suppress the whimper of desire that emerged.

“Careful my sparrow. You’re not ready for me yet so soon. Don’t tempt the beast. I would not have you ruined.”

With more willpower than she ever thought she had, Paige stilled her squirming and closed her eyes, attempting to find sleep. But the arousal that laid smouldering would not let her succumb to the darkness.

Unsure how much time had passed, Paige’s eyes fluttered open when his hand began to dip lower. With a soft moan, her legs parted for him.

“Good girl.” His lips caressed her ear as he spoke then trailed down, nibbling every exposed part of her neck. Her insides felt achy but there was no pain as a digit entered her.

When she didn’t seem to flinch from his touch, he added another finger, this time pumping in and out at a casual pace. Her arousal increased but refused to peak as he continued his administrations.

“So wet and ready.”

Whereas the last round was fierce, this time, he took his sweet time building up layer after layer of pleasure that pushed her closer but never over the edge. His languid movements drove her mad with lust as her hips began moving more erratically, seeking the relief that only he could provide. When he withdrew, she let out a whine and her hands flew to her own clit, ready to finish herself off.

“Bad pet.” He squatted her hand away then took hold of her wrist, drawing it behind her back. “Here, your only pleasure is what I choose to give you.”

What had she done? Submitting to a fictional dream man was one thing. Submitting to a sex demon in real life? But it was such sweet surrender.

His body pressed close, trapping her arm between them. His own hand moved downwards, leaving a streak of red as he scraped his nails against her skin. The tiny hint of pain only made her inner muscles clench, already missing him, any part of him, inside her. The hand slid forward and lifted her leg up.

“How much do you want this, little bird?”

She knew he wanted an answer and wouldn’t proceed further without one. The tip of his cock circled her entrance, teasing, prodding but never pushing into her. Her clit burned for his touch. Words. She wrote words, but she never spoke them out loud before. They came with halting pauses in a hoarse whisper as he drove her mad with need. “I want this. I want you. Inside. Fuck me. Do what you want with me. Please just let me come.”

“Then sing for me.” And he slid himself into her in one long delicious stroke.

And she sang a melody of moans and whimpers, gasps and pants as he thrust into her again and again, his pace steady and unhurried. With every cry, he pushed a little deeper, lifted her leg a little higher and grew a little harder within. The angle rubbed the most sensitive spots inside in new ways until she trembled against him, mini orgasms coursing through her body. Every peak of pleasure only heightened her sensitivity until she broke and crested in waves that wrung her dry. In a distant, she felt him feasting on her climaxes in the form of that blue energy

“Please, please, please,” she whispered unsure if she was begging for him to stop or to never stop. The conflict only made her come again, her back arching almost violently as she buckled out of his hold.

He growled in response and in one swift moment, pulled out, leaving her mid-orgasm and hungering for his cock. He bound her wrists and shoved her face-first into the pillow. Next, he lifted her hips and pushed her knees further apart to ensure her ass was sticking high up exposing her pussy entirely in the new position.

With his grip on her hips hard enough to bruise, he rammed into her in one hard stroke. She came at once, screams muffled by the bed and for a moment, he held still for her, a guttural groan rumbled from his chest. He shifted to grab the invisible bonds that held her wrist as leverage to pull her back to him. “That’s it, Paige. Come for me. How many more can you take?”

It was the last words he spoke, a rhetorical question as he pounded into her with a ferocity that caused the entire bed to shake and the headboard to bang against the wall. Her vision began to fade under the relentless assault as her mind began to detach from her body, only distantly aware that she could no longer tell when a climax ended and another one began. It was not humanly possible. Later, later maybe she could rationalize it. Right now she couldn’t even recall her own name.

Somewhere above her, she heard a loud roar and felt her insides flooded with his seed. It was the last act that tipped her over, her body spasming almost painfully, holding his cock inside until she collapsed, darkness swallowing her whole.

When she woke, the sun had gone down and night enveloped the room. She was laying curled up against a still Davin, pinned to him so she could scarcely move. As her eyes adjusted to the blackness, she noted with satisfaction that not only was he sound asleep but that his cock had softened.

Her limbs felt like jello but the sudden urge to pee drove her to attempt to remove herself from his embrace. It didn’t work as he growled in his sleep and only held her tighter to him. Not good. Paige tried again, this time with a little more force and until she created enough of a gap to squirm and slide out of his arms.

She had just made it off the bed when she hears a growl of warning.

Paige froze.

“Just where do you think you’re going, Sparrow?”

She turned around, keeping every move slow and careful. Any signs of aggression may bring the incubus back out. His still glazed hungry eyes told her as much.

“I just need to go pee,” she stammered and gestured towards the washroom but may no other move lest the predator decided it was an excuse to pounce.

Davin stared at her before with a more human sigh, he pushed himself up. “Fine.” With more grace than she could hope to muster, he rose from the bed and stepped up behind her

“What are you doing?”

“You’re going to the washroom. Go.”

She took two paces and when he followed in step, she whipped around. “You are not watching me pee.”


Paige wanted to stay and argue but the urgency was too great. With a huff, she half-ran to the washroom. When she tried to slam the door in his face, he held the door open with strength she could not beat.


At least he had the decency to turn his back towards her. For now, it would do. Later there would be a reckoning. When she finished her business and washed her hands, he turned back around and grabbed her wrist, dragging her back to bed.

“Hey,” she protested.

“Obey.” He stopped short of throwing her into bed but watched with possessive intensity as she climbed back into it and laid down. Only then did he joined her, pulling her back against him, body curling protectively over hers. “Mine,” he muttered with a sigh of contentment and fell back asleep.

Guess he wasn’t back in complete control yet. Paige’s mind struggled to process what happened, to come to terms with her decisions to tangle with the demon. But soon, exhaustion overwhelmed her, and she fell back to sleep.


She spun around. Rather than the familiar bedroom they shared, they were in a garden of wildflowers with an old fashioned Victorian set of table and chairs sitting in the middle. It was set for two, a pot of steaming tea beckoning her to take a seat.

From behind a pillar encircled with vines and roses, he stepped out, amber eyes clear once more. In the twilight of dreams, he was in control.

“Shade.” She breathed out his name. Here, she would always think of him as Shade.

“Are you okay?”

Paige stared at him as she struggled for honesty. She wanted to say yes, to scoff at the idea that she was also fragile that she would not be okay after a lusty bout of sex. But what they had was beyond sex. The things he made her body feel was beyond human capacity.

“I’m not sure. I need time to process.”

His shoulders slumped in defeat. No, she couldn’t have him think that way. Her heart broke for him.

“Shade. I regret nothing.” Paige wanted to be alone with her thoughts but for his sake, she forced herself to think out loud. “I needed to know, to understand all of you, not just the safe parts.”

“And now you know.” His tone had gone flat

“And now I know.” Her lips curved into a small smile. “And I’m still alive.” She took a step closer to him. “And I’m not broken. I’m not some mindless addicted sex slave.” Another step, so close that she reached for his hand, fingertips brushing his. “And you didn’t hurt me.” The smile turned mischievous. “At least, not in ways I don’t want to be hurt.”

Shade let out a breath and shook his head. “You tease. You’ll be the death of me.”

She laughed and felt a pressure on her chest lifted.

“Paige. You saw though. As an incubus, I…”

With a tenderness that contrasted their earlier coupling, she took his hand and raised it to hold against her cheek. “I know,” she whispered. “We are different. Hell, we have different life spans. Don’t get me wrong. I’m scared. But I’m more scared of living with the regret I know I’ll have if I didn’t give this a try.” Paige’s voice quivered, and she swallowed hard.

When he tried to speak, she shook her head. “I wanted to be mad at you forever but it was worse imagining you no longer a part of my life. I don’t have any answers but I know I don’t want to lose you. And that is no less true now that I know all of you.”

“Paige, I…”

She never got to hear his reply. A searing pain took her away, ripping her cruelly back into the waking world. Consciousness rose and fell before another shot of pure agony forced her eyes to snap open as her mouth parted in a wordless scream. Her side was a mass of burning hotness and she thrashed in the bed. Blood poured from her nose.

“Paige, PAIGE!” Beside her, Davin jolted awake. He scrambled to strong-arm her until he could roll her over, just in time to see the blistering skin forming across her thigh.

He wasted no time, hauling her up and carrying her to the tub. With great care despite her writhing body, he deposited her in the tub before turning on the tap. She barely registered, her body twisting and turning in an attempt to escape the invisible all-consuming flames that radiated from her thigh up to the rest of her body.

As the tub filled, the pain began to recede leaving only a jeering high-pitched female voice echoing in her head.

“Come out, come out little whore. Come find me if you want to see your friend again.” And then the voice was gone.

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