The Lady and Her Butler

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“Be too much of a lady to put up with anything less than a gentlemen." ***** The last thing Raven wants in her life is a man. She always prefer doing everything on her own, being responsible and independent without the help of a maid or butler-or anyone to be exact. She's the perfect definition of a girl with a mind, a women with attitude, and a lady with class. When her personal butler suddenly decides to retire from old age he suggests someone who has amazing butler skills and being a bodyguard, two in one. Raven didn't expect much nor wanted any butler/bodyguard. Till he stepped in... [PLEASE GIVE MY BOOK A CHANCE❤️]

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As far as I’ve known, men were always superior than women. It’s always been like that since the first time man and women were placed on earth. Many generations after generations it stands and even now in modern day it still stands.

And for me...oh that’s a big no, no.

Since I can remember my mother always needed a man in her life. It’s like she can’t live without one which totally supports what I’ve been claiming I do not live for.

You see, I was born into a wealthy family because of my father hard working success. Don’t get me wrong I love my dad but him going off to work and my mom staying home to be a housewife taking care of me—the stereotypical—was something I didn’t approved easily.

Course I was just a baby, a mere child so I didn’t care unless if I’ll be eating vegetables for dinner so I can make a run for it. But as I got older I starting seeing more, understanding more. Seeing how the world works.

When I turned 12 my father was bankrupt losing everything he build. After trying everything he can to save his company, that was his last straw and well...let’s just say my father didn’t took it well.

The day I won the award being best honor student, I ran to my father office to show him at least some good news but instead found my father feet three feet above the floor a rope wrapped around his neck.

He commit suicide.

That’s when things started going to down hill for us.

My mother and I started living alone in a small apartment. My mom would go days yelling at nothing how she didn’t deserve this, cursing my father name in heaven. There were days I’ll go without food since my mother was used to the rich life of maids and servants serving food.

So I had to grow up for the both of us. I started cooking for us, cleaning, taking care of my mother in her crazy moods. It was like that for us for a year. Me being the grown up taking care of an over grown child.

Till my mother came home with the happiest smile I’ve seen in months. She came explaining she found someone who not only was handsome but was more wealthy than father ever was.

Months later I was moving in the biggest mansion I’ve ever seen. Everything from that day on changed. My mom was back to her luxurious lifestyle with a handsome husband along with a million dollar ring. My lifestyle changed, now I had a personal butler name Robert—around in his 60′s—who serves only me. My damn last name changed to Cenric.

The Cenric family were known for years owning oil factory’s. Then Cesar created the best wine out there making Cesar Cenric—my new stepfather—into a millionaire over night. Now the family Cenric are known for the best oil and wine. This family are known for generations making them. Being knowledge by royalty, they became royalty themselves since there was a time they were closely related to the King and Queen in England centuries ago.

There damn Cenric name means ‘bold’ or ‘power’. And I know first hand how bold and powerful the Cenric family can be.

So a poor girl out of nowhere becoming a Cenric child over night was not easy. Not just that but meeting my two new step siblings. Cesar had two children from his first deceased wife, name Mary and Joseph—which were twins. They were older than me by one year but acted like babies.

My whole life changed drastically. Now I had manners lesson, dancing lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons, table manners lessons, the past history of the Cenric family lessons. It was just constant lessons how to become a Cenric lady.

Then finally I started my regular classes except I had a private teacher hired by Cesar. Never once I went to a school like any other child, it was as if I was actually in a royal family. The saddest part is I never once had friends. So growing up I only had Robert and my personal maid Rose, if you count them as friends.

So that was my life for the last six years. Twin siblings of devils bulling me every chance they got. Constant lessons for things I don’t like but must know. My mother forgetting about me, (she was to busy making her new husband comfortable). Lastly playing alone or reading trapped inside my bedroom where is my only safe heaven.

During the time I was trap in my bedroom I begin creating many designs of clothes I wished to have. Even though I have thousands of dollars in my account in the Cenric name I never once touched it.

I’ve always loved clothes. Expressing myself through clothes was something I’ve loved.

Through out the years I created new styles of clothes and shoes in my secret journal, for one day I’ll be able to go and start making my dream into a reality.

Once turning 18 I went to the best university there was in fashion design finally creating my dream into reality. Five years later my brand of work was the best known. Shown in New York modeling shows and had many stores.

I became my own millionaire all alone without the help of no one. My name was known throughout the design industries all around. The only people that stood by my side throughout my success was Robert and Rose.

During my time alone and working hard I’ve learned self respect. I don’t bow down to anyone just because I’m a woman. I know, I am enough. Who I am is enough. What I do is enough. And what I have is enough.

And now I’ll do what’s best for me.

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