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Better Than This


Davin stared at his bandaged hand, still pulsing with pain and knew even without unwrapping it that it wasn’t healing. Serves him right for being a showoff.

Still, she was here. Paige, in his apartment, flesh and blood. The demon in him clamoured to go to her, to feel her naked flesh under his hands as he touched and teased every inch. To lick and taste all of her before diving into the sweet nectar between her legs. To listen to her moans and cries fill the air in the sweetest symphony of all ages. To finally plunge into her molten core, her tightness wrap around his cock, to move and drive her to heights of pleasures beyond what she could imagine, over and over while he fed…

Davin groaned. This cold shower was not working. It also didn’t help that his injured hand was his dominant hand. Fuck me, I am a damn fool.

Before she had retired for the night, Paige had muttered something about the lack of clothing to sleep in. Davin was quick to provide her with the necessities - a charger for her phone, a new toothbrush, towels, and a large clean t-shirt for her to sleep in. The latter had proven to be a mistake. The very thought of her wearing something of his, his scent imprinting on her had sent the incubus into overdrive and was the very reason Davin was standing here gritting through this cold shower.

As he shut off the water, he pressed his forehead against the cold tile and tried to turn his mind towards the attack instead. Was it a fan she had crossed? Why now? Paige hadn’t published her new book yet so there were no changes. Was it one of her blog posts? No, he had read every one of them faithfully and there wasn’t anything that would trigger anyone. Paige was an old hat at that game by now. The new interview she did? No, that wasn’t out yet.

Davin wracked his brain and groaned. He needed a drink. Although alcohol didn’t really affect a demon’s system, the soothing burn sometimes helped him clear his head. He grabbed a large towel, wrapped it around his waist, threw another one over his shoulders and padded outside.

As he passed by the door to her room, the last one in the hall before it opened up into the kitchen and living space, faint sounds of fighting caught his attention. His oh-so-creative mind provided him with another image. Her curled up in bed, watching a movie on her phone, the tip of her tongue poking out, a habit she had when she focused on something. A habitat he found both endearing and sexy.

He needed that drink.

Davin was downing his second glass of scotch, neat, when he heard the door opening. A squeak made him turn around, catching a glimpse of long pale legs poking through his shirt before the door to the guest room slammed closed. His lips tugged into a smirk and he set the glass down to make his way to the door. As he cleared his throat, he rapped his knuckles on the door.

“You okay in there, Paige?”

A rustling on the other side of the door. “I’m fine!”

Was that a smidgen of fluster he picked up in her voice? His smirk spread wider.

“Are you sure? Did you need something?” He could not keep the teasing out of his voice.

“Yeah, put some goddamn clothes on.”

Davin struggled to not chuckle but failed entirely. “It’s nothing you haven’t seen before Paige.”

“Doesn’t mean I want to see it now!”

His body affected her. At least, she still found him attractive. “Okay, okay. My apologies, I’m not used to sharing my place with someone. I’m heading to my room now.”

Even through his closed bedroom door, the sound of the guest room door creaking open echoed like faint music to his ears. The little sparrow was curious. He smiled to himself as he towelled off and dressed. For the rest of the night, he sequestered himself in his large bedroom, allowing Paige to have free rein of the rest of the place with no more embarrassment.

When Davin settled in for the night and stepped into the twilight of dreams, he raised a brow. This was a far cry from what he was expecting. He found himself in a gym of a sort, polished wooden floors gleaming with crisp white lines drawn over. But rather than nets or basket hoops, a wide variety of weaponry lined the walls. And in the middle was Paige, stance wide but knees still straight so that her centre of gravity remained high. She was holding a long dagger and was attempting to lunge into a strike without falling off balance.

He leaned against the wall, lips quirked in half-amusement, half-admiration. Clothed in a black sports bra and tight yoga pants, Paige’s outfit left little to the imagination. Memories of her body pressed against him resurfaced and his member stirred in his pants once more.

Damn libido.

Before his incubus started demanding more action once more, Davin coughed.

Startled, Paige jumped and lost the grip on her dagger. It fell with a clatter that echoed across the room.

“Are we starting practice early? I was going to give you the night off.”

Her cheeks flushed as she glanced sideways at the blade she dropped them shrugged. “I must have fallen asleep watching YouTube videos.”

He took a step, and then another, closing the distance between then before he bent down to pick up the weapon, his gaze never leaving hers.

“And what were you watching?” His featured schooled into a mask of innocence spoiled only by a slight grin. In his head, he began to piece together what she was attempting. The sounds of fighting he caught earlier, coupled with her comment about videos meant she was likely doing her homework before his promised lesson tomorrow.

“Stuff,” she replied again, affecting the most nonchalant expression she could manage. But he recognized that caginess in the way she shuffled her feet, her eyes darting back and forth. “What are you doing here?” It was a nice if futile attempt at deflection.

His smile softened. “I promised I would guard your dreams, Paige, in case the inugami came back. I meant that. Nothing else, I promise. But since you set this up…” He offered the weapon back to her, hilt up, blade down. “Let me show you?”

Paige hesitated, staring at the dagger before taking it, her fingers skimming over the back of his hand. Davin’s heart skipped a beat and he wondered at what it was about this woman that made him respond like he was that sixteen years old with his first girl all those thousand years ago.

“Let’s start with the stance. Show me.”

As she got into her guess of a stance, Davin beamed with pride. Already she had learned from some of her mistakes from earlier. This time she bent her knees and found a better distance for her feet. Paige had good instincts.

“Stay on the balls of your feet. You should feel balanced but remain light-footed.”

He kept his touch light as he positioned and corrected the finer points of a readying stance. The light touches quieted the incubus but set his memories free. How many times had she allowed him to position her for entirely different purposes, obeying his hands without question. Even now, she responded so wonderfully.

Hell, she was beautiful. He drew in a breath as he circled her, studying the stance she held steady. Every bit the fighter he knew she hid behind the shy exterior of a geeky writer. When he came to stand behind her, he gave her a little shove without warning. Her feet remained planted on the ground. Good.

He stepped up, closing the distance between them so that he could feel the heat of her body, her scent filling his head. Gingerly, he touched her shoulder. “May I?”

When she nodded her assent, his hand skimmed down along her arm, taking hold. Pain shot through up but he ignored it, grateful that with Paige’s facing forward, she would not see the wince. “Now if you want to attack, let’s start with a simple strike.”

The nearest of her nearly undid him, her heat calling to his every instinct. His hand guided her arm into a forward thrust, their arms moving in unison, hers braced against his. “Remember this movement, remember how it feels “

“Shade.” There was a breathlessness to her voice, a kind of whimper of want, so familiar that he hardened instantly. With a start, he realized that his other hand was on her hip.

“Oh, shit.” Davin jumped back, putting as much distance between them as possible. “I’m so so sorry,” he muttered, eyes looking down in shame. She trusted him to keep control and here he was, subconsciously seducing her when he knew she wanted nothing to do with him.

A look of pity passed over Paige, surprising him. “You can’t help it, can you?” There was a softness in her words as if for the first time, she truly comprehend his nature.

He gritted his teeth and his fingers curled into fists. “No, it’s my baser instincts but we’ve evolved from that. I’m better than that. I’m not some out-of-control young buck. Being an incubus, it’s what I am, but it’s not who I am.” The last he repeated more to himself, a mantra he played often in his head in moments of weakness.

“I know.”

His head whipped back at the two little words that he never thought would come out of her mouth, his body stiffening with wariness.

With a sigh, Paige crossed the floor of the gym as she spoke. “I don’t know if your whole celibacy thing is true or not but I know you’ve had plenty of chances to manipulate me into sex tonight and even before. You didn’t. The fact I’m still angry at you for gaslighting me all this time proves that.” She lifted the sword and places it in its place on the wall. “I also don’t know if I trust you yet entirely. Heck, I’m not even sure how much I actually buy this whole supernatural business. But I’m going to choose to believe, both in what you are telling me and your intentions, even if I’m an idiot for it.” She turned and gave him the first genuine smile he had seen since he told her he was both Davin and Shade.”

“Thank you.” Her leap of faith shook her. “I promise I’ll do everything I can to live up to that trust “

“Good. I’ll hold you to that.”

He cleared his throat. “We’ll go to visit my brother tomorrow. He owns a dojo and can probably teach you better than I can.” Davin could see Dante’s disapproving face already but at this point, it would be safer for Paige.

“Is that the tall one from the other night?”

Not much escaped the observant eye of the writer in her. Davin nodded. *His name is Dante.”

“He’s like you?”

“Yeah, but we’ll go to his human business. The dojo will be full of students and other people, all human. He’s older and is a bit better at some things.” It galled him to admit it but he understood Paige’s need for reassurance.


The dream shifted back to the bedroom they shared. Davin blinked in surprise for it was certainly not his doing.

“Hmmm, I’m getting better at this.”

Indeed, she was.

“Can you whip up some books for me on your and other kinds of fae?”

Davin chuckled. He remembered her mentioning that even for a romance novel, research was key. A bookcase shimmered into existence, filled with his memories and knowledge of the subject. “You read, I’ll stand guard.”


His nature and hunger may desire her body but the smile she gave him in return was one that warmed his simple heart.

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