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What is Love? What are our beliefs? Join our character while realizing his feelings and expressing them to his true love step by step. It's a separated parts from my book: "The Most One I Love." Check the book and continue reading.

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Mariam Elsawah
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And the words that are written on my right arm. Which is Always and Forever.

Those are some words I Always believed in and will always believe in. Why? Let me tell you.

My friends. They are the one who supported me the most. In situations I don't think I could have passed without them.

My family. Yes, sometimes, they really annoy me, about the business and shit. But without them, I don't think I can live.

My studies. Without my studies, I won't live my life. The life I want. And I want it badly.

My likes. I have so many things that I like. A lot. I can't live without these likes.

My Love. The one that will love me and take care of me. The one that will love me unconditionally. With my mistakes and everything. And that's how I will love her too. I know, many people don't believe that true love doesn't exist but I do. From all my heart I do. Even after everything that happened to me. I will never stop believing in it.

My Most. This word is so common. But in different way from how I use. I like using it when there is something that's really, really important. Important in what, anything. It just has to be worth it to use the word. I Most likely use it when I say 'My friends are the most thing I love.' I say those words over and over every day. Because... Well, I don't know why. I just do. I really love them. I may not tell them but I do. They were here when nobody was. They are important to me.

And then Life. Life is connected to all these things in so many ways. Life gifted me with so many things that I am blessed to have. My friends. My family. My studies. My likes. My Love. My Most. And my believes in the quote 'Always and Forever'. Without God who gave us life, we are just ashes. Nothing. We can't be.

And last, Always and Forever. I believe in it. It's not like I am a big fan of the vampire diaries or the originals or something like that. Well... I am. But that's not why I believe in it. I believe in it because I know it's true. Friendships can last always and forever. Love can can do too. I love my friends and family like crazy. Whatever happens, I will always do. Always and Forever.

And now to say why I explained all this. I just wanted to use two of words I explained on this beautiful lady, with her rosey air surrounding her, her soft hair flying around her face and her beautiful green/DeepRed eyes in my arms.

Four words. Which are: friend, Always and Forever, like and most.

She is those four words to me.

She is one of my good friends. I know, we don't know each other that well and that she didn't do anything saying she is a good friend. But she is. I know she is.

And she will always be my friend. Always and Forever.

I like her. I really, really like her. In every way possible I do. I don't think I will stop any time soon.

And, she is important. She really is. She is one of the Most good friends I have.

And she is the Most one I like.

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