Saving Zoey

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Book 1 in the Underwood series She has the worst luck in history. He's popular. She's a nobody. He thinks he has it all. She barely makes it by. "Never in my life would I have ever thought I would end up here." Zoey Collins didn't have the best childhood. Being abandoned and abused by her parents, to having to take care of her three years old brother isn't a bad situation right? What will happen when Jared asks about his mother? Can Logan Underwood the most popular boy of the school bring happiness in their lives? Will, she let him break her walls?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“Jared come on, you have to go to school,” I yelled through the door to my little brother.

“Zoey, I don’t wanna go.” I heard him whine as he moved around in our room. He came out rubbing his eyes.

“I’m sorry bud you have to. I have to go to school too.” I grabbed our backpacks and went over to him handing him his. He looked down as he grabbed his bag and it made my heartbreak.

For the past five years, it’s just been us. Ever since he was born, I have been taking care. Everything was put on my shoulders when our parent’s a banded us. I was twelve when he was born, I had no idea how to take care of him. My mom and dad didn’t want us. I didn’t have a happy childhood everyone talks about. I was abused almost every day and was the maid of the house. I didn’t have nice clothes or nice things. Jared and I just barely make it by every day. I do everything I can to make him happy, but it’s so hard with work and school. I’m only seventeen and I feel like I’m thirty. I never do anything for myself it’s always for Jared.

“Zoey I’m tired.” I wanted to go back to bed just as much as he wants to but it's just not practical.

“I know I am too. You’ll have fun at school and I’ll see you later. I love you.” He wrapped his arms around me and I held him close to me.

“Love you too Zoey.” I kissed his forehead letting him go. I sighed watching him back his way into the elementary school. He started walking and turned around waving at me, making me smile.

I left and started walking towards my school. What I wouldn’t do to have a car, everything would be so much easier. I didn’t have friends, well I had one and her name was Lydia. She was the only one that knew the truth about me and Jared. I’ve never had a boyfriend or even kissed a guy for that matter.

“Hey Zoey, wait up.” I turned my head and saw Lydia running after me and I smiled at her.

Sometimes I wonder why she’s even friends with me. Lydia was beautiful and had nicer things than me, but she chose me as her best friend. The best thing about her is; she doesn’t care about how popular she is. It’s just me and her and she’s happy about that.

“You okay?” She frowned looking me over.

“Yea just tired. Had to work late last night and Jared didn’t feel good.”

“Is he okay?” I nodded.

“Yea. He’s tired and didn’t want to go to school. It breaks my heart knowing I can barely do anything.”

“How about you two stay with me tonight?” She smiled while I shook my head.

“I have to work.”

“Then let me get him from school and bring him back to my place. When you’re done with work you can come over.”

“Are you sure, you don’t have to do that?”

“Yea, don’t worry about it. Besides I need some time with my boyfriend.” She smirked. Those two were something else.

“He would love that, thank you. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“That’s what best friends are for.” I smiled wrapping my arms around her giving her a hug. We finished walking to school, the place I dreaded the most. I have enough problems besides worrying about what people think about me.

“Hey, Zoey.” I turned my head and saw Logan waving at me. I smiled and waved at him. Logan has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He’s gorgeous, but he would never go for me.

“Hey, Logan.”

Logan was one of the popular kids, but he was different. He never made fun of me. He was always nice to me. When I go to work, he is the only thing I look forward too when I get there.

“You excited for work tonight?” He smirked knowing we were both dreading it.

“Of course.” We both smiled, but we both knew that we hated our jobs.

“Well, I’ll see you later.” He rubbed the back of his neck, looking nervous.

“Yea can’t wait.”

He smiled one more time then went over to his friends. I looked at Lydia and she was smiling uncontrollably.

“He’s so hot, and he’s into you.”

“No, he’s not, we’re just friends.” I groaned while she only smirked at me.

“He so is. Did you see the way he looked at you?”

“He doesn’t like me; no guy likes me.”

“Zoey your beautiful and have an amazing personality, any guy would be lucky to be with you.”

“Thank you.”

We walked into school going our separate ways to our lockers. I kept my head down and went to my locker. Right now, I wish I was home with Jared watching cartoons, instead of being here.

After school, I called Jared’s school letting him know Lydia will be picking him up instead.

“Seriously I don’t know what I would do without you,” I told her as we pulled up to the dinner I work at.

“Zoey, you’re my best friend. I would do anything for you and besides, I know if I ever needed anything you’ll be there.”

“Got that right. Thank you anyways, I’ll see you later.” I got out of the car and headed into the dinner. Logan smiled as he watched me walk in.



“Let’s get this over with so we can go home.”

“Sounds perfect to me.” He smiled handing me an apron.

After a long day at work and school, I’m ready to go home. I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep, I’m so tired. Hopefully, Jared had a good day with Lydia. He really needed some cheering up.

“Hey, Zoey.” I turned around and found Logan a lot closer than I expected.

“Yea,” I said quietly. I could feel the heat rise right up to my cheeks.

“There’s this party on Friday. I was wondering if you would go with me?” Was he serious he wanted to take me? Out of all the girls he chose me.

“Why me?” I asked him confused.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not pretty, I don’t have nice things. You could have any girl.” I frowned looking away from him.

“Zoey, you’re beautiful and I don’t care you don’t have nice things. That doesn’t matter to me. All the other girls don’t compare to you, you’re real. You do everything to make others happy and you’re amazing. I can actually be me with you.”

I looked at him in shock. Did this mean he liked me? He walked closer and put his hands on my waist pulling me closer. I froze not knowing what to do. One of his hands came up, gently cupping my face, making me look up at him in the eyes. I saw love and sadness in his eyes. He brought his face closer to mine, pressing his lips to mine. I felt the sparks as our lips started to move in sync. My arms wrapped his neck and he pulled me closer to him. Once he pulled away, he put his forehead to mine. I took a breath that I really needed.

“Go to the party with me.” I giggled, resting my head against his shoulder.

“You need a shower.” I sighed breathing him in.

“Thanks. Will you answer my question?”

“I’ll think about it. I have to watch my brother.”

“Bring him.” He joked.

“Good one, but he’s too young.” He laughed, kissing the top of my head making me smile.

“Well, I hope you can go then.”

“We’ll see, I probably should get going.”

“Do you need a ride?”

“You don’t have to.”

“But I want to.” I pulled away and saw the smile on his lips, making me smile. He kissed my forehead bringing his lips back to mine, kissing me sweetly. Once he pulled away, I whimpered.

“Come on, let’s get you home.” We pulled away from each other, grabbing our things and headed off to his car.

“I’m staying at Lydia’s.”

In the car, he grabbed my hand and held it. My hand fit perfectly with his, it was kind of weird. Once we got to Lydia’s I looked at Logan.

“Thank you for the ride and tonight.”

“You’re welcome. Remember to think about Friday.”

“I will.” I nodded. He smiled, leaning over pressing his lips to mine again for the third time. Once he pulled away, he kissed my forehead and I got out. I walked up to the house and went in going straight to Lydia’s room.

“Zoey!” Jared smiled running into my arms giving me a hug.

“Hey buddy, did you have a good day?”

“Yea, we got pizza and ice cream. She took me to a baseball game.” He said excitedly.

“Sounds fun. I’m going to shower and then you need to go to bed.”

“Okay.” I grabbed some of my stuff and went to take a shower. Once I was done, I went back to her room and got on the bed with them.

“Thank you for watching him.”

“Don’t worry about it, we had fun.” Jared moved closer curling up into my arms. I’ve been rocking him to sleep every night since he was a baby. For a while, it was the only way to get him to sleep. He said he felt safe curled up in my arms.

“Love you, buddy.”

“Love you, mommy.” My eyes widened looking right at Lydia, she had the same expression. Every girl's dream is to be called mommy, but not by their sibling. This isn’t the first time he’s done this, but every time it kills me even more. Once he was asleep, I moved him, so I could sit up.

“We need to talk.” She said.

“Let’s go downstairs.” We got up quietly trying not waking him. We went downstairs and sat on the couch.

“You okay?” She asked looking me over.

“Yea, it just breaks my heart when he does that.”

“When I went and picked him up today. He asked why he didn’t have a mommy and daddy like everyone else. I told him I didn’t know, but he had an amazing big sister.” That brought tears to my eyes. I know he wants mom and dad back, but there is nothing I can do about that. Lydia moved over wrapping her arms around me.

“Why did this have to happen, he doesn’t deserve this?”

“I don’t know, but he has us and I will do anything for both of you. You do everything for him and he loves you.”

“I know that, but it’s just so hard.” I cried on her shoulder a little bit longer then pulled away. I pulled myself together enough to tell her about my night.

“Logan invited me to a party on Friday.”

“Are you going to go?” She squealed.

“I want to, but what am I going to do with Jared. I can’t just leave him at home by himself.”

“What about one of his friend’s house?”

“I don’t know.”

“You need to go, please I’m going.”

“With who?” I frowned looking my best friend over.

“Sam. We watched the game with him today and he invited me.” She smiled.

“Hopefully I can go, Logan kissed me tonight.”

“No way! How was it?” She gasped.

“Amazing, he likes me and I couldn’t be happier.”

“That’s great. Let’s go back up before he wakes up and we’re gone.” I nodded, and we headed back up. I wrapped my arms around him again pulling him closer to me.

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