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Alaric Winchester is a grumpy graduate who's majoring in economics. He is cold and rarely expresses any emotion. When he's in his final year he meets the Mayor who asks him a favor of being bodyguard to his only daughter. Aliyah Rivas who's a spoiled brat. She is full of herself but also very lonely and tends to hide her true feelings behind a smile. Will she find someone who can understand her feelings behind her fake smiles? Poor Alaric even if he wanted to leave he couldn't because of his father who forces him to return the favor of mayor's family....How will Alaric stand her annoying presence? After what happened to him in past! Will he ever find love in his life? Will he overcome his fears in finding true love?

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After taking supper Lady Aliyah went to her father's study Mr Aaron Rivas who's a Mayor and also CEO to chain of hotels. She knocked on his door and entered inside to see her father working on laptop.

As soon as Aaron saw his daughter he passed her a magnificent smile, removing his glasses and placing them on desk he asked "What are you doing here princess?"

"I just wanted to talk to you about something" Aliyah said sitting on one of the chairs across him.

"And what's the matter you wanted to talk about?"

"Father I want to resume my studies. As its third year already I'm eager to get my degree so that I can concentrate on my career peacefully. What do you say?" Aliyah spoke knowing very well that her father would agree with her.

"Hmm... Are you sure about this baby?" Aaron asked to confirm.

"Yes Father. I'm going to university from Monday,I've skipped enough classes due to shooting and I don't want to fail in subjects. Please..... " she gave him puppy eyes. Aron on seeing his daughter chuckled a little and nodded at her.

"Thank you Dad!" Aliyah squealed and hugged her father.

"I'll make arrangements for you. Now go to sleep"

"Good night" she gave him a kiss on cheek and left to her room whistling in joy.

Aron worried about her daughters safety, she never smiled after her mother's death. And then her attention fell on modeling and she concentrated more on her career leaving her studies. Aron loves her daughter so much that he literally dragged whole world to her feet... And this made Aliyah a spoiled brat, she doesn't talk with anyone and alway try to keep her status. She's alone with no friends and feels lonely every second.

Aron picking up the receiver he called Mr Henry Winchester an old acquaintance of him.

"Hello Henry, this is Aaron"

"Aron. After long time, how are you?"

"I'm fine. Can You meet me tomorrow at my mansion "

" Hmm.. Yeah. Why not"

"Bring your son too"

"Sure. Good night"

They hung up. After thinking for awhile Aron went back to his work.

The next day

"What is it you wanted to talk about?" Henry asked as soon as after greetings.

Aaron shot his gaze towards the boy who's standing beside his father's chair. Who's glancing around the living hall with zero emotion in his eyes.

"He's going to university right?" Aron asked Henry.

"Yeah" he replied.

"I wanted to ask you a favor Henry. Don't take it badly but I want your son to guard my daughter at college" Aron spoke without beating around the bush.

Henry's eyes widened at his words and he glanced up to his son who had an cold expression on his face and was sure he's gritting his teeth in protest.

"Yeah... Why not? They'll be in same campus. It's okay Aron" he shrugged without even thinking or asking his son who's quite against it.

"Thank you so much Henry. She's starting from tomorrow.. I'll send details to your son by this evening" he laughed and shook Henry's hand and they left.

Alaric clenched his jaw and slammed his car door with more force than usual. Henry noticed it but didn't say anything. They reached their cozy home and soon Alaric stormed to his room while henry explained to his wife about the meeting. He went to his son's room and after knocking on the door.

"Alaric, I want you to take care of Aliyah from tomorrow"

"Why should I? Why can't he hire someone... I guess they can get hundreds of men to serve under their feet!" Alaric yelled turning his back to his father.

"He helped me when we're in need son, we've to repay the favor. Please do what I say" Henry pleaded.

"Are you saying that I've to babysit some girl at University? I've better works to do Dad!" Alaric gritted pulling a shirt on his body.

"This is not a request Alaric, it's an order better follow it otherwise get ready to face the consequences" saying this Henry left from his room.

Alaric slumped on his bed and grabbing a nearest thing he threw it onto the wall in front of him and groaned loudly.....

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