Trapped by the Pharaoh

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An orphan girl who time travels to ancient Egypt after touching a mysterious painting. The next thing she finds herself laying on the bed of the future Pharaoh and everyone starts to call her his fiance and future queen of Egypt.

Romance / Fantasy
Lipsa N. Naik
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River Nile. It is said to be there since the ancient civilization of Egypt. It was the main source of water for most of Egypt and many of its neighboring countries. Archeologists have found that the river Nile has been seen as a god during the time of the great Pharaohs. People used to pray to it for better crop production and their better health. There used to be a festival held every three years in honour of the Nile river, The Great Nile Festival.

Another common belief of the ancient Egyptian was about reincarnation. According to them when a person dies their soul goes to the afterlife where they go through reincarnation and the soul gets a new body. It was said that the soul never dies it just keeps changing bodies.

The Pharaohs took their custom and culture strictly. They had engineers to build architect that represent the glory of the ancient civilization of Egypt even after the country stands no more. The third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt Ramses II is one of the greatest Pharaohs. His time is known to be the most prosperous of all. He was the one to live up to the age of 90 and he was regarded as a god.

The only weakness of Ramses II was his wife Queen Nefertari. She was adored by the Pharaoh and the symbol of their love still stands strong on the walls of the temple Ramses II built. Queen Nefertari was said to be a great ruler and was praised by all. She was said to be the most powerful and beautiful Queen of Egypt till date. She had great knowledge about the society, cultural and architecture of that time. Her beauty is praised by all even now.

After the death of his beloved wife, Ramses II made a painting in her memory. The painting had a very unique frame consisting of many spells and prayers. Ramses made this in the hope that someday his queen will come back to him. It was completed on the day of the Great Nile Festival and so it was said to have the blessing of the river Nile.

Unfortunately the painting was said to be hidden after the death of Ramses II and was never found. There were archeologists, explorers and even thieves who tried to find the painting whose value is unpredictable. But no one even came close to success. It was nowhere to be found. It was like the painting never existed.

But the myth still remains that one day the soul of the queen will be back to the place it originally belongs, it would return back to its love. But no one knows the true existence of it and neither of the painting. No one knows what the greatest love story of generation capable of and most importantly no one knows the true existence of the painting which is the only proof of this great love story. The only clue to find it was only the myth and an ancient curse let on it.

'Only the true soul is capable of finding its way back to where it belongs. The one who try to interfere will perish and mix with the sand of the great Egypt. With the blessing of mother Nile may the soul reunite at the place they deserve to be.'

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