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His hand slid softly up my thigh a a soft groan escaped my lips. He was dangerous, & definitely not what I needed right now. But fuck, I wanted him. Phoenix Maze is a 19 year old born from a long line of ancient and powerful witches. Her mother Regan, married a mortal by the name of Chad. Together they had one child , and that child was Phoenix. When Phoenix was 13, her mother was brutally murdered by a group of extremist Christians who believed witches to be evil, cold, and harmful to the peace of the world. At the time of her murder Raven was on the fast track to become the Governess of a school that shaped the minds of young witches and warlocks, taught the ancient ways, and gave practical education and life experience to those gifted in the supernatural. Now that Phoenix is of age, she is going to the school that her mother once kept guard over. There she will find a darkness lingering and it will be up to her to to make decisions that could very well decide the fate of not only the school itself, but the future of witches and warlocks as a whole.

Romance / Drama
Makayla Leanne 🖤
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Chapter 1 : Packing

"You know, just because your mother taught there, it doesn't mean you have to go running in her footsteps." my father signed softly as he watched me pace carefully around the room glancing adamantly at my checklist to make sure that I hadn't forgotten anything important. Ah, ancient spell book. Check!

"Dad, it's not fair for you to want to hold me back from this. I'm not mom. And you forget, she didn't just teach there. She was on the fast track to be the Governess, as in, soon to be in charge of everything. What happened to her was awful, and I'll never forget it. But I know deep down, this is what she would've wanted. If I have the opportunity to help, and learn some of what she knew, don't I deserve that?" the words spilled out so fast it seemed as though they nearly toppled atop each other.

I had been invited to the Celestial College of Enchantment. Somewhere, deep down I knew my father had always dreaded me going. I think he always knew I would find my way there, no matter how hard he tried to drive a wedge between me and California, I had always felt drawn there. I attribute most of that to my mother, but also I've always known that my calling towards my supernatural heritage would catch up with me.

We live in a world where mortals and witches know of each other, and have found a way to live in harmony together. I just believe my father fears that the dark ages will make a come back, ever since what happened to my mother.

You see, there are still mortals that believe that what I am is unholy. That I am unholy. Just the thought of the mortals that think I deserve to be burned at the stake for being "evil" which I most certainly am not is enough to make my blood boil and my fingertips spark with fire, symbolizing anger.

My father senses the shift within my emotions, and his face immediately softens. "Phoenix, darling," his eyes cloud with tears as he walks over to me, urging me to sit down next to him on the plush black sofa that is pushed against the end of my bed. "You have no idea, how much I know this is what she would have wanted. You mother was a beautiful goddess of a woman,the definition of the High Priestess, and I have no idea what she wanted to do with a scrawny, geeky mortal like myself. Losing her. That was the hardest thing I think I've ever had to go through. And I am so scared, because there are people in this world that do not take kindly to powerful women, and if anyone ever hurt you I don't know what I would do." by this point the tears are streaming down his face like a careless river.

"Dad, I'll be okay." I know I should say more, but I cant find the words. This is probably the most hes spoken about mom since her death, and part of me wants him to keep talking. Hearing the love in his voice when he talks about her, and seeing the tears in his eyes is enough to make me come to the edge of falling apart. But just as quickly as the emotions came, I push them back down, something I had become quite good at since moms passing. "Dad look at me, I will be okay. I'm going to go be a normal teenager, every teenager goes to college" I smile.

Not necessarily a normal college though.

I read his mind before he even says it, my number one gift granted to me by whatever being created us.

"Maybe not normal for you, but normal for me." I laugh and playfully shove his shoulder which in return makes him finally crack a smile. He sighs shakily and pushes his glasses up as they had begun to slide slightly down the bridge of his pointed nose.

"I thought I told you to stay out of my head." He teases.

"How can I do that when your thoughts are so damn loud?" I laugh softly. "Moral of the story is, I will be okay. And if I'm not I'll call you. " I assure him. This seems to help him ease up a little bit.

"Okay. Well, if this is what you want. Lets get going." He stands up, cracks his knuckles, and then begins helping me pick up my multiple suitcases.

"Dad you know I can just transport these to my dorm in 3 seconds sharp right?" I laugh picking up my carry on bag which contains my laptop, iphone, and headphones.

"Hey, let me be a dad right now and help his daughter pack for college" He says, clearly struggling as he starts to pull the suitcases down the stairs. I shrug and laugh as I follow him down the stairs.

Once everything is loaded into the car I take a deep breath and glance back at my childhood home. A beautiful dark blue victorian with white shutters, my eyes shift to the white rose bushes that I helped mom plant when I was just a child. A single tear falls carefully down my light porcelain colored face, my green eyes gleaming in the unforgiving sun. I push my magenta red hair behind my ear.

"To new beginnings..."I whisper, saying a silent goodbye to the only home I've ever known. I can only pray that I'm not getting in over my head.
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