Melted ice

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My name is Akeem some call me the ruthless some call me ice heart I don’t care I live alone no maid not even a little rat in my house, Killing is normal thing to me and I am short temper but I found a little guilty just a little guilty killing some innocent thing that’s why I don’t live with anyone in same roof if I found any mistake anywhere I don’t hesitate to remove you from my sight and that’s only to send you from hell i already kill 58 of my dumb workers and nine where injured three of them are crippled they simply get lucky they didn’t die when I punished them....... Hi guys my first language is not English am an African lady my first language is Kiswahili I had to write it in English so most of you could understand so please please and please forgive me with grammar since my English is not perfect though am trying my best to improve it each day. Thank you 😉

Patricia Fredy
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Chapter 1

Akeem POV
Wake up early in the morning is my daily routine even if I don’t have anything to do I can’t sleep over 5 am..
Today I don’t have serious issues so I don’t have to go out the city to my office, of course I have my office in my house since no one is around I dicided to use it as my private office I mean personal office
Once I had an office and people used to live and working in my house I kill almost all of them because of simple mistake they made.. I regret it though because most of them let’s say all of their mistake where just simple I may punished them otherwise but no my evil spirit won’t let them pass that simple I just hate my self sometimes but I can’t help it that’s who I am I can’t change my self am not a human I just have a figure of a human I don’t have a heart and it’s strange sometime I don’t here it’s beating sounds, I don’t lough I don’t remember last time I loughed i don’t know the meaning of happiness I don’t love I never loved anyone.
I stepped down stairs to the kitchen I fill hungry I didn’t ate yesterday it was a busy day and I slept late; open the fridge and grab some fruit and save my self I ate all of them and returned back to my room.
I dicided to take shower wear my track trouser and go to my personal office I realize my house is a mess there where some maid use to come and live when am gone to job I dicided they have to come when am not in the house to clean everything and live before I come back because that will prevent me from killing anyone when I found anything bad
But lately I fire all of them because they didn’t do what I order them to do and it’s a first time I did the right thing if they where present Lord know what I may did to them I am very strict man and very sensitive in anything in life even small things
didn’t pass unnotice and I don’t know how to give warnings or punishment or talk twice all I know is killing
Today I dicided to hire new maids and employers but I have to edit the contract I have to put strong warning I don’t want any mistake in anything I really need to change that’s why I remove every one in my house exclude guards who shift every six hours but that’s not it I need to change my temper too So I dicided to set new rules that’s I my self I need to follow them it’s not government or laws am afraid but lately I feel guilt when i kill my employers because of simple mistakes
After editing my contract I place an ad to my website grab my bottle of water and went through my phone and answer Travis msgs, Travis is my right hand man he’s more than my employee he is my friend and he’s the only person I can share everything with if not for him I think I may be worst than I already am I text him to come help me with hire new employees and he said he will he has to buy some foods first since there’s no one to cook he eat like a pig
Returning to my laptop there’s already some active application 25 people already apply I knew there will be too many applicants since I pay huge salary I always pay my employers well I provide them shelter and bonus reward and gifts and believe me they do enjoy a lot when they did their job well plus I place the job announcement today morning and the dead line is today evening I don’t have another time for this so I dicided to finish everything today
Going through their application one by one they didn’t impress me that much so I didn’t pick anyone since I start read their application I don’t consider education level that much I do but it’s not a must I hired some maids who have degree in house keeping they didn’t do job to the level they had and I paid them high price with houses to leave and I even pay fees to their kids and they didn’t put their hard work to their job I killed them some of them are crippled I want someone with common sense who understand what she/he’s doing who loves what she is doing who work hard and hate mistakes in his job I want someone like me who work hard never rest until accomplish his goal
When I want to stand up and buy some time some application caught my attention it’s very different from others her letter it’s professional arranged but it has unprofessional words in her application she state her name her age where she found the job advertising but what surprise me she say she’s not qualified with job description which i gave since she didn’t study house keeping she love doing house keeping since she has a good experience in doing so i smirk and raise my right aye brow I didn’t even want to go to her document I picked her

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