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A Warrior's Fête

He knew she had tangled with the demon and accepted that side of him. For her, it may be enough, but not for him. Davin needed to prove to her, but even more so to himself that he could remain in control, that he could be the lover she needed and deserved. That he was different from the incubus he was in the seventeenth century.

He set her down on the bed with a wink. “Stay here, I’ll be right back.” He chuckled as he glimpsed Paige’s puzzled expression just before he left the guest room.

“Dante?” Davin counted himself lucky that he had caught his brother just as he was leaving another one of the many guest rooms in the large suburban house.

Dante raised a finger to his lips and shook his head before leading Davin a bit away. “Ainsley fell asleep. Best to let her get some rest.”

“Oh?” Davin smirked.

“I won’t pry if you don’t.” There was no hint of emotion in Dante’s neutral expression. The incubus still had the best poker face Davin ever knew.

“Fine. Do you have a bottle of massage oil?”

Dante’s brow knit together.


With a sigh, Dante motioned for him to follow, retrieving one from a cabinet in another washroom. As he handed it to Davin, he frowned with gravity. “You’re responsible for cleaning and replacing the sheets after. Detergent is on the top shelf in the laundry room.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thanks, bro!” Davin waved, eager to return to Paige. He had kept her waiting long enough.

Paige blinked as he re-entered the room.

Davin set the bottle aside and began to strip off his t-shirt as he spoke. “Ancient Celts considered women to be equals with men in every way. They often fought alongside each other.”

He grinned as he approached, his hand tugging at the tank top Paige had on. “May I?”

When she nodded her consent, he began to help her out of her clothes.

“One tradition I adore is that before a battle, warriors are feted and encouraged to indulge in all sorts of vices. They believed it helped raise the warrior spirit.” Davin pressed a small kiss on her temple and guided her to lie down on her stomach before stripping her of her pants and panties.

“I’d like to think of it as a way to remind us what we are fighting for, what we have to live for.”

He delighted in the small gasp Paige let out as his weight descended on her, settling just above her buttocks. But he could still sense the wheels turning in her head.

“Davin, just how old are you?”

His movements paused and a low chuckle rumbled in his chest.

“Not so old as the ancient Celts, no. I got that from a rare copy of the Tain Bo Cualnge. It’s a translation from the Book of Leinster on the famous Irish legend, the Cattle Raid of Cooley.” His hands had resumed rubbing her back, warming her flesh with his touch but he paused. “Enough with the history lessons. Not the sexiest pillow talk.”

“Big brains are sexy.”

She never ceased to amaze him. Any lover he had in the past would praise his skills in bed, his appearance or physique. It was perhaps the first time anyone called his intellect sexy. He laughed and leaned down to kiss her shoulder. “Thanks, darling,” he whispered against her skin.

His hands, slick with lotion, soon replaced his lips, kneading her shoulders. He focused on each muscle group with careful attention, working out each knot until she began to relax.

“Oh dear god,” she moaned into the pillow.

She grew silent after that and if not for the occasional whimper and slight twitches, he would have thought she fell asleep. He worked his way downwards, the strength of his fingers unrelenting until she melted into the sheets beneath him.

“For the record, I’m around five hundred years old. But if you try to call me a cradle robber, there will be punishment.”

He felt more than heard the sharp intake of breath but gave no reply. Worry gnawed at him on whether he had overwhelmed her until he reached a particularly bad knot at the small of her back that provoked a groan from her.

His cock twitched at the sound but he pointedly ignored it. His libido could take a hike right now. This was about her pleasure.

“My poor Sparrow.” His lips replaced his hands, butterfly kisses soothing away the pain. He paused with the massage, giving her time to recover and instead, refocused on giving her a different kind it attention. With the tip of his tongue, he traced along the outline of her tattoo, tasting her. He so adored it for it memorialized the moment they first met in the twilight of dreams.

His actions drew a different kind of groan.

He shifted his weight to sit on top of her thighs, pinning her legs together. His hands drifted lower still working her muscles until he was kneading her ass, his fingers digging in, loving the feel of them in his hands. When he ventured a peek, he saw her eyes flutter closed.

“Don’t fall asleep on me Paige. I’ll just do this all over again in your dreams.”

Her lips curved into a smile as she turned her head to lay her cheek against the pillow. “Mmm, that doesn’t sound like a deterrent to me.”

Davin chuckled and nipped her where the neck joined the shoulder. “No, but I do enjoy reality so much more.”

For a little longer, he continued downwards, over her glutes, her calves, down to the delicate feet. When he presses against the pressure points along the bottom of her feet, she moaned in ecstasy. His cock was now straining against his pants but again he denied himself any relief.

He shifted until he knelt over her and lifted his weight so that he no longer rested on her. “Roll over on to your back.”

Her eyes were intent as she followed his directions, then watched as he warmed more lotion in his hands and began on her arm.

“You could have done that while I was still lying face down,” she pointed out with a raised brow.

“I wanted to enjoy this view too.” His lips curved into an impish grin but his gaze grew in intensity. So far, one purpose or another had spurred their time together - her trying to save his life, his incubus’ insistence in showing dominance. This was the first time he had the luxury to study her for real, to see her for her

His fingers brushed against her skin, his mind making comparisons between dream and reality. Here was a mole she never dreamed about. There, the skin darkened with tan lines. A light smattering of freckles spread her chest. A small scar, faint with time, followed the curve of her elbow. He noted every imperfection and cherished them even more. This was Paige, flesh and blood, and he worked to commit every part of her to memory.


He refocused on Paige’s worried face and realized that his hands had ceased their task. Davin tried to recall the last time someone looked at him with such concern and failed to.

She was the most precious thing in all his time in existence. And he now understood why Ava had called her his mate. Because fate had led him to her and he had long ago given her his heart.

With a free hand, Paige reached up to cup his face. He leaned into the warmth of her palm and urged himself to tell her his feelings. But fear held him back. Everything was too new, too soon. Swallowing the words, he gave her a soft smile instead and kissed her palm.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered in reverence.

The blush crept from the top of her breasts up to her face like a flower blooming before him. With delicate touches, he brushed his fingers up from her neck to her cheek and rubbed his thumb against her cheekbone.

Shifting again, he leaned down once more, propping himself up to keep from crushing her. His lips brushed by hers and when her lips parted, his tongue slid in to stroke hers sensually, revelling in her taste. When she sucked his tongue, he gave a loud moan and withdrew.

Control. He had to remain in control.

“Let me, little bird.” One hand slid down along her side, cupping her breast and kneading. Just like any muscle, it could grow sore and Paige held much of her tension throughout her entire body. As she began to relax again, he began kissing her again, from the corner of her lips, along her jaw, down to her neck. He took his time, noting the places where she would shiver or tense in reaction.

When the blush spread across her body and her eyes half-closed with another sultry moan, he shifted his hand to trace smaller and smaller circles on her breast until he circled her nipple.

“Davin.” The whimper accompanying his name let him know what she wanted and for once, did not tease and withhold. His lips enclosed on the hardening nub, while his tongue swirled around it.

“Oh god.” Paige arched her back and almost threw him off with the sudden movement of her body. His hands moved to pin her down by her shoulders before he drew back to switch to the other side. At the sounds she kept making, his incubus stirred and clambered to take over. With a growl from his throat, he told it to take a hike. As if sensing this, Paige stopped and held herself still.

“No.” The word came out hoarse, and he cleared his throat. “Don’t hold back Paige. Let me hear you.” He would not let the demon in him get in the way. To underscore his point, he continued kissing down her body, following its contours until he laid between her legs and his lips reached the apex of her thighs.

She was soaked and smelled heavenly. There was always that scent of lavender behind the musk that showed her arousal. He traced her delicate folds and watched in delight every shiver, every tremble in response.

At some point, Paige had propped herself up by her elbows to watch him and at his intense scrutiny, she began to try to close her legs.

“No, little bird. Spread wide.” He needed this, needed to remember what every part of her look and feel like while he kept all of his rational mind.

Her head fell back as her legs parted back for him, wider until her glistening pussy revealed itself once more in its full glory. Unable to resist, he leaned in and placed the flat of his tongue against her, a slow lick from her opening to the top, past her clit.

Her hip buckled in response and he took hold of her thighs to restrict her movements. “Keep yourself open,” he commanded then continued, stroke after stroke, enough to push her closer to climax but not over.

And then with the tip of his tongue, he delved deeper, swirling around her clit before drawing the bundle of nerves into his mouth. Her stomach tightened and when he began to suck on it in earnest, she came hard in his mouth with a cry of his name. His real name. His heart soared with joy.

“Please. I need you inside me,” Paige gasped out, hands clenching his shoulders, trying to tug him upwards.

“Anything for you,” came his reply as he rose on his haunches, unbuckling and kicking off his pants then crawled up to her. He lined himself up to her, the head of his throbbing cock nudging against her entrance. The incubus urged him to bury himself in her, to claim her with one hard stroke, to pound into her until she cried for mercy. No, that was not the point of this. He clenched his jaws, holding himself still until the incubus quieted once more even as Paige squirmed and plead for him.

It was the hardest thing he ever had to do in his life but when Davin slid into her, inch by inch, he revelled in the way her body held him tight inside. A profound sense of rightness settled as he bottomed out and waited until she adjusted to his girth.

Her rocking hips was the first sign of her ready for more. With agonizing slowness, he withdrew then sank back into her, his lips covering hers to drink in her moans. He set a steady pace while she wrapped her arms around him, fingers digging into his shoulder blades as he drove his little bird higher and higher.

When she crested once more, he felt his powers unfurl, and he swelled inside her. The lights he left on flickered, pulsing to their rhythm until her orgasm reached full bloom, her head rolling backwards, her body jerking and spasming uncontrollably beneath. He kept his eyes on her for as long as possible, desperate to hold the image of her expression frozen in ecstasy but it became too much, her pussy clenching around him, the way she desperately clung to him. He exploded, emptying his seed inside her with a low growl until he fell forward to bury his face in the crook of her neck.

A part of Davin triumphed. He did not feed on her. And yet the incubus remained quiet, and he sensed the beast sated, nonetheless. Curiosity to be puzzled at another time.

Something wet brushed by his shoulder and he looked up in alarm to see Paige crying in silence. With infinite gentleness, he cupped her face. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head and smiled through the glittering tears. “No, I’m absurdly happy.” A small laugh, a little broken, came through. “I don’t know why I’m crying. I’m sorry. This is silly.”

He leaned down and kissed each tear away. “Never apologize for your emotions. Just let it out, darling.”

He withdrew and laid beside her, drawing her in his arms. The depth of her emotions swept through him and he closed his eyes to steady himself. Something bigger, something he wasn’t ready yet to put a name to, was growing between them and for now, that was enough.

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