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She looked down at me, nervousness in her eyes. Why does the Princess want to talk to me? "Cin?" She whispered. Confusion was all I felt. How does she know my name? "Umm, yes your highness?" I looked down at my feet. Two fingers pulled my head up to meet her eyes. Her eyes.... so familiar. They remind me of Ari's. Smiling softly, she looked deep into my eyes, as if she could see my soul. "It's me." "What?" I asked, completely confused. I mean, of course it's her, The Royal Princess Arisla. She bit her lip, moving her hand to push her hair back. Her ring caught my attention. It looks just like..... Ari's. Shock filled me. This can't be, impossible! But even as I denied it, the truth peeked out, in her posture, voice, looks. I can't believe this. "ARI?!" - - - Cin Evergreen's father died when he was only four, leaving his mother as a widow.... until Jon Summers came into her life. Entranced, Cin's mother married her, giving Cin a stepfather and two stepbrothers. They acted nice in her presence, but beat him when she looked away. Then.... she died..... leaving him completely unprotected, and subject to the abuse of the stepfamily from hell. Cin became the servant, doing everything for them, but the fight never died out. He never lost hope that one day, he would become strong enough to take back his birthright, and kick those demons back to hell.

Romance / Adventure
Aisyle Nameerf
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Cin

april 29

Creaks and groans from the floorboards alerted me to a presence. Someone was coming, someone unwanted, someone who was going to bring a whole lot of pain. Sitting up, I quickly got to work hiding the things that gave me joy, like my books. I stood in the corner, head bowed, waiting for the door to slam open, and the assaulter to come forth.

The creaking stopped, and the door flew open with a loud crack as it hit the wall. Jon stood there, completely sober, a wicked grin formed upon his ugly face. Stepping inside, he briefly glanced about, before grabbing me by the ear and shoving me to the floor as he slammed his fist into my body. I had learned to deal with the pain over the years but I couldn't help the brief gasp that escaped my lips as the air was knocked out of me. He continued to kick and scream at me for being pathetic and useless before standing up and glaring down at me with disgust.

"Get yourself cleaned up and upstairs immediately!" He growled before exiting my room.

The cold floorboards chilled me to the bone as I laid there, but I welcomed the feeling against my bruised body. Slowly, I managed to get my body to cooperate and stand up. Cringing in pain, I walked to the door and up the stairs, leaving the cellar I'm forced to live in.

Once in the kitchen, I started preparing their breakfast, my mouth watering as the smell of bacon, sausage, and eggs came from the pans before me. I gazed at it longingly before starting to make the disgusting oatmeal that I eat. After a few minutes of silent cooking, I stopped at moved to the door, wondering why they weren't shouting. Maybe they had gone ou- "MUYO, HURRY YOUR PUNY ARSE UP!" (boy)

Ah, there it is. Glaring at the ceiling, I finished the food and slowly made my way upstairs, nearly tripping on the laundry they had thrown out onto the floor for me. The cups and plates rattled on my tray as I caught myself from falling onto my face. Nostrils flaring with rage, I continued to head upstairs, knocking on Jon's door.

"Get in, MUYO." He growled out.

I complied, walking in and setting his food on the side table before leaving quickly. Evan was next. Evan simply glared at me in disgust as I gave him his food and I ran out the door before he could repeat his daily task of throwing shoes at me. Sighing in relief of avoiding the shoes, I walked down the hall to Samuel's room.

He didn't bother to look at me as I entered, or as I left. Samuel is the passive-aggressive one and only resorts to verbally abusing me, but that hurts just as much. Picking up the dirty laundry, I brought it outside to the wooden bath. Yes, we have an old washing machine, but apparently, I am not allowed to use it. I continued scrubbing the clothes, watching from the corner of my eye as they came down and climbed into a running car.

It was the ford, meaning they would be out all day. Thank God. Speeding up my task, I finished in less than thirty minutes and hung them out to dry. Upstairs, I begrudgingly retrieved their dishes and ran them down to the sink, before making all of the beds and opening the curtains.

Grabbing the oats from the kitchen, I walked outside to the stables where the Grey, Snow, and Midnight ran up to greet me. Grey is the only stallion out of the group. I rubbed Snow's head soothingly as they started eating out of my hand.

"What up, Cin?" A voice suddenly broke through the silence, startling me.

I quickly turned and saw my neighbor, Anderson, Mr. Castio's "Voní", standing beside me. (servant) Anderson is treated more like the son Mr. Castio never had. He's also my idiotic friend.

"Anderson! What the hell are you doing here?!" I yelled, upsetting the horses.

He simply shrugged innocently, a grin on his face. "I'm heading into town. You coming?"

Picking up my bag, I looked at him. "Yeah... I guess I do have to get some bread and more soap."

Anderson groaned happily at the thought of bread. I had to agree, our town makes the best bread in the kingdom. He lagged behind me, kicking the dirt as we made our way into the house, so I could grab some money and my coat. Shrugging it on, together we left the house and headed down the dirt road. Anderson continued to kick rocks, humming a strange tune as we went.

I felt the urge to shove him into the underbrush and a smirk began to tug at my lips. I turned and watched his oblivious movement and began counting down in my head. Leaping forward, I shoved him over with a laugh before turning on my heels and running away with him behind me. We flew down the road, onto the cobblestone and straight up to Olivia's Bakery, a grin on my face as I beat him there.

"You're a minute early, muyos. Cin wins, as usual."

This was a daily occurrence. Smiling at old Olivia, I held out my hand to help her inside. She's like the grandmother I never had. The fresh smell of bread assaulted my nose, tickling my taste buds, and I breathed in deeply with delight. Anderson immediately plopped down onto the couch while I grabbed the bread I needed and handed the money to Olivia. As usual, she attempted to give the money back to me, but I pulled Anderson up and ran out before she could. Anderson groaned at me in annoyance as we walked through the market. If it was up to him, he would be sleeping on Olivia's couch right now.

Ignoring him, I weaved my way through the crowds until I saw Carl's booth. Carl is the vendor who sells everything and anything you could possibly want. Especially soap. He grinned at me, showing off his yellow teeth. Two were missing, and another looked ready to fall out. I held down my bile as his unwashed scent reached me, dancing around my nose, taunting me. He may be unhygienic and disgusting, but he also has the best deals.

"CIN ma muyo, let ma guess..... soap again?" He drawled.

I simply nodded, wanting to get away from him as soon as possible. He grinned knowingly and held out three bars of my usual soap.

"2.80 Aurs." He said.

Dropping the money into his hand, I made my escape, ignoring Anderson’s complaints at being pulled away so rudely. Our countrymen speak many languages, primarily English since we all originated from England before it was bombed and destroyed, but we also speak Allyrian, obviously named after Allyria, our country.

Anderson ended up running past me, and I watched as he skidded to a stop and turned to run after me again. I started laughing as I stopped at Olivia's Bakery yet again. Anderson immediately got to work swearing at me.

"Ka uni Ausher!! Ka unce idiot!" (you little jerk! you stupid idiot)

I laughed at that. "Me? A stupid idiot? Look at yourself!"

Just as Anderson was about to reply, I heard a commotion across the street. Looking closely, I watched as a Maya (girl) clumsily made her way through the stalls, running into people every now and then. I walked forward just in time to catch her as she fell into me.

She looked up at me worriedly. Her sparkling green eyes were entrancing, I found myself caught in them for a moment before I shook it off.

Helping her stand, I looked at her carefully. "You Alright Miss?"

She nodded sheepishly. "Yeah, unst sir, I'm a little clumsy." (sorry sir)

I waved off her apology and smiled in agreement, watching as she blushed. Anderson came up next to me with an evil smirk.

"Well aren't you a lika uni tursa?" He drawled like an American.

I rolled my eyes at him but couldn’t help but agree, she really was a pretty little thing.

She raised her eyebrow. It looks like she isn't amused. "Well aren't you a carna uni wok?"

My jaw dropped at her bold statement. Did she seriously just call him a weird little creep? He frowned, glaring at her while I laughed hysterically at his annoyance. I already like her. Turning my body I held out my hand. "I'm Cin."

She looked at me for a minute, thinking, before grasping my hand in a delicate yet firm grip. "I'm Ari. Thanks again for catching me."

I smiled again. "It was no-"

"I'M ANDERSON!" Anderson jumped in, attempting to steal Ari's attention.

She looked at him for a minute, before laughing and shaking his hand too.

"ARI?! Oh, there you are! Ah! Buena! I see you have met these two Ancari Hul Muyos!" Olivia said, hobbling down to us. (wonderful little boys)

Ari sighed in relief. "Ya, Sumtre!" (Ma’am)

Olivia laughed. "Oh Ari, you know you can just call me Olivia!"

Ari smiled softly, and again I was drawn in by her twinkling eyes. "Sorry, Olivia, It's a hard habit to break."

"Wait, wait, WAIT," Anderson repeated. "Olivia, you know this girl, Ari?"

Olivia raised her eyebrow in amusement. "Of Course! I am the reason she is here! Her mother was a dear Aütren (friend) to me, and I am helping Ari out with school and a job, and she is helping me in return!"

I looked at Olivia in shock, missing the relieved look Ari threw her way. "That is.... very kind of you, Olivia!" I said after a pause.

I had never heard about any of this before, but I guess we all have our own secrets. Olivia smiled knowingly and held out her arm to Ari, who latched on, bidding us goodbye, and entering the Bakery with Olivia.

That girl sure is something different. I stared after them for a few more moments before Anderson started pulling on my arm. I rolled my eyes at him before following him back up the road towards our master’s houses. I couldn’t help but throw one last look back towards the bakery as we turned the corner and trees hid the view. I sighed and pushed my hand through my hair. I’m not sure who that girl was, but I definitely hope to get to know her more.

Ka = You

Unce = Stupid

Kine = Idiot

Unste = Sorry

Lika = Pretty/Cute

Uni = Little

Tursa = Thing

Carna = Weird

Wok = Creep

Buena = Good

Ausher = Jerk

Ancari = Wonderful

Hul = Young

Muyos = Boys/ Men/Lads/ Males

Maya = Girls/ Women/ Lass/ Females

Sümtre = Ma'am/Older Woman (respectful)

Okrin = Okay

Aütren = Friend

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