Body Lottery

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Peter is fat and he over eats. He spends $83,000 dollars on a weight loss program to hopefully change his life. What may you ask you get for that kind of money? More than you could ever imagine.

Romance / Humor
Preston Tucker
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The Body Lottery

The car in front of him finally moved forward. All he ordered was two large fries and diet coke, he didn’t know what the fucker in front of him ordered that was taking so long. That is why Peter ordered the fries they have plenty on hand. To his annoyance he can see the woman stick a milkshake and a bag clearly holding nuggets out the window. Those assholes always hold up the line.

Moving forward his 27-year-old car groans, he never knew when it would cut off. Maybe that is what made him anxious. Or it could have been the 20 minutes he had to eat his food before the gym. Driving up to the window Peter grabs the bag, he can see that the baglers aka the fries that fall out of the fry container’, the baglers stain the bottom of the bag with grease.

Luckily the gym is only a quarter mile from the drive thru line. Peter eats his fill along the way. He had a healthy breakfast but that was at dawn after he turned in the on-call phone. Since then he slept for three hours but it was just enough time to become hungry.

Inhaling the food Peter walks into the gym. He is 5 feet, 8 inches. His weight is 247 lbs. Entering his 24-hour gym he spots his personal trainer working with a client. Peter walks over to the treadmill after placing all but his phone in an empty cubby. Looking around his Florida gym Peter feels slightly annoyed to have to take the treadmill in the corner. His gym is filled with old people. Being ten minutes from The Villages, this place is swarming with them to the point where the moth ball smell overpowers the scent of sweat soaked into the spongy mats by the squat rack.

He put his headphones on and read a book while he walks at an incline. After twenty minutes he walks a mile and his trainer is ready for him. Dennis comes over and shakes his hand. He can tell by Dennis’s eyes that he notices Peter’s weight increase.

“Alright man it is international chest day.” Says his trainer cheerfully. Peter smiles and follows his trainer to the free weight session. Peter takes a seat with the bench at an incline. To warm up his trainer hands him two 50 lbs. dumbbells. Peter pushes out twenty warm up sets.

The weight is a breeze for him. Then they move up to seventies. He pushes up two sets of ten. He then moves to the eighties. He does one set of six before moving up to a milestone. Peter is breathing heavy; his trainer holds his wrist to give him support but offers help to lift. Peter with effort pushes the eighty five’s up for another six reps.

For his next exercise he moves to seated flies. When he is finished with the flies Peter burns out his arms with cable work. He worked up a sweat and his trainer looks at him and says.

“Let’s see your progress.”

Peter walks over to the scale for the first time in two weeks. He steps on the platform and is shocked to see that he is 254 lbs. He gained seven pounds. He broke from his keto diet; it never seems to work; he gets two to three weeks in and hits a wall. His trainer looks annoyed. Thankfully Peter shrugs it off, he only has a few more weeks of this training contract. He used it for a year and only got stronger.

Peter left the gym after showering and makes his way to the doctor’s office for a checkup. He is seen in a timely fashion. The doctor checks his pulse and draws blood.

“Mr. Moore.” That is Peter’s last name. “You weight is dangerous. You may not see it because it is only held in your stomach but this weight on a man of your height will cause you to get diabetes. We had this discussion last time there is something new you may want to try. My son looked like you and he did this program. It is called a Body Lottery. There is no lottery, that is just the name. It is a live in, exercise coach they keep track of your meals and make sure you stay on the right path.

“Doctor I would rather die than have some man live with me for an extended period of time.” Grumbles Peter.

“There are no male trainers just female. I know you are skeptical, here let me show you a picture.” Peter looks at the picture of a guy bigger than he is now.

“This is his before. Then after 8 months here he is.” He looked like a different person, his face is full of confidence and direction. The new body seems to be paying off he has a girl hanging on him.

“Nice girlfriend he has.”

“That is the trainer that lived with him, he listened to everything she said without fail. This was not a cheap program. I understand that your grandfather left you some money the last time we spoke. I will have the nurse email you the contact information.

After the appointment Peter left the doctor’s office and made his way to work. He works as a manager of a hotel. Most of his evening meals were healthy although he would break three times a week and buy dinner at the restaurant next to his hotel.

Today he orders a double cheeseburger no fries, he already had his fill today. He watches a movie on his laptop sitting at the desk. He ate through half the burger and is mopping the patty up with plenty of ketchup. He gets an email from his doctor with the link to the Body Lottery.

Peter decides to pause his movie and see what this is all about. He is blown away by the you must be 21 or older disclaimer he had to click before entering the site. He hopes the doctor didn’t accidentally have a mix up with his browser history. He rather not know what his doctor jerks off too.

The site appears to be like a site you would find for a gym. He navigates the site and clicks a video that is halfway down the tab. A pretty woman with black hair tied into a ponytail stands inside of an empty gym, she is alone apart from one large man performing sit ups. He looks pathetic and is a little fatter than Peter.

“Hi there, I am madame Maxine. Have you tried every program, workout fade and diet. Well the truth is all you need is a supervision. Let’s be real if you look like this.” She points to the guy. “You may be the sweetest man in the world, but you won’t have someone like me in your life. Here at Body Lottery we are going to flip the script. We keep a hawks eye on your progress. Training, and pushing you, making sure that you become that confidant hunk we know you are deep down. So, if you are ready to start living your life in a new Body try this Lottery…” She snaps her fingers the pathetic man on the floor became a lean and handsome figure. The video ended after 30 seconds.

He thought the pitch was a little corny but having someone over his shoulder might be something he could use. He couldn’t get over that look of confidence the doctor’s son showed in his photo. Peter looks at all the things he had to send them. There were like 50 medical forms. STD tests and joint stress tests. They even have a form to consent to a background check. There was also a liability wavier and then his jaw drops when he sees the price list. For a three-month program it was 30,000 dollars. He has the money. In fact, he still has 500,000 grand from his grandfather’s estate.

Begrudgingly Peter exits out of the bowser window. He thought about it all day, but it looks like a lot work. That night after a long but uneventful shift Peter makes his way to his two-bedroom condo. Peter fancies himself a writer. He turned his second bedroom into a study. He has white boards on the wall. A wooden table is in the center of the room, he has a desktop computer and a shelf full of first edition books. At least 1,500 books were in his tangible library. He has the rest on a kindle.

He enters his condo; his kitchen is the first thing he passes on the left. After the kitchen there is a bar that separates the main room from the kitchen. The main room Peter has divided into several zones. The front area around the bar is where his cat’s water and food bowl is laid down.

There is a music area on the right side of the main room before a sitting area with a mounted 60- inch tv. The music area features a piano and guitar he uses to score music. On the left-hand side of the wall are three doorways. The first is near the kitchen bar, it leads to his bedroom. The other doors lead to a bathroom the last door is actually a pair of pocket doors that lead into his study or formally the second bedroom.

Dropping his stuff at the entrance he walks to the fridge. He opens the door to see bare and empty containers. There are two empty pizza boxes and two empty six pack holders. There is a 12-pack of Budweiser inside the fridge he left it in the box.

Thick pieces of bacon inside tub ware stare at him. Drinking while he cooks the bacon Peter wonders what he should do for the rest of his night. He could finish the chapter he had been typing at work. He could work on his model or he could watch TV. Once he has a plate full of of bacon and his third beer Peter stays in the main room. He has a crafts table with a magnifying glass. Organized in a neat drawer are his tools.

On the table of his study is scale model of the New Orleans French Quarter. He wanted the visual aid for one his stories he works on.

Sitting down he sets to work under the microscope. He painted little authentic details on the street. He chuckles when he picks up a set of small plastic pieces he has molded the plastic into the shape of hand grenade containers. Hand grenades are a type of drink served on the French Quarter. They are strong and full of sugar and they are served in a long plastic cup, the bottom of the cup is shaped like a Hand Grenade.

Peter carefully places them along the gutter near an Alleyway, in the alleyway he has a miniature of a homeless man, he made it himself. The man stands against the wall of the alley. There is a pint of Evan Williams at his feet. On the wall Peter painted a wet spot to look like piss. He worked on making the alley look filthy. He drank through three more beers; he was still on call for work, but he spaced out the beers over two hours. He had one guest call the on-call number. It was a small issue about the Wi-Fi.

The plate of bacon is long gone, Peter sets his beer down and is about to take the newly organized alleyway to the rest of the model when he feels a tightness in his chest. The pain shoots through his left side, the model slips from his hands and crashes to the floor. The glass homeless miniature, shatters!

Peter lays on the ground thinking this could be it, but soon the feeling passes, and he gets to his feet. The next day Peter is waiting outside his doctor’s office with all the documentation he needed filled out. Because he didn’t have an appointment he had to wait.

“Mr. Moore after looking at the blood sample we took yesterday you are moving closer and closer to the danger zone. Diabetes, heart disease are weeks from developing. What you experienced is a bad case of gas. These painful fits will become more frequent.”

“Doctor I have to do something I am going to invest in that program your son did, but I will need all these tests done.” He hands the doctor the forms.

“Yes, I remember filling these out for my son. We can do all the tests here today I had two cancellations. I warn you they will be invasive.” The doctor is true to his word.

Peter had cue tips stuck into every hole. When the cue tip is pushed through the tip of his penis head he yelps. Once it is all done, and the forms are signed Peter makes his way to his home. Pulling up the website he calls the service line.

“Hello” Says the voice of a male salesman.

“Hello, I would like to sign up for the Body Lottery. I am looking for the three-month basic package.”

“Sir that is the best priced but not the best value. I shouldn’t be telling you this but the best you can hope of losing in three months is 20 pounds. If you want sustainable goals you need the seven month.”

“How much is that?” Asks Peter, his balls were already in his stomach with the anticipation of spending 30,000 on weight loss program. Then when he hears the price he nearly shits his pants.

“$75,000.00 but I am willing to offer you housekeeping services to be tossed in at no extra cost. With Tax it will come to $83,000.00.”

“Is it up front?”

“No, your trainer will swipe an American Express card once per month. The 83,000 is the rock-solid price no more will go up. You are also expected to lay down an additional 300 per week for food for the both of you.”

Peter almost backs out but then feels a pain of gas on his left side again and agrees to pay a deposit of 7,500.00 dollars. For the next several days he avoids fast foods and works harder by adding several more cardio sessions to his routine. Peter begins to feel like he had been scammed. Maybe the doctor sent him the wrong information.

Then while at work he got an email. The email said that he had been matched with a trainer named Abby. There was no picture of her, just her preferences. She likes cats, no smoking and she has an odd icon next to the cat and no smoking icons. It is a double occupancy bed featuring a man and woman. There is a check mark in the center of the icon.

He looks down at her availability, it says buy me a ticket. Peter clicks on the link and breathes a sigh of fresh air; the link is to a South West Airlines website thank god, he was hoping to fly her in on coach, what better than an entire plane of coach seats. He puts a promocode in and gets a credit. He books her a flight two days from now…

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