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The long awaited finale of the Guarded series! Elias, the king of Vampires, has returned safely to Lennox's care. Things seem to be going smoothly, until an unexpected visitor shows up with a gift and throws things into chaos. With tensions rising and an important trial coming up, will Lennox be able to save her relationship, or will things fall apart for good? They say keep your enemies close, but what happens when your enemy is the one you love... BOOK THREE OF THREE

Romance / Fantasy
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There was no escaping her. Lennox had become the ultimate thorn in my side. First she took my husband, warping his mind against me and now here she stood, holding a press conference on television to no doubt poison the minds of my subjects. I thought back to the moment when the idea of having our own cable frequency was brought to the table. I was strongly against it but Elias insisted. It seemed like after all this time, it would be turned against me. I turned up the volume as she walked up to the podium, Elias trailing not far behind her. Here and now is why I was so against it, because every supernatural being would listen to her lie about me and have Elias to back her up.

“Hello, everyone, thank you for coming. As most of you know, Queen Valentina has been in the wind for a while now.” She paused and took a deep breath before continuing. Clearly she was not cut out to be in front of crowds. “Recently she has even gone as far as kidnapping your king. Elias clearly has been rescued but at the expense of many lives. As far as we know, the Queen is severely injured after a confrontation that resulted in her fleeing yet again. And since any and all donor areas and blood banks have been monitored, we are sure that she has not been feeding. At least, not in the normal ways. Of course, that does not mean that she hasn’t gone to more primitive routes to feed. All we do know is that from this point on, Valentina has been officially overthrown.” She half smiled as she finished. Rage filled me even more than before as Elias rubbed her back for moral support. As if she had the ability to strip me of power. The room erupted with people in dire need to get their pathetic questions answered.

“One at a time,” Elias said, leaning in from behind her to calm the storm that she had created by opening up her little whore mouth.

“How do you plan on capturing her?” The first person asked. I chuckled. As if they could.

“Well right now, we are just focused on locating her. After that, we will then work out the proper and most effective way of bringing her in.” Lennox answered quickly.

“Who is going to be in charge from this point on?” The next nobody asked and she took a deep breath.

“Your King will be taking over any and all points of authority and he will be putting into place a team of people to help deal with any and all conflicts.”

“Some people have said you are the reason that Valentina has gone off the rails. Is there any truth to this?” Off the rails? Really? I wouldn’t call it that, but whatever, nosey blonde.

“No. Valentina grew outraged when Elias went after a heart of his own instead of the half of a heart she forced upon him.” The crowd got silent for a moment before someone spoke.

“We know who you are. And we know who Elias is... but who are the two people standing to the side of you?” As the camera zoomed out, I couldn’t believe my eyes. No... it couldn’t be possible. Elias’s parents stood off to the corner, staring at Lennox with so much admiration you would think that she was their own child. I stared in disbelief at the TV screen, watching it all unfold before me.

“These are the parents of your king. They have flown a long way to help with the issues at hand, so please show them the respect they deserve.”

“I don’t know about anyone else here, but I can’t seem to pay attention to anything else but the ring on your finger. Does this mean that you two really are and item and a royal wedding is in the future?” I glanced down at her hand as it gripped the podium and there it was. It wasn’t even just any ring, no... it was his mother’s ring. The ring he refused to give me after almost a thousand years of marriage. Oh, if only there was a wedding. Too bad he was still married to me and no one in their right mind would be stupid enough to go behind my back and officiate a divorce without my consent, which they would never get. “I mean after a divorce from the queen, that is.”

“As of two weeks ago, Valentina and I are no longer married.” Elias chimed in, guiding Lennox softly out of the way. “And as for the previous question, Lennox and I are engaged. Before you go off thinking that she in anyway tore apart my marriage, let me just state that Valentina and I were over before Noxx entered into my life. People don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. All Lennox did was give me the courage to do what I should have done centuries ago. I plan to marry her as soon as Valentina has paid for her crimes. No further questions.”

As Elias ushered himself and that whore off the stage, the reporters kept hurling questions at them, but his parents joined him as they exited the stage, and the scene cut to two reporters at the station. I stared at the screen, but couldn’t remove the image of that ring on her finger from my eyes, nor could I scrub the sounds of what I’d just heard out of my ears. It all became too much to bear, and I stood, screaming at the top of my lungs. I picked the television up and hurled it across the room, wishing it was that whore’s head breaking against the wall. The pieces fell to the floor, but I still didn’t feel satisfied. I hadn’t eaten in two days, and before that, it had been whatever animals I could find, which was almost worse than starving.

To think that one girl could come in and ruin everything I had worked for… It enraged me to no end. As I tore apart the rest of the room, I cursed and screamed until my throat felt raw, but it still didn’t quench the anger within me, white hot and burning like a forest fire. When I’d finally destroyed the last of the objects in the room that I could get my hands on, I stormed out into the night, hoping a plan would come to me soon to rid me of Lennox, once and for all.

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