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Summer School

Summer before senior year-

It's supposed to be- full of parties thrown by graduated seniors whose parents are away.

It's supposed to be- full of adventures to the lake with your best friends laughing at nonsense from the previous school year.

It's supposed to be- nights laid on a picnic blanket looking at the stars with a boy who your parents adore and push your curfew back a whole hour.

It's supposed to be- the summer that changes everything!

It wasn't supposed to be spent in summer school.

But that's exactly how it was, stuck in summer school because of events that I had no control over happened. Which caused me to miss school and fall behind and not be able to make up everything in time.

So here I am sitting in the car parked the curb of the one place I don’t belong.

“I'll pick you up at noon. Alright Trace?” My older brother said as he turned to look at me.

I couldn’t look back at him though, he looked to much like them. His big golden honey eyes that she had. His chestnut brown hair that’s starting to get to long in the front, reminds me to much of him.

I just looked forward but I could see at the corner of my eye he was watching me. He's been watching me since it happened. Since everything changed this past winter.

Jason sighed as he put his hand on my shoulder, “It’s only a few hours, and when your done you can take the car to Layla’s house okay?” He tried to reassure me.

All I could do was shrug my shoulders as I opened the car door and stepped out into the July Heat.

July 1st, the first day of summer school. The first day of hell!

I grabbed my backpack strap with both hands and studied the high school, it seemed so different without the massive amount of students lounging around the courtyard before homeroom.

Now it’s just empty.

There’s a few cars parked in the parking lot to the right of the school. I sighed as I walked towards the front doors of the school, the grey metal doors felt heavy as I pushed them open and stepped into the hallway.

The walls that are normally covered in posters or flyers was bare, awaiting for the new school year to be filled once again. Just as the doors shut behind me the vice principal Mrs. Platts stepped out of the office. She stopped as she heard the doors shut and saw me standing there.

Her tall figure was hard to miss, she was thin but her salmon colored blazer fit her perfectly and the black pencil skirt she was wearing made it seem like she had curves. She pushed a strand of her blonde hair back behind her ear as she looked at me.

I quickly gripped harder onto my bags strap nervous of what she might say to me.

She looked at me a little closer and her face fell, she realized who was standing a few feet away from her. I gulped the spit that was stuck in my throat just as she began walking towards me.

“Hello Tracie. I can show you to your class if you want.” She tried smiling sweetly but it was hard when she looked at me. I could see she was having the same battle that most people have when they look at me.

I shook my head, “No thank you. I know what class summer school is in. I re-read the paper work before coming this morning.” I declined her offer and went to step around her not wanting to have a conversation this early in the morning.

She stopped me by putting her hand on my shoulder, “Tracie. I’m sorry the office couldn’t do more to help this past year. Ms. Jackson and I really fought hard so you wouldn’t have to be here this summer but it was out of our hands.” She tried to reassure me once again just like she did when she sat me and Jason down and told us I would have to do summer school or repeat my junior year. Which neither Jason, Ms. Jackson or Mrs. Platts or myself wanted so summer school was my best bet. Unfortunately!

I sighed and looked up at her, her bright sky blue eyes showed empath for my situation and I couldn’t help but shrug my shoulders, “It's fine Mrs. Platts I know you and Ms. Jackson did all that you could. And I really appreciate it, I do. It’s just summer school, it’s better than having to repeat last year. But thank you for trying.” I tried to reassure her but in the process lied through my teeth.

She smiled a heartfelt smile before removing her hand my shoulder, “If you need anything my office is always open.” She assured me and I couldn’t help but nod with a fake smile as I continued my way to my class.

Room 105 my own personal hell for the summer-

I looked into the room from the doorway, there were only a few students here so far. Class didn’t start for another 15 minutes so there was a chance there would be more kids once class actually started.

I sighed as I walked into the room keeping as quiet as I could trying not to being any attention to myself as I walked to front row of seats and sat down in an empty seat closest to the window on the other side of the room.

I took my bag off from my shoulder and placed it down on the ground next to my seat before looking up at the board. The teacher was writing something on the board as I looked around the class. This is normally a freshmen history class during the school year. Every room with a 5 at the end was a history class in my high school. For some reason the school thought that would help kids find their classes easier. Yah right!

The class was filled with history posters all over the walls, some were of the presidents from the first to the latest. Some of the 13 colonies. And just a bunch of other history crap that teachers barely used during the year. I had this room my freshmen year just like every other student in my high school but not much has changed since I was in this room two years ago. The only thing was how the seats were setup but other than that it was still the same.

The teacher turned around and he had short chocolate brown hair with almond shaped brown eyes. He was wearing a powder blue short sleeve shirt and khaki pants on. Definitely not the normal teacher attire.

“Even though class doesn’t start for another 15 minutes I’d to introduce myself for those of you who don’t know me. My name is Mr. Bates I am a senior English teacher during the school so many of you may have me in the upcoming school year.” He spoke clearly and quick before turning and getting back to writing on the white board.

I leaned down to my bag and pulled out my phone from the side pocket. I had a few messages from my best friend Layla wishing me good luck on the first day of summer school. I texted her back quickly reminding her that school was my thing and saying thank you.

Layla and I have been best friends since kindergarten and while she had the beauty of supermodel’s she slightly lacked the academic skills that I have. She’s smart and everything but compared to my normal GPA despite this past year we rank in completely different categories when it comes grades.

I scrolled through my Taped In page that the school made for the students to have a way of communicating with each other. A few notifications from people liking my pictures or posting a random song on my page for me to listen to later. I closed my app and slid my phone back into my bag just as more students started to walk through the door.

Unzipping my bag and leaning closer so I could pull out my notebook and pen seemed like a great idea until I almost toppled over and into a student walking down the isle.

I put my hands up quickly to brace myself just as the person grabbed my shoulders and steadied me helping raise me back up to normal sitting position. My hair fell in front of my face so when I was sitting normal again I pushed it out of my face to look at the person who helped save me from busting my face into the seat next to me.

Of all people to save me it had to be him. Brayden Price. The standard bad boy of our school. The one that skips class to go and smoke weed in an empty parking lot. The one that hooks up with girls for a night and never catches feelings. The one who is always fighting someone in the front courtyard before homeroom. The one who just saved my ass.

I instantly shot back and gulped as I looked at him. He stood there with a leather jacket in his hand. He pushed his jet black hair out of his face to look down at me and smirked down at me. His grey eyes roamed from my face down to my chest that was thankfully covered by my red and black short sleeve shirt to my black capri leggings then back up to my face.

“Tracie Miller. Now what is a straight A student doing in summer school? Couldn’t get enough during the normal school year? Had to come and slum it with the rest of us during the summer?” He joked as he slung his jacket over his shoulder awaiting my answer.

Before I could give one Amber Chase walked over and put her hand on his shoulder, “Well shit. If someone told me little miss perfect would be in summer school with us I’d have bet money.” She glared down at me and I couldn’t help but gulp.

Amber Chase was one of the “bad kids" as the rest of the school called them. She hung out with Brayden and the rest of that group and was always taking money from some younger class student, just because she wanted to. She stood tall and was curvy in all the right places.

She crossed her arms over her large chest and rolled her almost black eyes at me when I didn’t say a word back to them.

“Lets go Bray she’s not going to answer us. She’s to good for us.” She chuckled as they walked towards the back room taking the seats back there.

I let go of the breath I didn’t know I was holding back once they weren’t standing next to me anymore.

Just as I was about to pull my phone out and text Layla the bell rang and Mr. Bates walked over to shut the classroom door. “Phones away and attention up here! That means you Ms. Chase and Mr. Price.” He walked towards the board and began introducing himself once again and explaining what the next few weeks would be like. I tried to follow along but felt like there were holes being drilled into the back of my head.

I didn’t dare turn around though, I couldn’t even think about turning around. I knew what faces would be looking at me if I did.

Why the hell did I have to be in summer school!? Why the hell did my junior year have to completely go upside down before it really even started. And why the hell did Brayden and Amber have to be in my summer school class.

This really was going to be my personal hell. I looked up at the clock, 805. Just 3 hours and 50 minutes left. Just 42 days left. Just 29 days left with taking the 4th of July and weekends out! I can do 29 days! Hopefully!

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