Enforcing Boundaries

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“You and our baby are coming home Irina” He said as he tightly wove his arm around me. My body shuddered knowing I was no longer free from this beast. Irina was a vibrant and beautiful but shy nymph. She loved her life in the forest with her father and her Nona. Irina’s father Magnus was a powerful healer sought after by many for his talents, one night Alpha Adriel showed up on his door step to ask for Magnus assistance with healing his beta who had been injured in a battle. Upon arrival at the small cottage Adriel’s entire body tingled and his senses went into over drive for the mate he had been searching for for 100 years was inside the cottage something in Adriel snapped the intense need to claim and dominate came over him and the beast that he had caged away was unleashed.

Romance / Fantasy
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Hello readers! ❤️

So this is my first story please go easy on me and please tell me along the way how I can improve my writing. I want to give some explanation into everything that will be in my story Incase I dont mention it’s origin in the story.

So pretty much every fairytale creature is real I will mainly be focusing on werewolves lycans nyphms seers and witches though

Every child that is born takes after one or the other parents magical DNA if u will if they have parents that aren’t the same species

This will have mature content be forewarned so if ur not into rough attitudes sex mild abuse and a lot of cursing don’t read this book

About the characters and who I envision them to be

Emilia Clarke-Irina Irina is a Leimoniad (meadow nyphm) her father is a healer witch and her mother was also a nymph and her Nona(grandmother) is also a healer witch

Leati Anoa’i (Roman Reins)- Adriel Lakota Adriel is a Lycan Alpha one of few lycans left due to being hunted because of their strength and power he over sees a pack of 200 wolves some rouges and other that chose to stay with him after he took over their pervious pack.

Back story on Adriel:

Adriel is at war with the Loup Garou Consilium the werewolves elders. They are after Adriel because he is the last Lycan with royal blood that can restart the age of lycan rule over the world. Jealous of the power the lycans had they hunted most of them down and killed them. They mean to kill Adriel before he finds his destined and mates with her giving him the extra power from the moon goddess to defeat them and before he can produce an heir that will secure his rule. Many accept him as the soon to be king others still rebel his rule.

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