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It was a game of dominance and she was too much of a sore loser to give in, no matter the dark promises that danced in his eyes. In her fierceness, she refused to submit and so, as soon as they reached his bedroom, she pushed him onto the bed. She followed without missing a beat, straddling his waist, surprised by how easily he submitted.

And then, she discovered his trap. They wrestled but his much larger size gave him the advantage and soon, despite her being on top, he had full control once more. Her hands strained against his grasp as he held them tightly behind the small of her back, her breasts mashed against his chest. Trapped against him, she could not help but moan as he rolled his hips, ensuring she felt every single inch of his hardened member, grinding against her.

Paige Summers, Daoine Sidhe, leaned back in satisfaction, staring at her laptop screen. Three months later and she was back on track with her writing at last. It had taken weeks to get even the first paragraph right, but once the words came, they poured out of her. It helped that things between her and Davin had stabilized enough that her muse was able to give little pieces of encouragement and inspiration again. Small tastes since her body was still healing.

With a yawn, she rubbed her eyes and glanced at the sleeping body lying in repose on her bed. Despite the penthouse he owned, Davin had been spending so many nights here, he might as well have been live here permanently. His love for Lillian’s baking alone had kept him coming back, never mind the fact that Paige’s presence.

Maeve had suggested she invest in property, to move to a house of her own, given that as a Sidhe princess, she was apparently rich. Like richer than even Davin. But she had refused, preferring the rental suite now that it was all repaired. This was her home and Lillian was family.

Her family had grown larger. Her guardian had rented an apartment a block away. Dante had become her teacher but was still hovering over Ainsley. And there was the spirit that had guided her in that other dimension. Somehow, she knew with an inexplicable certainty that they were bound to each other and that he would be back when he finished what he had left her to do

Her thoughts turned back to her lover. The last few days, she had started getting used to thinking of his mate though she never said the word out loud yet.

Paige pushed her chair back and crossed the space to the bed. She slipped between the covers, and curled up against Davin as his body shifted to accommodate her presence. Even as sleep overtook her, she marvelled at how they fitted with each other.

When she opened her eyes once more in the twilight of dreams, she found herself on their shared bedroom alone, the only sound an antique clock ticking somewhere. That damn ticking only meant one thing. She spun around to face the large balcony windows and summoned the dream version of the Claímh Solais.

The hands came first, reaching for her again, slithering through the cracks even as a multitude of red eyes peered through the balcony windows.

Logic told Paige that this was a dream but to this day, she still wasn’t sure if her own sick memories had conjured it or if this thing was truly a separate entity, terrorizing her dreams like the inugami did. No, she had killed it with the real version of a god slaying sword. Surely this thing can no longer be real.

All she knew was that she was damn tired of fighting it and the fears it brought.

The windows faded without warning until that entire side was a solid wall and with that, the eldritch horror faded from the dream.

Strong arms wrapped around her waist and she jumped, instinct driving her to bring her elbow back to ready for a swing. The body behind her shifted in a well-practiced move to avoid the move.

“It’s all right Sparrow, I’ve got you. I’ve got you.” Davin’s comforting voice soothed her frayed nerves and her muscles relaxed. The conjured sword of light faded away.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, unsure if she was apologizing for the attempted blow to his gut or for the nightmare she kept producing, night after night. Even after three months, her fight had left her traumatized. Every time she closed her eyes, all she saw were those malevolent eyes and maw of terrifying sharp teeth.

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” He kissed the top of her head then once more on her shoulder. “I wish I could take this pain from you.”

At that, Paige smiled and turned in his arms to wrap hers around him. “You do. You keep my fears at bay.” She tossed a look back towards the now blank wall. “I don’t understand why I can’t manipulate the dreams like you do.” Frustration crept into her tone.

“Patience. You’ve only been practicing for a little while and I suspect you’re still replenishing your powers from the battle all those months ago. Besides, your body had been focusing on healing.”

With a soft sigh, Paige tucked her head under his chin and pressed the side of her face against his chest. So much for super healing powers. The wounds derived from the Elder God’s blood seemed to heal a lot slower than others, despite everyone’s attempts at speeding it up. The last week had been the first time she had her full range of motion again although parts of her skin still puckered with scars.

“Come on, let’s see if we can get you a few hours of rest before we have to get up.” Davin climbed into their bed and patted the space next to him. It was too tempting an offer to refuse and Paige followed, slipping under the covers in a mirror of real life to settle against him.

He trailed his fingers up and down along her bare arm, the motion almost hypnotic enough for her eyelids to droop. At some point in her research about dreams, she had figured out that sleeping here meant leaving the twilight of dreams and slipping into deeper dreamless sleep. She would return to this room before she woke for real but comforted by Davin’s presence, she relaxed enough to let her consciousness slip away.

When Paige woke, the skies were still dark. Anxiety drove her to shift in the bed. Today was the day. They would meet her biological fae parents for the first time. Not that she was ready to call them Mom and Dad yet but she needed to understand what she was more, including her powers’ nature and limits. When she last talked to her real parents on the phone, the waterworks had broken out and she had to make some quick excuse about having a cold. That led to her parents fussing more, which made her crying worse.

“Sparrow.” A hint of warning as Davin opened his eyes to slits.

Her fidgeting must have woken him up.

“It’s too early to worry.” Rough with sleep, he shifted to prop himself up and look down on her with glazed golden eyes.

Paige swallowed. She may have awakened the incubus more than the man.

“You sleep. I’ll do some writing,” she murmured, keeping her movements slow as she slipped out of bed.

He grumbled and reached out, hand wrapping around her wrist. “I don’t think so. I think someone needs a distraction.”

As Paige obeyed his lead to lay back on the bed, he leaned over to whisper in her ear. “And we haven’t celebrated your recovery yet.”

A shiver ran down her body and she pressed her legs together. That’s right, he had not fed on her in the last three months, insisting she needed all of her energy to heal. “Ah.” That was the only reply she managed.

Davin chuckled and skimmed his fingers across her skin along her arm, then skipped to her stomach, toying with the hem of her shirt. “I will take that as a yes.” His breath tickled her ear and his lips nibbled along the ridge.

She tilted her head to expose more of her skin to him, baring her neck in an age-old sign of submission.

It drew a growl from him and he slid his hand under her shirt to cup breast, his fingers gripping it with firm possessiveness.. “You know what that does to me, little bird. Are you sure you’re ready to dance with the demon?”

For the first time, knowing that being a fae protected her from becoming addicted to him, fears no longer held her back. There was always a possibility that she could still die from the incubus overfeeding but her reserves were now much deeper and he had proven already time and time again that he can restrain himself. She licked her lips, challenge quirking the corner of her lips upwards as she released a small lick of her power, her body shimmering with a faint blue before fading. “Bring it on.”

His answering smirk hovered in her vision as he didn’t shred her top with one strong tug. When she opened her mouth to protest, he covered her mouth with his, swallowing her words with a searing kiss. Around them, the scent of sandalwood and citrus intensified until she groaned with desire. Every brush of fabric, every touch of his body against hers only heightened her arousal further until all she craved at the moment was him.

“You better strip the rest of your clothes off or you’ll lose them the same way.” Davin traced a finger in lazy circles around her exposed nipple, dragging his fingernail even as they hardened into pebbles, aching for more.

No, he would not distract her! He wanted an excuse to rip her clothes off. With herculean effort, she pulled her head out of the sexual fog clouding her mind and reached for her shorts and panties, sliding them off in one swift motion.

“So eager,” he murmured, his eyes skimming down her naked body in admiration. Her skin flushed red at his gaze As he lowered his lips to replace his finger, she forgot any protest she had against the verbal trap he had set. He drew her nipple in, feasting on the sounds she made in response.

Her stomach tightened as he alternated between the two sides, swirling his tongue around. Paige’s eyes rolled backwards. She had heard of women climaxing from simulation on their breasts alone. Never would she have thought that would apply to her.

“Shade,” she gasped, buckling against him. Her hands reached for his drawstring pants, the urge to free his straining members strong.

“No.” Davin snarled and the now familiar invisible ropes snapped around her wrists, drawing them high above head. Other bonds wrenched her legs apart, keeping them restrained for his pleasure.

He sat back on his haunches, watching like a predator studying his prey. A finger trailed down, dipping into her wetness to trail it up along her slit. Another shudder passed through her body as she strained against his power’s hold, wanting to close her legs, conscious of his scrutiny. Yet, somehow, she only grew wetter, her juices dripping down to the sheets.

The smug smirk on his face made her whimper. He could read her every thought. Still, he made no move, only staring at every tremble of her body with hunger. Her chest rose and fell in the drawn out anticipation.

“Fuck me.” It came out more of a whine than she wanted. Provoking the incubus may have been a stupid move but she needed it, needed him. “Fuck me or let me fuck myself.”

He snarled at her. “I told you before, your pleasure is what I give you.” Without another word, he got up and left.

What. The. Fuck?

Minutes passed as he left her stewing. What was worst was that the arousal did not fade. Instead, with each second of waiting, she only grew more sensitive until every slight stirring of air sent small tremors throughout her body.

When he returned, she was ready to beg. And then he blindfolded her, the silken material caressing her face.

“Waiting can make you taste so much sweeter. I’ve never made you waited before, have I, Paige?” His voice, like velvet midnight, slid deliciously across her skin and she felt him close. She whimpered and shook her head. There was a savage gentleness to his words. Dear god, what had she done?

The whimpered turned into a sharp yelp when something cold pressed against her stomach. She sucked in a breath as the thing trailed down and nudged against her folds until it made direct contact with her clit. Without giving her time to adjust, the thing started vibrating.

Paige screamed and buckled in a swift hard orgasm. But there was no relenting, no mercy. His warm mouth closed over her pussy, his tongue thrusting into her opening to devour her. At some point he switched and thrusted the toy into her with long hard strokes kept cold still while his hot tongue flicked her clit over and over again. Her climax spiraled onwards, colours exploding in her vision as her body spasmed and contorted against the bonds. He began to vary the strokes and swirled his tongue, poking and prodding the swollen clit but never allowing her body to acclimatize. Oversensitivity threatened to overwhelm her as her vision began to darken.

And then he withdrew, allowing her temporary respite. Paige panted, blinking several times. When he slipped off the blindfold, the sight of his face, illuminated by his golden aura and her shimmering blue one, filled her vision.

His features had sharpened in his feral hunger. He kept his eyes on her as inch by slow, agonizing inch, he pushed himself into her, his bonds still keeping her open for his pleasure.

It was all she could do to keep from coming right then and there.

“So tight and wet.” His harsh groan resonated in her ear as he began to move, each stroke methodical and controlled. Paige had thought he would take her in a frenzy but this slow ruthlessness was beyond anything she ever imagined.

His hips moved, this way and that while he adjusted the angle of her hips until she gasped at the sudden shot of intense pleasure, entirely different from the one that radiated from her clit. With a nod of satisfaction to himself, he began thrusting at a faster pace, hammering at her g-spot until she crested, clamping down to hold his cock deep within her. He held himself still, bearing his hips down as until she began to come down from her orgasm. The bonds released her legs.

For a fleeting moment, she thought him done. But he proved her wrong when he flipped her over. The binding to her hands provided no resistance, rotating her body such that they remained tied high above her head. Davin lifted her hips and leaned forward.

“Mine.” With an animalistic growl, he thrust all the way to the hilt into her with one savage stroke, burying himself deep in her.

Paige’s lips parted into a wordless scream as her back arched almost violently. With a grunt, Davin moved a hand to the back of her neck and pinned her to the spot with inhuman strength. Satisfied with his control, he began pounding into her with relentless ferocity, pushing her to come harder and harder with each successive orgasm until they all bled into each other, her world comprising nothing but sheer mindless pleasure. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she grew aware of the incubus feeding on her but she cared not what he took.

With a roar, Davin gave one last thrust, pushing as deep as possible, and emptied his seed in a torrent into her. It drove her to the most violent orgasm yet until darkness took over her overloaded mind. With that, Paige passed out.

When she came to again, Paige groaned, reaching with gentle fingers to prod her sore, achy core. She was clean though. He must have seen to it while she was out.

“If you want another round…” Davin winked as he laid on one side of her, head propped up by his hand.

She had no energy to chuck a pillow at him so only moaned and closes her eyes.

“Ah, the sound of a well-fucked woman.”

Damn that smugness in his voice. But she could not deny his statement. So she let out a soft sigh instead and drew on the last of her strength to curl up against him. A small smile graced her lips as he leaned down to kiss her temple.

“As much as I enjoy our post-coitus cuddles, we have to get up soon, love.”

Paige groaned. “Fifteen more minutes.”

Davin chuckled and tightened his arms around her. “All right, fifteen more minutes.”

Fifteen more until the next step of their journey together.

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