Sinister Revenge

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Sybille has only known grief and pain all her life and it morphed her into a heartless, undead monster. She's known as the bringer of death, with only one thing on her mind: revenge. There's one person whose life she wants the most, and that's the alpha king, Leonard Walter Wyvell. Although hellbent on revenge, fate has a twisted way of making her sinister mission nearly impossible.

Romance / Horror
Victoria Eggers
5.0 7 reviews
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Important Notice

Hello my lovely readers, Victoria here (: So I just wanted to say first off, thank you for your patience, I have completely redone chapter 1 and shortly after I post this, I will be posting the updated version ! What I really need from you guys is to just tell me if you like it or not, one of three ways.

One, in the comments ! Literally just leave me a little comment on chapter one if you like this and would like me to continue and edit the rest of the chapters to match. Second, I'm also going to post a update on my wall for anyone who would like to leave a longer comment there. Third, this is my ig username, torithehippie , it's the fastest way to get ahold of me and if you could send me your input there, I would love it ! Also if you find any typos in my work and would like to screenshot it and send it to me, I would also greatly appreciate that as I'm not perfect and might miss some stuff lol

Also, so I am going to be changing some stuff around and adding some more into the chapters that I'm editing, so if some of you would just like to read it all over again when I'm done editing, that;s alright too. When I'm done editing I'll make a post on my wall and post the newest chapter too (:

This book became far more popular than I ever expected it too, and I adore all of your guys support and love for it <3

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